Real or fake missy i have a piece of godly land – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Visit Again

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Cheng Ling had quietly diagnosed and treated Xie Ying before, but there was no way to cure the illness. Moreover, Xie Ying was no longer young, and her organs did not recover as quickly as young people. Therefore, Cheng Ling could only continue to research and grow vegetables to allow these ingredients to have different effects.


In this way, Xie Ying could gradually improve her health condition after eating.

“It’s amazing. Every time I eat Ling Ling’s food, my old problem seems to disappear.”

Cheng Ling started to fiddle with the land at the entrance when she was three or four years old. Cheng Ling could read earlier than others. While other children were still learning how to read, Cheng Ling was already reading fairy tales on her own.

At that time, even the kindergarten teachers said that Cheng Ling was a genius.

When Xie Ying adopted Cheng Ling, Cheng Ling was holding a memory card in her hand. Xie Ying couldn’t understand it, nor could she use it. But she was worried that it was something important, so she didn’t dare to throw it away. Thus she put it in Cheng Ling’s room.

Subsequently when Cheng Ling could read, she clamored for a computer and a card reader. As Xie Ying had always treated Cheng Ling as her biological granddaughter, she used her savings to fulfill Cheng Ling’s wish.

Since then, every time Cheng Ling came home from school, she would read some articles and videos on the computer. Those articles were long and it made her dizzy when reading them.

She only knew the words ‘soil moisture’, ‘climate’ and ‘growth cycle’, but she didn’t understand what exactly they were talking about.

But seeing Cheng Ling being so devoted to reading, she didn’t stop her.

Until eight years ago, Cheng Ling told her that she wanted to plant something on the field outside.

Over time, the back of the mountain became like how it was now.

People outside said that Cheng Ling was a country bumpkin who only knew how to farm. Xie Ying didn’t care. As long as Cheng Ling was happy, she would be happy.

Moreover, only she knew how delicious Cheng Ling’s vegetables were!

Thinking of this, Xie Ying patted Cheng Ling’s head again. “Ling Ling, you just have to insist on being yourself. No matter what, Grandma will support you!”

“Thank you, Grandma!”

The two of them snuggled up to each other and ate the small tomatoes happily.

As expected, it started to rain. Cheng Ling looked at the newly sown land outside and stretched her back happily.

The good rain was indeed nourishing smoothly and silently!

Early the following morning, the Cheng family started to busy themselves again because the young master of the Lu family was visiting again!

Old Master Cheng invited Lu Xiu to sit at the main seat while he sat next to him. Meanwhile, Cheng Ming’s family of three sat on the other side.

Cheng Xiao was wearing a pure white one-piece dress today. There were exquisite lace at the collar and cuffs, making her look delicate. Knowing that Lu Xiu was coming, she quickly picked out the most beautiful dress in the wardrobe, wanting to continue to leave a good impression on Lu Xiu.

“Young Master Lu, what instructions do you have for your visit this time? Was there anything that we did wrong yesterday?” Old Master Cheng asked worriedly.

As the saying went, one wouldn’t come to you if not for something to ask of you.

The Cheng family’s current achievements were all because of the Lu family. If the Lu family was dissatisfied with them, they could disappear from the capital with a flick of their fingers.

Lu Xiu had a very official smile on his face. Lu Qi had clearly come with them, but why did he disappear the moment he got off the car and leave him alone to fight?

“Old Master Cheng, don’t say that. Miss Cheng Xiao was the main character at yesterday’s banquet, so how could we not be satisfied?”

Cheng Xiao’s heartbeat quickened when she heard her name coming out of Lu Xiu’s mouth.

However, in the next second, Lu Xiu’s words made Cheng Xiao’s mood fall to the bottom again.

“I do have something to ask of you, but this matter will also involve Miss Cheng Ling. Could you please invite Miss Cheng Ling and her grandmother over?”

The Cheng family members silently exchanged glances. Cheng Ling was the person they didn’t want her to appear in front of Lu Xiu the most.

Cheng Ling might say or do something that offended Lu Xiu and ruined everything the Cheng family had gained over the past year.

“This… Cheng Ling is still young. She doesn’t make decisions at home. It doesn’t matter whether she’s around or not –”

Lu Xiu frowned. The rumor that Cheng Ling was not favored by others had been heard but was ignored. After all, she was a daughter who had been raised for 18 years. But now, it seemed that the difference in treatment was indeed quite serious.

“This matter involves the place where Cheng Ling and her grandmother live. It’s better to call them over and discuss it together.”

Lu Xiu’s words carried an irresistible tone this time. Old Master Cheng quickly asked Xie Wan to make a call.

“Mom, bring Cheng Ling over.”


Xie Wan smiled awkwardly at everyone. “I think the line was cut off. I don’t know why it was cut off suddenly.”

The truth was when Xie Ying heard Xie Wan’s voice, she hung up directly.. So Xie Wan dialed again.

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