President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 181

Chapter 181: He is Jealous

“Nothing, it was alright.”

Lan Anran’s relaxed tone carried a hint of difficulty.

Her test paper was different from everyone else’s, so of course they thought it was simple.

It seemed like this test was deliberately making things difficult for her. She wanted to see who was behind this.

Lan Anran sent a message to Fatty.

“Qian Xiang is in my suitcase, come and get it, it won’t survive too long.”

As soon as the message was sent, Qin Tian walked over.

“Anran, the test results won’t come out until tomorrow. Since we have nothing to do today, why don’t we go shopping?”

Qin Tian warmly invited Lan Anran.

Lan Anran originally wanted to refuse as there wasn’t much point in staying in the hotel. She then thought of Mo Jinrong and wondered where he was watching her from. Since he wasn’t willing to admit that he liked her, why not agitate him?

She nodded, agreeing happily.

Lan Anran and Qin Tian walked out together, attracting the attention of many classmates, who were speculating whether they were in a relationship.

Sun Hui couldn’t understand Lan Anran’s actions. She was confused as she was shopping with Qin Tian after spending the night in the tent with another man.

Mo Jinrong, who was hiding not far away, had clearly seen everything. He gritted his teeth with hatred. His wife was shopping with another man and yet, he couldn’t stop her, and that made him furious.

Mo Jinrong could only follow behind silently, claiming to be monitoring Lan Anran’s every move. His gaze was focused on Qin Tian, afraid that he would do something malicious to her.

“Lan Anran, what do you think of today’s paper?” Qin Tian asked.

“It’s alright.”

Lan Anran’s simple words were like a heavy weight on Qin Tian.

“There’s ice cream, I’ll buy you a double scoop.”

Qin Tian saw an ice cream stand, so he stopped to buy two cream flavored ice creams for Lan Anran. She took a bite of the ice cream and nodded, saying that it tasted pretty good.

Their ice cream was identical and looked like a couple’s. Mo Jinrong was a little angry and he couldn’t help walking up to take a bite of Lan Anran’s ice cream.

“Mo Jinrong, you…”

Lan Anran wasn’t angry, but was a little surprised.

“Who are you? Why are you eating her ice cream?” Qin Tian said in dissatisfaction.

“Qin Tian, he is my… my…”

Lan Anran didn’t know if she should tell others that he was her husband.

“I’m her cousin. My sister is still young and can’t be in a relationship.”

Mo Jinrong stepped forward to protect Lan Anran, while looking at Qin Tian with a grim expression.

When he heard that he was Lan Anran’s cousin, Qin Tian immediately smiled. Although they didn’t look alike, Lan Anran didn’t object. It must be the case.

“Anran and I are friends, even though we haven’t known each other for long. I admire her, not the kind of admiration between a man and a woman. I admire outstanding people.”

Qin Tian’s explanation sounded weak to Mo Jinrong.

Lan Anran behind Mo Jinrong was overjoyed. Mo Jinrong was jealous, he had finally fallen for her.

“She isn’t someone you can touch.”

With that, Mo Jinrong left with Lan Anran.

“Your illness is cured again.”

The two of them walked a long distance before stopping and Lan Anran smiled.

Mo Jinrong let go of her slowly.

“You are already married, I hope you won’t do anything detrimental to the Mo Family. Even if you don’t like the identity as the Mo Family’s young mistress, or if you don’t like me, you should restrain yourself. Hide your private life a little, I don’t want the outside world to say anything detrimental to the Mo Family.”

Mo Jinrong seemed a little angry and his tone was icy cold.

“Are you jealous? And you still say that you don’t like me?”

Lan Anran smiled, looking at him with big sparkling eyes.

Mo Jinrong was at a loss. He didn’t know what to say, he only knew that his heart was beating rapidly.


Skinny sent a message to her.

“Xiang Tian is in Liangxi County!”

She looked at the location on her phone in surprise. Wasn’t this where she was?

“Boss Mo, I need to use the toilet first. Wait for me here.”

Mo Jinrong ignored her in anger, while Lan Anran went to the public toilet.

“How did you get your information?”

Lan Anran seized the opportunity and hurriedly sent a message to Skinny.

“Surprisingly, I found Xiang Tian’s phone number. According to the location of the phone, he should be in Liangxi County.”

Skinny spoke proudly.

“Just knowing his location isn’t enough. Without a concrete appearance, I can’t catch him at all,”

Lan Anran frowned and said.

“I hacked into Xiang Tian’s phone. His phone has layers of passcodes. I can only describe his appearance, but I can’t decipher the deeper levels. He is about 1.8 meters tall, of medium build, about 20 to 30 years old. He should be a rich person with good looks. That is all I can give.”

According to Skinny’s description, Lan Anran felt that it must be Mo Jinrong!

Besides him, there wasn’t anyone else in the vicinity that suited his appearance better.

“I’ll call Mo Jinrong. Locate his location and see if it’s the same as the previous one.”

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