Real or fake missy i have a piece of godly land – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Miraculous Effects

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His eyes were sparkling, as if he had never seen any filth or dirt in the world, and still retained the purest heart of a child.

To outsiders, the Lu family was the home of luxury and pomp. It was magnificent, glamorous, and it was very harmonious among the brothers. However, they did not know that the real Lu family was like the ancient imperial family where winner would rule and loser would be ruled. And it happened in an instant.

Lu Qi had stepped through the towering thorns and walked through the bloody rain to get to where he was today.

Apart from these people who had accompanied him for decades, he could not trust anyone else.

However, in his heart, the little girl who had saved him in the past also held a holy place in his heart. He had not given up searching for her all these years.

This was a person that although he could not remember, but he also did not want to forget.

Today, he finally had some clues.

Just as Lu Xiu was lamenting over Lu Qi’s story, Lu Qi suddenly said calmly, “Oh yes, build me a house in that place just now, just next to Cheng Ling’s villa.”

Lu Xiu,”…”


This was building a house. Although it was a small matter to the Lu family, it was not as simple as buying a cabbage!

Moreover it was to be built in the back of the mountain of the Cheng family. The thought of having to deal with Cheng Ming and his daughter gave Lu Xiu a headache.

He had already said all the praises he knew today. He had to go online tonight to find out what else he could say.


After Cheng Ling took a shower and changed, Xie Ying had already returned from the banquet.

Although she was infuriated by the attitude of Xie Wan and the Cheng family, she still had to say what she needed to say. “Ling Ling, I just heard at the banquet that the young master of the Lu family seems to be very interested in hoes! He bought a whole cart of them! I really don’t know why he bought them for.”

Cheng Ling, who was drying her hair, “…”

The matter of buying the hoe had actually spread to the banquet?

Xie Ying continued to share while drinking hot tea, there was even a hint of regret in her tone. “It would be good if you were at that banquet. Speaking of the hoe, who knows better than you? If you could show off in front of the young master of the Lu family, then you no longer would be bullied by the Cheng family!”

When she thought about how everyone at the banquet had come forward to flatter Cheng Xiao, she couldn’t help but feel angry. Her Ling Ling was obviously so outstanding, yet she had to be criticized by others.

Cheng Ling could sense that Xie Ying was feeling sorry for her, so she leaned on Xie Ying’s shoulder affectionately and said, “Grandma, it’s okay. Let me tell you, Young Master Lu’s younger brother came over just now. His family’s bodyguards even helped me hoe and harvest. The hoes that Young Master Lu bought just now are also in our tool shed now.”

Cheng Ling knew that Xie Ying had always been worried that she would be bullied by the Cheng family, so she could only try her best to make Xie Ying feel at ease. However, she really felt that these things didn’t matter. She just wanted to do farming.


She laughed out loud at Cheng Ling’s words, but naturally, she didn’t believe it. How could Cheng Ling have anything to do with the Lu family? However, Xie Ying still agreed with her and patted Cheng Ling’s head. “Yes, my Ling Ling is the best!”


The two of them stuck together and talked for a while. Cheng Ling took out the small tomatoes that she had picked today from the warehouse.

“Grandma, the small tomatoes are ripe! I’ll wash them for you. Eat them and see if your headache will be better.”

“You finished picking them so quickly? Did you pick them yourself? Are you tired? If I had known earlier, I would have come back earlier to help you.” Xie Ying walked to the warehouse and saw that not only the small tomatoes were picked, but the cucumbers and loofahs were also picked and placed neatly on the ground.

“Ling Ling, your speed is getting faster and faster. I was thinking of picking them tomorrow morning.”

Cheng Ling drained the water and took out the bright red and fresh small tomatoes. “Moving on you don’t have to pick them anymore. You just rest! Leave everything to me!”

“My Ling Ling is so filial!”

Xie Ying picked up a small tomato and put it into her mouth. Compared to the previous batch, this batch of tomatoes had a shorter growth cycle, but they were more juicy and sweeter.

After eating four or five tomatoes in a row, Xie Ying said happily, “Eh, my head that has been aching for the whole night is now better, and my rheumatism is also not so bad anymore.”

Ever since Xie Ying started eating the vegetables grown by Cheng Ling, she had discovered these magical effects. However, she had always attributed these effects to psychological effects. Anyway, as long as they worked, it was fine.

Xie Ying’s headaches and rheumatism were the roots of her illness since many years ago.. They kept acting up, tormenting Xie Ying so much that she could neither eat nor sleep well.

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