Chapter 178: Roasted Rabbit

“You brought someone with you?”

Lan Anran looked at Mo Jinrong warily.

Mo Jinrong shook his head.

“No, I’m here alone.”

Lan Anran stood up and pulled out her dagger.


A wild rabbit darted out from the bushes, frightening Mo Jinrong into retreating.

Lan Anran was quick to react. She threw the dagger and the wild rabbit was caught in the throat, dead!

She turned her head to look at Mo Jinrong’s pitiful appearance and laughed out loud.

“Why are you so timid? Are you afraid of rabbits in addition to dogs?”

Lan Anran sneered mercilessly.

“How do you know I’m afraid of dogs?” Mo Jinrong suddenly asked.

“…Weren’t you afraid of the chihuahua last time?”

Lan Anran was startled that she had almost exposed herself.

“How do I eat this rabbit?”

Mo Jinrong was curious.

Mo Jinrong was dumbfounded by the next series of actions. He felt as though he was living in the primordial forest.

Lan Anran first found a long and thick wooden stick, then used her dagger to peel the skin. Next, she swiftly skinned the wild rabbit with a skilled technique.

“Did you kill rabbits often in the past?”

He used to live abroad and had never worked or experienced life in the countryside. He had always lived in a pampered environment and was a little curious to see Lan Anran like this.

“No. In the past, when I was sent to the countryside by the Lan Family, I would catch frogs and rabbits to eat. After some time, I became familiar with them. It wasn’t anything rare.”

Lan Anran spoke casually.

Mo Jinrong suddenly felt a trace of sympathy.

“Don’t pity me, it’s not a big deal.”

Lan Anran continued to look down at the rabbit. She dug out the internal organs, rinsed them with some water she had brought, and placed them directly on a stick to roast over the fire.

“When did you follow me here?” Lan Anran asked casually.

“When you left,” Mo Jinrong replied flippantly.

“Why didn’t you call for anyone else but instead came by yourself? And you said you didn’t miss me.”

Lan Anran teased.

“I’m not assured about other people, but what do you mean by a fake divorce?”

Mo Jinrong suddenly remembered.

“You’ll have to ask your uncle. He threatened me with my brother and asked me to leave you, otherwise, he would ruin Yanran. I could only fake a divorce. You’ll have to cooperate with me and put on a show for your uncle.”

Lan Anran twirled the rabbit as she said this.

“Mo Changwen is still misbehaving. It seems that the warning from the last meeting didn’t wake him up. He only wants the Mo Family’s inheritance rights. He’s dreaming!”

Mo Jinrong spoke coldly.

“How do you want me to cooperate?”

Lan Anran smiled and leaned over to whisper in Mo Jinrong’s ear for a while.

Mo Jinrong frowned.

“Will that work?”

“Don’t worry, Mo Changwen knows that your illness is cured. He won’t suspect anything.”

Facing the fire, Lan Anran smiled even more brightly.


Mo Jinrong nodded and looked at the roasted rabbit on the stick, feeling a little hungry.

“It’s a pity there isn’t any cumin or salt, otherwise, it would definitely taste better.”

Lan Anran spoke excitedly.

Suddenly, Mo Jinrong felt like his neck had been bitten by a mosquito, it was painful and itchy.

“What’s wrong?”

Lan Anran watched as Mo Jinrong kept scratching his neck, causing it to flush. She wanted to walk over to have a look, but unexpectedly, she tripped on a branch and fell onto Mo Jinrong. The two of them hugged and Lan Anran accidentally kissed Mo Jinrong’s face.

They were both stunned.

Mo Jinrong hugged Lan Anran’s waist, his heart beating rapidly.

“Are… are you alright?”

Mo Jinrong didn’t forget to express his concern.

Lan Anran finally reacted and hurriedly got up from Mo Jinrong, stammering.

“I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean it,” she touched her lips subconsciously and said.

The scene was a little awkward, but Lan Anran spoke first.

“The rabbit is ready, eat it.”

Lan Anran gave Mo Jinrong a rabbit leg, feeling embarrassed, and returned to the tent, the corner of her mouth lifted slightly.

Mo Jinrong received the rabbit meat and a happy smile appeared on his face, something he hadn’t noticed.

However, he realized that every time he interacted with Lan Anran, he wouldn’t fall ill for a period of time.

Late at night, Lan Anran put out the fire, but there was only one tent. It seemed like she would have to spend the night in the same tent as Mo Jinrong.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

Mo Jinrong spoke first, sleeping at the side of the tent.

Lan Anran slept on the other side and both of them fell asleep with their own thoughts.

The sky had just lit up when the chirping of birds woke Mo Jinrong. He opened his eyes and wanted to get up, but found Lan Anran lying in his arms, curled up like a well-behaved kitten.

Mo Jinrong couldn’t help but touch Lan Anran’s hair. Her perfect side profile was extremely attractive to Mo Jinrong.

He couldn’t control himself and wanted to kiss her forehead. Just then, Lan Anran suddenly awakened. She opened her eyes slightly and saw Mo Jinrong’s loving gaze, revealing a big smile.

“You’re awake?”

Lan Anran struggled to get up. The moment she walked out of the tent, she saw Sun Hui standing outside the tent, smiling at her.