Chapter 180: More Difficult Question

“So you’re Lan Anran?”

His deep voice was slightly magnetic and reached Lan Anran’s ears.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Lan Anran turned and asked softly.

Qin Tian was slightly taken aback. Lan Anran was the prettiest looking girl he had ever seen.

“I will definitely surpass you next time.”

Qin Tian’s words were powerful, like a challenge.


Lan Anran’s nonchalant reply surprised Qin Tian and further convinced him because he hadn’t gotten second place before coming to Rong City University.

“What’s there to be proud of? So what if she’s pretty? So what if she’s first place?”

Lian Qiao was extremely jealous. Ever since Qin Tian transferred to Rong City University, she had been paying close attention to him and had even sent him love letters. But now, he didn’t even look at her and his soul was stolen by Lan Anran. How hateful!

Lan Anran returned to the hotel room calmly, but Mo Jinrong couldn’t stay calm anymore. He could see the way Qin Tian looked at her.

He took out his phone and messaged Mo San.

“Investigate the background of Qin Tian from Rong City University!”

“Young Master, why are you investigating him? You should be concerned about the progress of the experiment. After you left, Mo Changwen came over to find out more information. He has been asking questions these past few days,” Mo San replied.

“How was the experiment?”

Mo Jinrong suddenly remembered he had a mission.

“Everything is going smoothly, but we seem to lack a catalyst.”

“What medicine?”

“Qian Xiang, I don’t have any in Rong City at the moment…” Mo San replied swiftly.

Mo Jinrong suddenly remembered seeing a bunch of Qian Xiang in Lan Anran’s room this morning. He wondered if she would lend it to him.

“Got it, I’ll think of a way. Investigate Qin Tian first.”

Mo Jinrong seemed anxious. Investigating this man was very important to him now.

“Young Master, is this Miss Lan’s admirer?” Mo San asked in confusion.

“How did you know?”

Mo Jinrong found it strange. Was it obvious?

“Young Master, have you fallen for Miss Lan?” Mo San asked.

“Aren’t you busy?”

Mo Jinrong didn’t say anything. In fact, he wasn’t sure why, but he was a little angry when he saw another man beside Lan Anran.

“Young Master, I’ll get it done right away.”

Mo San became solemn.

Back in her room, Lan Anran wasn’t happy about getting first place, instead, she was worried about the upcoming exams. After taking the first paper, she knew the questions for the second paper would be even more difficult. It seemed that someone was deliberately making things difficult for her, not wanting her to enter the Rong City Medical Research Institute. However, this will not stop her from entering the institute!

“Anran, did you see the look Qin Tian gave you? It was filled with admiration and respect.”

Xia Ziwei teased.

“No,” Lan Anran replied calmly.

“Alright, but you’re really something. I’ve heard of you before, but I didn’t know you were such a top student,” Xia Ziwei smiled and said.

At this moment, Sun Hui walked in, looking anguished.

“Lan Anran, why are you first again? I can’t believe my ranking was 20 plus.”

“Lan Yaxin might not be able to beat you,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“That’s true, even that arrogant girl might not be able to beat me.”

Sun Hui was happy at the thought.

“That Qin Tian and the man from this morning, they…” Sun Hui hesitated and said.


Lan Anran hurriedly spoke.

Xia Ziwei seemed to have noticed something, but she didn’t expose it.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the exam again.

Lan Anran entered the examination room early and frowned slightly when she received the test paper. The questions were obviously not for her. She looked at the reactions of the students around her, who seemed to be relaxed. She was a little suspicious and hence spoke loudly.

“Teacher, did you send the wrong test paper?”

The facilitator was a skinny woman with glasses. She walked to Lan Anran and looked at the test paper.

“This is the correct one, do it.”

Lian Qiao sneered.

“She doesn’t know how to do it and she said she got the wrong test paper? What a joke!”

Lan Anran didn’t say anything. The paper in front of her was deeply involved in the field of research, she could easily write a research paper.

Since someone wanted to do this for her, she would accept the challenge. She had read a lot of literature in the past and fortunately, she knew how to write it.

When the others finished and handed in their papers, Lan Anran still had a few hundred words left. At the end of the bell, she finally finished and handed in her papers. She was the last to leave the examination room.

The facilitator looked at Lan Anran with a secretive expression. She had beautiful handwriting and a tidy exam paper. There wasn’t a single word wrong with the entire essay and there was a hint of surprise in her eyes.

Outside, Lian Qiao felt that Lan Anran was doomed. She felt that the test was too simple. Lan Anran had written it for two hours and hadn’t finished it. It seemed like she didn’t know how to do it. Let’s see how she could still put on a front!

“Some people puff themselves up at their own cost and pretend to know things they don’t. There will be a good show when the results are out.”

She rolled her eyes at Lan Anran, who had just left the examination room, and swaggered off.

“Anran, was the exam difficult? Why did you take so long?”

Sun Hui was curious. There wasn’t anything difficult, just multiple choice questions. Why did she take so long?