Chapter 321: What Kind of Person is He?

After Lan Anran left the Mo Family, she went to see Old Mrs. Mo, wanting to know what happened.

“Grandma, I’m here to see you again!” Lan Anran smiled and placed a bag of peanuts crisps on the table.

“Anran, you’re here. The peanut crisps were delicious last time. I was wondering when you were going to buy another bag, and you really bought one,” Old Mrs. Mo smiled and said.

“I’m guessing that Grandma must have finished eating the others and so I bought some for you, do you like it Grandma?” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“I like it. Recently, I’ve been drinking your prescription and feel better and better. By the way, I’ve asked someone about the matter you asked me about, and they said that the Rong City Research Institute is full. They have a strict system, so I can’t say anything. Don’t blame Grandma.”

Old Mrs. Mo smiled and patted Lan Anran’s hand.

“It’s alright, it’s great that Grandma can help. I can only wait until next year.”

Lan Anran was regretful.

She knew that the research institute had a secret and Old Mrs. Mo was helping to conceal it, perhaps they were afraid that she would discover something.

“I know many good hospitals. I can let you enter the best hospitals to be a doctor. I think you can do it. It will be easy to get into a position in two years.”

“It’s alright Grandma, I just want to go to the research institute but I don’t think there’s anything I can do. I’m a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and my parents run a hospital. I didn’t go there because I want to go to the research institute,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“You have aspirations, but the evaluation of a research institute is slow and the work is boring and busy. You and Jinrong might not even have a chance to meet in the future.”

Old Mrs. Mo was worried.

“Speaking of which, how far have you and Jinrong progressed? I know that your marriage to Jinrong was arranged by both our families, but the two of you seem alright?”

Old Mrs. Mo smiled brightly at the mention of this.

“Grandma, we… are alright…”

Lan Anran lowered her head and smiled, a little embarrassed.

“Just alright? I saw the two of you together…”

Old Mrs. Mo was too old to explain, so she showed the photos.

Lan Anran looked at them and felt even more embarrassed.

“Grandma, why did you find someone to secretly take photos of me…”

“Grandma didn’t take these secretly, Mo San sent them to me. You’re displaying such public displays of affection in front of Mo San, and you refused to let him tell me?” Old Mrs. Mo smiled and said.


“Let’s not talk about this anymore, your face is flushed. My grandson is indeed good-looking and smart. Don’t worry, he is single-minded and will not treat you badly!” Old Mrs. Mo said.

“I know Grandma, I believe in him.”

Lan Anran nodded with a smile.

The tension eased and Lan Anran spoke again.

“Grandma, can you tell me about Mo Shengli?” Lan Anran asked curiously.

“Why are you suddenly interested in him? Old Mrs. Mo asked.

“It’s just that one of Jinrong’s psychologists told me that Jinrong’s illness was probably related to him. Back then, did Jinrong see something on the ship, but was shocked and forgot?” Lan Anran asked.

“Really? Let me think… I remember that Jinrong was indeed ill during the storm. Later, he developed a high fever for several days. Back then, someone said that Shengli’s ghost possessed Jinrong. Although I didn’t believe it, I couldn’t stop the rumors, so I went to get a cross for Jinrong to bring around.

The strange thing is that he got better the next day. Later on, I asked him to bring it along with him until he reached adulthood. As for Shengli, he was Old Master’s flesh and blood. Even though his mother wasn’t by his side, I did my best to help him.

He was humble, polite, and a good child from a young age. He was first in his exams and never worried me. I was at ease with him, but he was often bullied because he was an illegitimate son. He was introverted and didn’t like to talk to others. He hid everything in his heart. I didn’t know what he was thinking, but he seemed pretty good.

It wasn’t until one day, he suddenly told me he wanted to learn computer science. I was puzzled as to why he didn’t learn some martial arts and wanted to learn computer science. He said he was interested, but I didn’t pay attention to it. Later on, he really became very talented in computer science and won several big awards in a row. Back then, his name was known throughout the world and I was proud of him. As a result, I no longer worried about him and ignored him to focus on Jinrong.”

Old Mrs. Mo spoke tirelessly and Lan Anran listened attentively.

According to Old Mrs. Mo, Mo Shengli should be a powerful person. At the very least, the less talkative a person was, the deeper they hid themselves.

“Jinrong was still young and had always treated his uncle as a role model. He was the one who suggested going to sea that time and we didn’t think too much about it. We didn’t expect such a thing to happen.”

Old Mrs. Mo was upset.

“Grandma, don’t be sad. It’ll be easier for us if we know everything. I guess that Jinrong saw something before, but forgot about it later.”

Lan Anran guessed.

“Really? Then let your friend do a thorough check. After Jinrong’s illness is cured, let her come over for a meal. I want to thank her properly!” Old Mrs. Mo smiled and said.

“Definitely,” Lan Anran replied.

After that, Lan Anran stayed for a meal before leaving.


Because of the previous incident, Lan Yanran’s name became famous and many people wanted to collaborate with him, thinking that he had a lot of popularity and topics to talk about. His exposure was the highest right now.

“Yanran, I helped you choose a few programs and movies to participate in. Your schedule has been very packed recently and you’ll be staying in a hotel. You’ll definitely be running around,” Wang Qing smiled and said.

Lan Yanran was the most troublesome and most promising celebrity she had ever seen.

“It’s alright, I will just treat it as a vacation!” Lan Yanran smiled and said.

His journey as a star had just begun.

He looked at the notice in Wang Qing’s hand, his eyes fixed on the movie script.

“Sis Wang, am I the second male lead in this movie?”

He was a little surprised.

“Why? Do you want to be the male lead?” Wang Qing smiled and said.

“No, this movie is directed by Director Ning, everyone wants to act in it. Besides, the female lead and the male lead are both big shots, I don’t have the confidence.”

Lan Yanran felt that even though he was a little popular now, he can’t compare himself with these capable people, it was inevitable that others would criticize him.

“You’re a small star now, you have to hurry and transform so that you can stay in the entertainment circle longer.”

Wang Qing continued.

“Last time, even your goddess, Liu Xixi, wanted to be the female lead in this movie. It’s a pity she wasn’t qualified. Even girls want to change careers, don’t you want that?”

When Lan Yanran heard that it was Liu Xixi, his eyes flashed.

She had screwed him over badly last time. Fortunately, she wasn’t in the drama, or he wouldn’t know how to face it.

The image of his first goddess was destroyed just like that.

“Sis Wang, you’re right. I want to become stronger, I will act well.”

Lan Yanran promised.

Although the workload was huge, he was full of confidence.

This was how the entertainment circle was. Those who supported the strong stepped on the weak. If you weren’t strong, others would climb over your shoulders. Lan Yanran didn’t want to be stepped on..