Chapter 19: Sickly Man

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If the Cheng family knew that this solemn and steady-looking Lu Xiu was actually thinking about these things, they would definitely be furious.

Lu Bei reminded him from behind, then only Lu Xiu realized that he was actually distracted.

“En… this pile of hoes?”

“Yesterday, our Xiao Xiao saw that Young Master Lu was in a hurry to look for hoes, so she contacted the most famous hoe factory in the west of the city. They rushed to make them overnight. You can now use them! It’s Xiao Xiao’s kind gesture.”

Cheng Ling stood at the back, feeling a little funny.

So buying a hoe yesterday really alarmed so many people. If Cheng Xiao knew that this hoe was bought for her, would she cry on the spot?

She had to say, she really wanted to see it.


Lu Xiu turned around and looked at Cheng Ling. “We don’t need the hoes anymore, why don’t we…”

“Let Miss Cheng Ling use it”. Before he could finish the last few words, he saw Cheng Ling shake her head.

Therefore, he changed his words. “You can keep them for yourself.”

With that, he left with Lu Bei and Lu Nan.

He waved his hands, leaving only the exhaust fumes behind.

Seeing that it was over, Xie Ying and Cheng Ling also went back.

Only the four Cheng family members were left standing at the door.

“Why is Young Master Lu’s attitude so different from yesterday? He seems to be protecting Cheng Ling all the way,” Xie Wan complained with a frown.

Cheng Xiao was the daughter she was most proud of.

Old Master Cheng didn’t understand either. “In the future, be careful with your words and actions in front of outsiders. Young Master Lu’s thoughts are not something we can predict. Don’t make things worse.”


The few of them walked back in low spirits. Cheng Xiao kept her head down and didn’t say a word.

Xie Ying and Cheng Ling returned to the back of the mountain. Not long after they sat down to rest, Lu Qi came with Lu Dong.

Lu Qi was wearing a light blue turtleneck sweater and brown pants today. He looked young and gentle. The word “elegant” would be the most suitable to describe him.

His lips were still pale, but he seemed to be in good spirits.

Xie Ying stood up in surprise to greet Lu Qi.

“No need to trouble yourself. I’m just here to apologize on behalf of my brother. It was my idea to build a house here. I’m sorry if I caused any inconvenience to the two of you this morning. I brought some gifts as an apology.”

Lu Dong placed the few boxes of things on the table.

After one night, Lu Dong had become much calmer.

“It’s nothing. It’s our honor for Young Master Lu to take a fancy to this place,” Xie Ying answered, feeling flattered.

She didn’t expect the people of the Lu family to be so kind, to actually come over personally to give an apology.

“I have another request. I’m not very familiar with the back of the mountain. Can Miss Cheng Ling come with me to pick a place to build the house?”

Cheng Ling: “?”

Lu Dong: “??”

Cheng Ling was not a feng shui master. What use would she be if she went?

However, thinking that Lu Qi might want to discuss his illness with her, Cheng Ling still agreed to Lu Qi’s request.

Xie Ying sat on the sofa and watched the two of them walking outside. “The second young master of the Lu family is very gentle, modest, polite, and handsome. It’s a pity that he’s not in good health. Otherwise, he would definitely be a promising person.”

Xie Ying learned some things about Lu Qi from the dinner last night.

Although Lu Qi was born in the Lu family, he had been weak since he was young. The Lu family had looked for many doctors to take care of him, but there was no way to cure him. So now, Lu Qi could only work as Lu Xiu’s assistant and muddle along.


Sigh, what a pity.

The second young master of the Lu family and my Ling Ling could make a good match.

Wang Ma, who was pretending to wipe the dust, looked at the backs of Cheng Ling and Lu Qi and smiled mockingly. She found an excuse and went outside to make a phone call to inform about Cheng Ling.

“Madam, the Lu family actually sent someone over just to pull Cheng Ling to look at the land.”

On the other end of the phone was naturally Xie Wan.

“Moreover, that sickly young master of the Lu family seems to be interested in Cheng Ling.”

Hearing this, Xie Wan heaved a sigh of relief.

Although in her eyes, Lu Qi was indeed better than Lu Xiu in terms of looks, what kind of status could a sickly young master have? Wasn’t he only an assistant to Lu Xiu?


It was fine if he liked Cheng Ling. In any case, he wouldn’t pose any threat to Cheng Xiao.

Xie Wan quickly told Cheng Ming and Old Master Cheng about this matter. The two men also heaved a sigh of relief. “No wonder Young Master Lu was protecting Cheng Ling just now. It must have been his younger brother’s request.”

“It’s not bad for a sickly seedling to be paired with a farm girl! One radish for a pit.” Xie Wan took a sip of tea at the side and mocked softly.


“Don’t say such nonsense in the future. No matter what, he is still the second young master of the Lu family. If Lu Xiu hears it, we will be finished!” Old Master Cheng reprimanded.

Xie Wan smiled embarrassedly and put down the teacup.