Chapter 176: Envy is the Devil


Sun Hui nodded.

“Look at how ignorant she is!” a girl said unconvinced.

Lan Anran ignored her and walked to the back of the group.

The man shouted after he came back to his senses.

“Everyone is here, let’s go to the hotel to rest!”

A group of people left with the man, Mo Jinrong following behind intentionally or otherwise.

When they arrived at the hotel, everyone was arranged separately. Lan Anran and Sun Hui were separated, Sun Hui was next door, and Lan Anran was assigned to an unfamiliar room with four girls.

Lan Anran didn’t like to talk in an unfamiliar environment. The three of them had disdainful expressions, thinking that Lan Anran was deliberately pretending to be aloof. They weren’t happy and didn’t talk to her. There was only one girl sitting on the bed quietly reading a book. She had two ponytails and looked extremely well-behaved.

When it was time to eat, the three of them went out to eat. Lan Anran didn’t have much of an appetite, so she lay in bed and played with her phone. Just then, the girl with two ponytails walked over, showing a big smile.

“Hi, my name is Xia Ziwei, the Xia Ziwei from My Fair Princess.”

She stretched out her fair and slender hands to greet Lan Anran.

“Hello, Lan Anran.”

Lan Anran shook her hand briefly and smiled.

“You’re different from them, that’s why I’m here. I’m from the Nursing Department and so are the others. They are the little overlords of our school. If they bully you, don’t mind them, but don’t agitate them. Their families are all very rich, especially the one leading the group, Lian Qiao. She’s so fierce…”

Xia Ziwei kept talking while Lan Anran just smiled.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

Xia Ziwei was perplexed.

“It’s alright, I’m not hungry yet.”

Lan Anran spoke politely.

“Alright, I’ll bring some back for you. If you’re late, there won’t be any left for you to eat.”

Xia Ziwei smiled and walked out, just in time to see the three of them return together.

Lian Qiao rolled her eyes at Xia Ziwei and entered the room.

“Look, even a top student doesn’t bring food.”

Lian Qiao spoke sourly.

“Yeah, she’s the best-looking straight A’s student after all.”

The girl beside her continued.

Lan Anran still didn’t speak, making Lian Qiao a little angry.

“Hey! Lan Anran, don’t think you’re so great just because you’re pretty. There are many good-looking people in the world. You’re not the only one, there are others who are prettier than you.”

“That’s right, but you’re not one of us!”

Lan Anran was either silent or she was infuriating.

“Sh*t! How dare you speak to Lian Qiao like that? Do you know who her family is?”

The girl by the side wanted to say something, but was stopped by Lan Anran.

“I don’t want to know, move!”

Lan Anran didn’t find it peaceful at all, as it was noisy in her ears. She stood up and walked out.

“Damn it! She’s too arrogant!” the fat girl said.

“She doesn’t know the power of Lian Qiao’s family. Just wait, she’s going to suffer!”

The other girl laughed.

Lian Qiao didn’t show much dissatisfaction. After all, she was a lady, so how could she bicker with a village girl?

Outside, Xia Ziwei happened to bump into Lan Anran when she returned from getting food. She handed her the food with a grin.

“Anran, don’t bicker with her. She relies on the fact that her family is a business family, but they were actually just working for my dad. She is just arrogant because they are the second-in-charge.”

“Lan Anran, when are we going to find…”

Sun Hui suddenly walked over and looked at Xia Ziwei in a daze. She made a good friend so quickly?

“This is…?”

“I am Xia Ziwei, the Xia Ziwei from My Fair Princess. I’m in the same room as Anran. Are you Sun Hui? I know you, the second best in the level,” Xia Ziwei said.

Sun Hui nodded, a little envious of Lan Anran’s ability to make friends.

“Let’s wait until the exams are over.”

Lan Anran spoke calmly.

“What are you going to do? I heard that the exam is split into three stages, each more difficult than the last,” Xia Ziwei smiled and said.

“It’s alright, I’m confident.”

Sun Hui was very confident. In this period of time, Old Man Xu Shan had been bringing her around to identify herbs and she had improved a lot.

After the meal, they returned to the room. Lian Qiao still didn’t have a good expression, but Lan Anran didn’t care.

After one night, Lan Anran entered the examination room and began her first test.

When she saw the test paper for the first time, she was a little dumbfounded. If she didn’t have years of experience, she definitely wouldn’t know these things. She had seen the past Rong City Medical Research Institute’s questions and today’s test paper had the highest difficulty. It would be understandable if it was to select talent, but it was clear that the difficulty for this test paper was deliberately increased. She couldn’t help but suspect that this test paper was written for her.

Fortunately, the average score for all three rounds of testing was enough. She could easily score this test paper.

She spent half an hour more than usual to complete a paper and submit it. Lian Qiao was envious. She could only answer those multiple choice questions.

After this exam was over, the second paper would be on the day after next, so she had plenty of time to find Qian Xiang.

Sun Hui took an hour to finish it, but she did not answer all the questions.