Chapter 324: Talent in Design


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“It’s not expensive, just 80 million. You can stay here without worry. Everything here is the best. Due to the uniqueness of your work, I have specially arranged a creative studio for you. There is everything inside, as well as a drawing room and a gaming room that you’ll like. Most importantly, there is a large swimming pool that you can see through the window!”

Lan Anran pulled the window open and gestured to the large swimming pool outside. The water was sparkling and Qiu Cha had the urge to jump in!

“Anran, you are the bestest friend in the world!” Qiu Cha hugged Lan Anran and said coquettishly.

“Alright, many people will want to poach you after you return to the country. What do you plan to do?” Lan Anran asked.

“I said I would create the best work in the Mo Corporation. Don’t worry, since you have given me this house, I won’t be able to escape! Who was that just now?”

Qiu Cha smiled.

“Qin Tian, the young master of the Qin Group; he probably saw the news of you coming back and wanted to poach you over,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“Speaking of Mo Jinrong, I’m curious about how he got your heart. Although it was only a video call, he is very good-looking. You don’t judge a book by its cover, do you?” Qiu Cha questioned.

“Of course not, it was decided by the elders of both families. I had no choice.”

Lan Anran shook her head and smiled.

“Cut it out. We’ve been together for so many years and you haven’t even told me the truth. You aren’t the type to give in to arranged marriages. Tell me how it happened!”

Qiu Cha tightened her grip on Lan Anran’s neck, forcing her to speak.

Lan Anran didn’t know how to explain that she fell in love with Mo Jinrong because she transmigrated and was reborn. She wouldn’t believe it even if she told her.

Wouldn’t something like this scare people to death?

Lan Anran had no choice but to make up a reason.

“It was love at first sight for him, so I gave in and…”

Lan Anran became embarrassed as she spoke.

“Hey, hey, hey! You’re embarrassed? You and Mo Jinrong are actually quite compatible. Where is my cute little puppy?”

Qiu Cha looked at the ceiling with a disconsolate expression.

“Come on, you didn’t want to get married. Previously, when a handsome big star from abroad wanted to woo you, but you didn’t even agree to it. Now, you’re wallowing in self-pity?” Lan Anran smiled and said.

Qiu Cha was a celibate person. After her parents went abroad, they divorced and started their own families. She became the redundant one. Her parents didn’t care about her, which was why she became like this. She yearned for love but didn’t dare to love.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about it. Come take a look at my latest design. I heard that your husband held a design show to promote the company in order to celebrate my return to the country. These were designed by me, which one should I wear?”

Qiu Cha took out many latest designs from her suitcase and placed them on the bed to try.

She hadn’t heard about the design show, but since it was going to be held, what she wore had to be grand.

“You designed all of these? There are so many?”

Lan Anran was a little surprised.

“Of course, these are all unique Qiu Cha designs that can’t be bought on the market. Hurry and help me see which one is prettier.”

Qiu Cha pulled Lan Anran.

Lan Anran saw a pale pink gown in the box from a glance. It was embroidered with lotus leaves, revealing half of the shoulders.

“This one is pretty good!”

Lan Anran examined it. The back was hollowed and the elegant collarbones could be seen in front.

“Really? This one is a little flawed. I didn’t consider the leg problem when I did it, but it’s too late to change it now,” Qiu Cha was a little regretful as she said this.

“So you just want to show your long legs? That’s easy.”

Lan Anran smiled and took the clothes to the studio. There were some white lace trimming inside. She took a pair of scissors and directly cut the material from the bottom up. With a glance, she measured Qiu Cha’s waist with her eyes, and beautifully overlaid it with white lace trim, making it look very elegant.

The appearance of the dress changed in two minutes.

“Anran, I didn’t know you had such talent. It seems like my position is in jeopardy!”

Qiu Cha looked at the clothes in surprise.

“What? It’s simple. I just need your help with one thing,” Lan Anran smiled and said.


Qiu Cha pressed her ear close and listened curiously.

“Look after Mo Jinrong for me. Mo Jinrong is a tall, rich, and handsome man. There are many people sticking to him and often, some women will go over to him. Tell me when you see them!”

“Mo Jinrong’s lifestyle isn’t very good. Aren’t you going to come along and look at your man?”

Qiu Cha smiled.

She didn’t like things like spying.

“He already knows my identity. If he finds out that I’m watching him, I’m dead!”

The thought of Mo Jinrong being angry gave Lan Anran a headache.

“Alright! I’ll go to work tomorrow and keep an eye out for you!”

Qiu Cha had no choice, she wanted to see Mo Jinrong’s charm too.


The Mo Family.

“Young Master, everything is prepared and we are just waiting for Miss Qiu Cha to come. I have released the news and many are looking forward to her new work.”

Mo San smiled.

“Mmh, do you know anything about the Qin Family?” Mo Jinrong asked without raising his head.

“The Qin Family’s performance has been plummeting. I heard that Qin Hao is furious.”

“Watch him closely, he isn’t easy to deal with.”

The thought gave Mo Jinrong a headache.

“Young Master, how long is Xiang Tian’s career going to stop for? Many patients are asking for news.” Mo San asked curiously. Since Xiang Tian’s name appeared, there has been no end to the business. If they stop now, will the patients panic?

“I don’t know, it might end just like that. Tell the patients to be prepared.”

Mo Jinrong reminded him.

Initially, he did all of this for his sister, but now that he was over it, it didn’t seem to be that important anymore.

“Those patients must be very anxious,” Mo San said helplessly.

“You should start preparing to make heart medicine available on the market. The medicine for cancer can wait.”

Mo Jinrong had already decided to do things openly, but he was being watched too closely and couldn’t move easily.

“Yes, Young Master. About the design show, should we invite more people over to attract more outstanding talents?”

Mo San thought that one Qiu Cha might not be enough, what the Mo Family needed was innovation.

“It’s alright, Qiu Cha alone is enough. I’ll invite the Qin Family and Tan Family over so that they can take a good look.”

Mo Jinrong was showing off. The Mo Corporation could invite people that no one could invite.

Mo San was just about to leave when he remembered something important.

“Young Master, I’ve investigated the pen you asked me to check last time. It was sent from a small courier station, in Rong City. I went to check the surveillance video, but the person was masked and wore glasses, so I couldn’t see his face. I have pulled the surveillance video and sent it to your computer. Take a look and see if it’s the same person. I don’t know if Mo Shengli has changed after all these years, but I almost couldn’t recognize him.”

“Mmh, you can leave first.”

He turned on the computer and saw a familiar back view.. Even though he wore a cap to conceal his face, he could still remember that person because of their back.