President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Memories in His Mind

In the surveillance camera, the man had sent a package to the courier station and then taken the package himself. Everything was so stable and there wasn’t a trace of panic. Mo Jinrong couldn’t help wondering if this was still his uncle.

He turned off his computer, his mind in a mess.

Suddenly, he remembered what happened on the ship and a horrifying scene flashed past!

In his mind, Mo Jinrong saw Mo Shengli carrying him to the deck amidst the violent storm. His uncle wanted to throw him down, but the ship was shaking badly and someone was coming. He couldn’t catch Mo Jinrong and was thrown down instead!

Mo Jinrong felt a sharp pain in his head. This was a memory he had never had before. Was his memory messed up?

Before he could figure out what was happening, the office door was pushed open!

“Mo Jinrong, I don’t understand what’s so bad about me. If you were in my shoes, would I be inferior to Tan Shilin?”

Tan Siwen barged in angrily and questioned.

“Miss Tan, haven’t your parents taught you to be polite and knock on the door before coming in?”

Mo Jinrong looked up in displeasure.

“Boss Mo, I can’t stop Miss Tan…”

The front desk assistant caught up to them, panting.

“You can leave first!” Mo Jinrong waved his hand and said.

“Boss Mo, what do you mean? You’re not very polite either. The most important thing in a business is to keep your promises. Tan Shilin may be my uncle, but he is just a useless bum. My aunt helped him with everything. Aren’t you afraid that if you replace me, this business will go bankrupt?”

Tan Siwen spoke reluctantly.

“I said that this matter concerns the Tan Family, so what does it have to do with me? It’s just that I’m a married person and you should know that. I don’t want to create more trouble. If it doesn’t work out, the Tan Family can always find someone else to work with.”

Mo Jinrong’s indifferent attitude made Tan Siwen even angrier.

“Boss Mo, Uncle said that you appointed him as the person in charge. I admit that I have feelings for you, but it wouldn’t affect our cooperation. I have a bottom line. Do you think I would be a third party to seduce you?”

Tan Siwen smiled disdainfully.

“Your uncle came to beg me about this, but I don’t really care. If it doesn’t work out, you can get your aunt to do it instead. I can accept it too. Send the guest out!”

Mo Jinrong spoke easily and pressed the intercom. In less than five seconds, the people outside came in to drag Tan Siwen away.

“Let go of me! Mo Jinrong, you’ll regret this!” Tan Siwen struggled and shouted.

Mo Jinrong didn’t look up, and his office gradually fell silent as the shouting grew further and further away.

He took out his phone and called Old Master Tan.

“Boss Mo, what can I trouble you with?”

Old Master Tan smiled.

“Your granddaughter ran to my office and shouted. I hope Old Master Tan can take care of her when you are free. Also, I am a businessman and I don’t want anything meaningless to happen between us. Hence, if there is no one in the Tan Family that is up to the task, I don’t mind sending someone over to supervise them.”

Although Tan Shilin was safer, his own ability to handle matters was admirable. He was a businessman and couldn’t let his business suffer.

When Old Master Tan heard that the matter was serious, his expression changed and he apologized immediately.

“Boss Mo, it’s my fault for failing to discipline her, please forgive me. Don’t worry, I will educate her well when I’m back. We will discuss the matter regarding the person in charge. We will be able to handle the Tan Family’s matter, don’t worry.”

“Mmh, I hope you keep your promise and won’t annoy me again because of this!”

Mo Jinrong hung up immediately, feeling a little tired. He hadn’t seen Lan Anran in a long time and missed her, so he called her directly.

“Where are you?”

Mo Jinrong sounded tired.

Lan Anran didn’t say she was with Qiu Cha, she just smiled.

“Why? Does Boss Mo miss me?”

“Mmh, I missed you!”

Mo Jinrong admitted generously, shocking Lan Anran.

Qiu Cha leaned over, pressed her ear against her phone, wanting to hear what was able to shock Lan Anran.

“You… Do you need me to come over?”

Lan Anran stammered a little shyly.

“It’s alright, it’s getting late, it’s not safe for you to come out! I’ll send you to school tomorrow,” Mo Jinrong suddenly had an idea and said.

Lan Anran’s mind was blank, she could only nod and smile foolishly.

“Mmh, bye…”

She hung up reluctantly and stared at the phone in a daze.

“You’re shy, what did your man say to you?” Qiu Cha asked deliberately.

“It’s nothing. It’s getting late, I have to go back or Mom and Dad will be worried.”

Lan Anran picked up her bag and was about to leave when Qiu Cha smiled.

“Are you coming to see me tomorrow? Young Madam Mo?”

“Qiu Cha!”

Lan Anran carried her bag and ran out of the villa.


Back at home, Lan Anran was still flushed.

“Anran, where have you been the entire day? I was worried sick.”

Ever since the last incident, Li Yueru couldn’t stop worrying about Lan Anran.

“I went to a friend’s house to play. Mom, don’t worry,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“You must have gone to some wild kid’s house to fool around again, right?”

Zhao Xiumei cursed.

Li Yueru was just about to argue when Lan Anran smiled and stopped her.

“Grandma! I’m afraid that’s all you can think about. Your birthday is approaching, have you thought about how to celebrate it?”

Zhao Xiumei smiled triumphantly.

“Tingyun, it’s my birthday in a few days. It will be arranged according to the usual standards and there will be at least twenty tables. Invite all my old friends and your colleagues over. It will be lively and bustling. This venue must be bigger and it will be best if it can encompass the entire restaurant. The dishes will also be more expensive. I will be putting up a front for my birthday. It has always been like this. I believe this year will be no exception, right?”

Zhao Xiumei squinted at her son.

In the past, Lan Tingyun would fork out the money and invite many old colleagues to celebrate, so the gifts she received were naturally not little.

The only regret was that her eldest son wasn’t around this year and couldn’t be filial to her. Zhao Xiumei was upset at the thought.

Lan Tingyun looked at Old Mrs. Lan with a troubled expression. It was good enough that she wasn’t chased out of the house, but he didn’t have the money to hold her birthday party.

“I don’t have the money, but you’re my mom, so I can’t say much. It’s alright if you want to hold a birthday party, but the scale will be smaller by three-quarters than last year’s. We can find a random hotel and invite a few more people over for a meal. Mom, I told you, I’m very tight on cash and don’t have any excess money to hold a birthday party for you.”

Zhao Xiumei couldn’t take it anymore. Thinking back to that ostentatious appearance she once had, she was also on television news and newspapers.. Now, she was going to celebrate her birthday in a random hotel? Wasn’t he just being perfunctory?