President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 177

Chapter 177: He Was Discovered

“Hey! Lan Anran, do you think it’s difficult?”

Lan Anran was retrieving her herbs’ equipment from her suitcase, preparing to leave.


Sun Hui was relieved. Since Lan Anran found it difficult too, she didn’t say anything.

“You’re just going to pick some herbs, do you need to bring these things? Are you going camping?”

Sun Hui was a little surprised to see Lan Anran packing ointments and flashlights.

“Didn’t Master teach you to be careful when picking herbs?” Lan Anran asked softly.

Sun Hui shook her head. These past few days, Xu Shan had been teaching her how to differentiate and hadn’t taken her to pick herbs. It seemed like he had more to teach her.

“Qian Xiang doesn’t live in a bad place, but it’s filled with shrubs. Usually, there would be snakes, insects, rats, or ants, so I’ll have to bring all the medicine. I might not be able to come back tonight.”

Lan Anran packed it calmly.

“What? We’re going camping in the wild?”

Sun Hui had never lived outside and was a little scared.

“You don’t have to go if you’re scared, I’ll be back.”

It was more convenient for Lan Anran to move alone.

Sun Hui hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“I’m going! I’m not scared!”

She straightened her clothes and followed Lan Anran.

Mo Jinrong found a five-star hotel by the examination hall, constantly monitoring Lan Anran’s movements. When he saw Lan Anran leave with her backpack, he followed without a thought.

Liangxi County was different from Rong City. There were mountains on both sides, but the mountains in Liangxi County were shorter. There were small hills around it that were full of shrubs.

Lan Anran and Sun Hui came to the mountains themselves and ran towards the bushes.

“Lan Anran, will it still be useful after three to four days if we find it?”

Sun Hui suddenly had a question.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Look carefully at this photo!”

Lan Anran wasn’t a student anymore. She wore a hat, a long coat, and trousers, looking like a researcher from afar.

Mo Jinrong followed behind. A few days ago, it rained in Liangxi County and the ground was moist. Mo Jinrong stepped in mud and as a clean freak, he couldn’t bear his dirty appearance. But since Lan Anran was getting further and further away, he gritted his teeth and braced himself to follow her.

After more than an hour of searching, Sun Hui’s waist was sore and painful.

“Lan Anran, when can we find Qian Xiang?”

“What’s the hurry? Look for it slowly. If you’re tired, just go down the mountain. Snakes will crawl out of the mountain when the sun sets, especially during such a hot day, they love to come out and play.”

Lan Anran bluffed.

Sun Hui was most afraid of snakes and couldn’t stay here, but she would have to find one Qian Xiang before leaving.

Suddenly, a bunch of bright red plants stood upright at the edge of the bush. Sun Hui looked at the pictures and shouted in surprise.

“Found it! Qian Xiang!”

Lan Anran turned her head and sure enough, it was Qian Xiang. She knelt down and carefully dug out the roots. She leaned in and smelled it. There was indeed a faint fragrance.

“That’s great!”

Sun Hui was a little happy.

“It’s getting late. If you’re still following me, let’s sleep in the tent tonight, we’ve got the net around. Rats are common, but I heard that there is a large python here.”

Lan Anran said this to chase Sun Hui away, as it was more convenient for her to do things alone.

“But… But there aren’t any hotels nearby, where should I stay?”

Sun Hui was frightened.

“There is a scenic hotel halfway up the mountain. Why don’t you stay there? I’ll look for you tomorrow,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“Then you…”

“I’ve seen such things often and have eaten snake meat before. When I was young, Master would often let me go up the mountain alone to pick herbs. I would often come back the next day, so there’s no need to be afraid.”

When Sun Hui heard Lan Anran’s words, she felt relieved and walked towards the hotel to sleep.

Seeing the sky darken, Lan Anran was satisfied to have found one Qian Xiang and decided to set up a tent on a flat piece of empty land.

Mo Jinrong didn’t bring any equipment when he came out, and his body was riddled with wounds from the plants and mosquito bites. He looked at Lan Anran’s tent enviously.

Lan Anran felt warm and comfortable in the tent, but she felt that something was missing.

Suddenly, the bushes not far away moved and she smiled, thinking that what was missing was food!

She took out the dagger and prepared herself, thinking that she could have a delicious meal if she stabbed her prey.

She had just gotten close when she heard a sneeze from the bushes.

Was it a human?

“Who is it? Show yourself!”

Lan Anran’s face was solemn and she was on guard.

Seeing that he couldn’t hide any longer, Mo Jinrong crawled out from the bushes, looking disheveled.

“Mo Jinrong?”

Lan Anran looked at him suspiciously.

Mo Jinrong seemed to be frozen and he sneezed again!

“Come over and warm yourself!”

Lan Anran put down the knife in her hand and pulled Mo Jinrong to sit beside the fire.

“Why are you following me?” Lan Anran suddenly asked.

“What are you doing here?” Mo Jinrong asked.

Lan Anran couldn’t say that she was here to find medicine for him, she smiled.

“I’m here for the test. It’s good to relax after the test. What are you doing here?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to see what you were doing,” Mo Jinrong said.

“The great CEO of the Mo Corporation actually followed me to such a place. Are you saying that you just want to see me? Do you really like me?”

Lan Anran suddenly leaned towards Mo Jinrong.

Mo Jinrong was stunned. He seemed to be mesmerized by Lan Anran’s beauty and had an urge to kiss her. Fortunately, he restrained himself.

“You’re thinking too much. Are you hiding something from me?”

Mo Jinrong asked directly, shocking Lan Anran. She smiled after some thought.

“Boss Mo, you must be hiding something from me since you came here personally, right?”

The two of them looked at each other, and in a split second, they were suddenly attracted to the sound from the bush not far away.

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