President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Someone Helped Oversee

“She’s fine, she hasn’t visited in the past few days because she was busy with her exams. she’ll be back when she’s done.”

Mo Jinrong comforted her.

“Good, good, I haven’t seen her in a long time. Xu Pei only knows how to protect her loved ones. How dare she come to me and say bad things about you and Anran? She deserves a beating!”

Old Mrs. Mo was a little angry.

“I was too lenient with Uncle. These days, he hasn’t been behaving well, so I held a shareholder’s meeting to warn him. As expected, Uncle has become more well-behaved.”

Mo Jinrong spoke respectfully.

“This Changwen is always dissatisfied! Don’t worry Jinrong, I won’t let him ruin your relationship with Anran. I’ll keep an eye on him these few days and won’t let him cause any more trouble. Also, Xu Pei, I’m going to scold this woman. She doesn’t know life from death!”

Old Mrs. Mo was furious and wanted to find Xu Pei and Mo Changwen to settle the score. This was Mo Jinrong’s purpose in coming. Grandma was their nemesis. Although they had resentment in their heart, they could only hide it.

“Grandma, I’ll stay here today. When I’m not that busy, I’ll definitely bring Anran to see you.”

Mo Jinrong was extremely well-behaved and Old Mrs. Mo was overjoyed.

“Good, good, accompany me to the opera!”

Mo Jinrong helped Old Mrs. Mo to the opera house.

The next day, Lan Anran packed her luggage and left for Liangxi County. As it was quite far, she took the train over and the Lan Family left after sending her to the station.

Sun Hui got into the car and fell asleep not long after.

Lan Anran looked at the endless stream of news about Lan Yanran on the computer, and she got Fatty to make a marketing account to refute the rumors about Lan Yanran. The response was quite good and many people started to support Lan Yanran. Just then, an unfamiliar message came from her phone.

“Lan Anran, I want to talk to you about your brother, Lan Yanran. Are you interested?”

Lan Anran looked at the information in her hand, the words carrying a hint of threat and she replied calmly, “I don’t care who you are, you’d better not touch him, or I won’t forgive you!”

Lan Anran was the first to threaten.

“Of course, if you can fulfil my conditions, I will naturally let him go.”

“What do you want?” Lan Anran asked.

“Leave Mo Jinrong and I promise that your brother will be alright. Otherwise, you have seen the news these past few days. The public’s opinion is very strong and if you don’t behave, your brother’s reputation in the entertainment industry will be ruined and he will even lose his life!”

Mo Changwen was on the other side of the phone. It wasn’t convenient for him to show his face anymore, because Mo Jinrong might threaten him again if he found out.

Lan Anran thought for a moment and smiled.

“Of course! We can even cooperate.”

Mo Changwen was a little surprised, he wasn’t sure if Lan Anran was telling the truth.

“Will you give up Mo Jinrong to cooperate with me?”

He was puzzled.

“Of course, you know my relationship with Mo Jinrong. Actually, our goals are the same: we are not enemies, but friends.”

Lan Anran’s words were full of sincerity. Even so, Mo Changwen remained vigilant.

“How do you want to cooperate?” Mo Changwen asked.

“Uncle, isn’t it Mo Jinrong’s Mo Family Corporation that you want? I can help you achieve this goal.”

“You know I’m Mo Changwen?”

Mo Changwen was a little surprised that Lan Anran could guess his identity.

Lan Anran had already guessed Mo Changwen’s identity. Only Mo Changwen wanted Mo Jinrong to die so that he could smoothly take over Mo Jinrong’s company.

“That’s not important. Uncle, as long as you help me, I will help you as well. Is Mo Jinrong doing research on medicine for heart disease?”

The most important thing for Lan Anran was to find Mo Jinrong’s secret. In her past life, she didn’t understand him at all, this time, she couldn’t understand him at all either.

“I don’t know, but if you want me to help you, you should at least show some sincerity and divorce Mo Jinrong immediately. After the divorce, we will be friends. What do you want? As long as you can defeat Mo Jinrong, I will help you!”

Mo Changwen clearly didn’t trust Lan Anran. After all, he had experienced her cunningness.

“Alright, I agree!”

Lan Anran replied without hesitation.

Mo Jinrong, who was seated in the back row, drank his tea quietly and followed Lan Anran all the way to Liangxi County.


He was so surprised by a text on his phone that he almost spat the water out of his mouth!

“Let’s get a divorce!”

Mo Jinrong looked at the news in surprise, certain he wasn’t mistaken.

What exactly is Lan Anran doing?

“Give me a reason.”

Mo Jinrong swallowed the water in his mouth silently and replied in shock.

Lan Anran sent another message.

“It’s a fake divorce, don’t mind it. When I go back, I need you to put on a show for me. It’s to help me and also to help yourself!”

Mo Jinrong was completely dumbfounded, not knowing what Lan Anran was doing.

He didn’t reply, not knowing why he was unwilling even if it was a fake divorce.

The train headed south and arrived in Liangxi County an hour later. At the exit, someone raised a large sign and wrote:

“Rong City Medical Research Institute Exams Gathering.”

There were many people gathered under the sign. To put it bluntly, this test was to recruit civil servants early so that they could directly enter the research institute after graduation.

“There are quite a few people.”

Sun Hui looked around. There was a high chance that they were in the top 50 of the previous competition.

“Are you Lan Anran and Sun Hui?”

The man carrying the flag walked over and asked. His gaze was fixed on Lan Anran. He had never seen such a beautiful woman and couldn’t take his eyes off her.

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