Real or fake missy i have a piece of godly land – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Want My Land?

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Cheng Xiao’s looks were like an ordinary girl from a small family. She was beautiful, but there was nothing special about her.

However, Cheng Ling’s beauty was magnificent. She did not put on any pretense. Her eyes were sparkling, as if they were filled with the gentle moonlight. Anyone who saw them could not help but be immersed in them.

Cheng Xiao’s hands on her her sides could not help but tighten her skirt slightly.

She walked to Xie Wan’s side and held Xie Wan’s hand intimately. However, she was speaking to Cheng Ling, very gently, “Mr. Lu has such high expectations for Sister. Sister must work hard, too.”

“School is about to start soon. If Sister has any questions regarding studies, you can ask me. I will definitely do my best to help Sister.”

Ugh! Cheng Ling ignored her and only wanted to quickly resolve these matters. “What did you say about the back of the mountain?”

Cheng Xiao did not expect her words to fall on the ground. Her face instantly darkened a few degrees, but in front of Lu Xiu, she still had to maintain a smile.

Old Master Cheng saw that Cheng Ling was still sloppy and unkempt, so he became even angrier. He then said unhappily, “Young Master Lu said that he likes the scenery in the back of the mountain and wants a piece of land to build a villa. I think we should just shovel your farmland to make some space.”

Cheng Ming also chimed in, “Yes, school is about to start soon. You should study hard this semester. If there’s anything you don’t know, just ask Xiao Xiao. Although you’re not our biological daughter, we still have quite a bit of food for you. We’ll give that piece of land to Young Master Lu!”

“That’s right! It doesn’t matter even if the back of the mountain is filled up to build houses!”


Cheng Ling: “?”

She looked indifferently at Lu Xiu, who was sitting in the main seat.

He ate her cucumbers so happily yesterday, and now he was going to shovel her land?

Lu Xiu no longer could sit still. Cheng Ling’s gaze was as if she wanted to kill him!

He only wanted to borrow a small piece of land to build a small house. who would want to shovel Cheng Ling’s land?!

Lu Qi would probably beat him to death first.

Xie Ying took a step forward. “How can we shovel that piece of land…”

“No, there’s no need to shovel! There’s no need to shovel! We just need to find an empty space to build a house. We don’t need to move that piece of farmland!”

Before Xie Ying could say anything, Lu Xiu spoke first.

Everyone was instantly stunned.

Why did the head of the Lu family suddenly have such a big reaction? Even Cheng Ling couldn’t help but look at him twice.

Were all the members of the Lu family like him? They were so shocked, and so were those bodyguards.

From the looks of it, Lu Qi really was a special existence.

Lu Xiu seemed to have realized that his reaction was a little intense. He quietly sat up straight and regained his composure. “What I mean is, we’re just staying here temporarily. There’s no need to go through so much trouble. After all, that piece of land is the result of Miss Cheng Ling’s hard work. If we destroy it for our sake, we’ll feel bad.”

He couldn’t destroy it. He still wanted to eat the other crops in the field to see if he could be five years younger or smarter.


Every time he played a game, he always lost to Lu Qi.

Cheng Ming quickly said, “Young Master Lu, what are you talking about? That field was just for fun. It’s better to study hard than to farm.”

Lu Xiu was unhappy. It seemed that Cheng Ling had suffered a lot in the Cheng family.

“No matter what, Miss Cheng Ling is the daughter of the Cheng family for 18 years. I’m afraid it’s not good for Mr. Cheng to belittle his daughter in this manner, right?”

Lu Xiu’s sudden seriousness made the Cheng family hold their breaths.

Cheng Ming and Xie Wan’s expressions were extremely ugly.

Why did Lu Xiu seem to be so protective of Cheng Ling? The two of them clearly had no interaction.

He stood up. “Since Old Master Cheng has agreed, I’ll get someone to go to the back of the mountain to see which place is more suitable. We’ll pay double the highest price in the market for the land.”

“Then, I’ll take my leave first.”

Although the deal was done, Lu Xiu was obviously unhappy. The Cheng family followed closely behind Lu Xiu, nodding and bowing.

Walking out of the Cheng family’s gate, Lu Xiu saw a few big boxes. The boxes were very beautiful.

“Oh yes, Mr. Lu, these are some gifts we have prepared for you. They’re just small gifts.”

Lu Xiu raised his eyebrows and walked over to take a look.

There was a pile of brand-new and sharp hoes.

They were arranged very neatly, just like the little tomatoes waiting to be selected in an expensive supermarket.

Hmm…. little tomatoes, I didn’t even get to eat one last night! I was so angry!


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