Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank – Chapter 120 – Counting the Gains

Chapter 120: Counting the Gains

Chapter 120: Counting the Gains

“This psychopath!”

“It doesn’t matter. You can provoke more powerful enemies. When the time comes, they will definitely join forces to deal with you. By then, you will be able to save trouble. Do you think the method I mentioned is good?”

Yang Mi was in a great mood and did not mind joking with Li Xiang.

The corners of Li Xiang’s mouth curled up as he replied with a mischievous smile, “Is that so? This method is still a little troublesome! I think the other method will be more effective!”

“Hmm? What method?”

“You see, I saved you this time, but I’ve already attracted so many enemies. Even the Holy Light Kingdom, which is far away, almost wants to fight me to the death. If I save a few peerless beauties and bring them into the alliance next time, do you think there will be an even more intense reaction?”

Yang Mi was stunned for a moment before she immediately realized that this bastard was actually teasing her by asking her to join his harem.


The communication was directly cut off, and her profile picture instantly darkened.

Li Xiang laughed when he saw this scene.

The relationship between men and women was to push and pull with each other. Whoever had the initiative would have the advantage.

Since the advantage was on his side now, he would definitely not let it go so easily.


Of course, there was a limit to this. If he went too far, it wouldn’t be pulling, it would be breaking up.

“Since we have time now, let’s take a look at the rewards!”

His subordinates were killing like crazy, chasing after the lords all over the map.

And those lords were also cunning. They realized that bringing an army painted too big of a target on them, so many of them dispersed the army, letting them scatter and escape the Demon Country.

And they were hiding among these scattered groups that were escaping.

Although the Demon Country’s army was powerful and the hero units were even more monstrous, the only problem was that they were few in number. They could only take care of one side and not the other.

Thus, the hundreds of armies that entered the Demon Country were not completely wiped out. A little over half of the lords managed to escape.

After Li Xiang found out, he was also helpless. It was his fault for being too greedy and not having enough territory, causing the border to grow longer. It was very disadvantageous in terms of defense.

“Forget it, I don’t care about them!”

“Open the Golden Treasure Chest!”


A ray of golden light overflowed from the treasure chest. Then, the treasure chest disappeared, leaving only a mirror on the spot.

[Infinity Mirror]

Quality: Legendary

Type: Unusual treasure

Description: With enough energy, you can copy everything on the other side of the mirror that does not exceed the quality of the Infinity Mirror itself.


Li Xiang’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw this thing.

This thing was too precious.

Duplication wasn’t a one-time use.

Although it consumed energy, it was definitely a top rank treasure.

The only thing was that he didn’t know how much of this energy was consumed, so he could give it a try in the future.

In the future, if his teacher had any unique treasures, he could directly duplicate a bunch of them.

Thinking of this, Li Xiang couldn’t even recognize the smile on his face.

As for the quota for the Evernight Continent…

[Evernight Continent ]: A mysterious world formed by fallen experts and kingdoms from the endless ages. This place contains endless treasures, but is also accompanied by endless dangers. Once you fall here, you will die completely.

And the quota for the Evernight Continent was a privilege that allowed one to enter and leave at any time. One only had one privilege.

How long one could stay inside depended entirely on one’s own strength.

“The mysterious world formed by fallen experts and kingdoms seems to be very dangerous. Moreover, they are experts and kingdoms that have existed for countless ages. I wonder how strong they are.”

Li Xiang’s expression slightly froze. He knew that this opportunity was very precious, but it was also accompanied by fatal danger. He absolutely could not act rashly.

Other than these two rewards, there were only three million gold coins and three cross-region teleportation arrays left.

The reward of three million gold coins was fine.

He now had the king’s imprints of over a hundred countries. After devouring them, everything in this country would belong to him. It could be said to be a huge windfall.

A mere three million gold coins were no longer something to work for.

The country lords who dared to come out and cause trouble had no savings in their hands.

Even if each country lord only had 50,000 gold coins, he would definitely not know the five million gold coins in his hands.

The real value and strategic value were these three cross-region teleportation arrays.

[Cross-region teleportation array]

Quality: Mythical

Type: Unique treasure

Description: There are different restrictions depending on the location of the teleportation. For regional teleportation, limit to once a month. For district teleportation, limit to once every seven days.

These three teleportation formations looked like strange disks that were only the size of a palm. He needed to find a place to put them down before they could truly take effect.

With these three teleportation formations, he could cross regions anytime and anywhere. He didn’t need to wait for an event like a regional war before he could take action. This was undoubtedly much more convenient.

But now, he still needed to wait for the war to completely end.

Because Li Xiang had triggered the world announcement, it instantly shocked countless people who had evil intentions.

In particular, many of the hostile forces around the Demon Country did not feel any pity after seeing the miserable state of the lords who had escaped in a sorry state.

It was really too miserable.

The armies of these lords were at least 30,000 to 50,000 strong.

However, those who were able to return unscathed were at most 3,000 to 5,000 strong, or even less.

Even so, these lords wore ecstatic expressions after they escaped, shouting that they had survived.

Those countries that had originally gathered around the Demon Country and were prepared to take advantage of the situation did not hesitate at all. They immediately led their own troops and turned around to flee, running as fast as they could and as far as they could.

As for taking advantage of the Demon Country, whoever wanted to take advantage of it would take advantage of it.

They had never seen such a savage country. Hundreds of countries had attacked, but in the end, they were all killed by hundreds of people.

Although these so-called lords had pleasant titles, in reality, each country was only at the level of a small lord.

But even if it was just a small lord, the army was real!

When hundreds of small lords gathered together, it was a terrifying force.

Time slowly passed, and three days later, this sudden invasion finally came to an end.

In this battle, they had killed over 600,000 enemies, captured over a million, killed 246 lords, killed 421 heroes, and obtained a huge amount of resources. There were also 246 lord imprints.

At this moment, these lord imprints were all kept in Li Xiang’s storage ring.

As for the weapons and armors, the food and equipment naturally went back to the state. Whatever that needed to be stored was stored, and whatever that needed to be reheated was reheated. The entire Demon Country could be said to be in high spirits.

Especially the small lords of the Demon Country, all of them were in high spirits.

They had made a fortune in this war.

Li Xiang reaped the biggest rewards, and they took the smaller prizes.

Although they took less, this kind of battle without any risk was really too great.

There were even people who shouted, “Long live the Country Lord” in private!

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