Chapter 173: Here to See a Joke

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“Is this Yaxin? I heard that you were beaten up not too long ago and I haven’t had the time to see you. I didn’t expect you to come over today. Your injuries are pitiful and your face is swollen.”

Lan Anran spoke with pity.

“Go away! Stop pretending to be a good person!”

Xu Yanshan was extremely dissatisfied. What happened in those photos?

“Aunt, how could you say that? How am I pretending to be a good person? Is there something going on today?” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“Mom, you said Anran was beaten. What happened? She is clearly fine and wasn’t beaten. Who is spreading this rumor?” Lan Tingyi asked.

“So Grandma heard that I was beaten and came to see me make a fool of myself?” Lan Anran smiled and asked.

“B*stard! Are we such people?”

Zhao Xiumei avoided eye contact.

“Sis, we are just being kind, I was already injured, we can’t afford to have any more problems. We just wanted to see if you are alright.”

Lan Yaxin wore a neck brace and had difficulty speaking. She was here to see Lan Anran make a fool of herself, but didn’t expect herself to become a joke.

“I can’t hear you very well. I’m alright, Sis, you should come out after your injuries recover. It’s not good to catch a cold or infections.”

Lan Anran sneered.

Lan Yaxin bit her lip with all her might, hatred filling her heart.

“Sis, I heard that Yanran went out to be a big star and there were rumors about him today. The internet is in an uproar!”

Lan Yaxin spoke deliberately.

“What? That rascal became a celebrity? Let me see.”

Zhao Xiumei doesn’t use the Internet, so she didn’t know about what happened today.

“Mom, this is about the children. Yanran is using this to hype up his popularity.”

Li Yueru hurriedly explained.

Zhao Xiumei hurriedly took out her glasses and wore them. Lan Yaxin deliberately showed Zhao Xiumei a post on the marketing account, which infuriated her.

“B*stard! Shameless! This unfilial thing didn’t deserve to be a doctor and now, news of such an embarrassing incident spreads. How am I going to face others?”

“Mom, this is all fake, don’t believe it!”

Lan Tingyun explained.

“You know about this too? This is outrageous! It’s all because you spoiled him!”

Zhao Xiumei trembled with anger as she read the title on her phone.

“The new star, Lan Yanran, is having a secret meeting with the old actor, Fu Guosheng. The affair between the two is disgusting!”

This post on the marketing account had been forwarded more than 10,000 times and was spreading like wildfire online.

“Mom, I know about this. Yanran isn’t suitable to be a doctor and he always comes last in exams. Isn’t that embarrassing too? Why don’t you let him try? What if he succeeds? You don’t know the entertainment circle, such things are common and are fake. You watched Yanran grow up, he won’t do such things.”

Lan Tingyun comforted her.

“I don’t care, I don’t understand the entertainment circle, but such an embarrassing thing can’t happen in the Lan Family. Tell that rascal to hurry back and be a doctor. Don’t embarrass me outside! Otherwise, the Lan Family won’t have a grandson like him! I can’t afford to be embarrassed!”

Zhao Xiumei scolded furiously.

“Mom, we have to respect the child’s opinion on this matter, we can’t…”

The moment Li Yueru finished speaking, she received a slap.


“What can’t I? I’m the one in charge of this family. You spoil all your children! Your daughter is a jinx and your son isn’t doing well either. What a sin!”

Zhao Xiumei stomped her feet angrily, wishing she could rip the woman in front of her apart.

“You dare to hit my mom?”

Lan Anran’s face was dark and solemn, and she looked at Zhao Xiumei with a terrifying gaze.

Li Yueru knew that Lan Anran was going to flare up, so she hurried forward to stop her. She couldn’t touch Zhao Xiumei again.

“Mom is alright, it doesn’t hurt. Anran, don’t be angry.”

Li Yueru hugged Lan Anran and glared at Zhao Xiumei as though she could eat someone.

“You… What are you trying to do…”

Zhao Xiumei was frightened by the look as well, thinking about the past few times she was beaten and feeling a lingering fear.

“Mom, let’s go, we can talk about this later,” Xu Yanshan pushed Lan Yaxin away in fear and said in a soft voice.

“Let’s go!” Lan Tingyi ran the fastest.

“You… Just you wait!” Zhao Xiumei couldn’t take it lying down and spoke harshly.

“Anran, don’t be angry, Mom is alright.”

Li Yueru was also frightened by Lan Anran. She didn’t expect her obedient daughter to have such a horrifying side.

“Mom, I’m alright, I was just scaring them. I’ll apply some ointment for you.”

Lan Anran suppressed her anger and turned to reveal a big smile.

“Alright, apply the ointment.”

Lan Tingyun hurriedly closed the door and helped Lan Anran into the house.

“Anran, don’t be angry with your grandma. I’ve gotten used to her behavior over the years, don’t take it to heart.”

Li Yueru persuaded.

“It’s alright Mom, I don’t care, as long as you’re both well.”

Lan Anran gently applied ointment to Li Yueru.

“Anran, is your brother alright?” Lan Tingyun asked again.

“It’s alright. Others are just looking to defame him.. Don’t you understand Yanran? He is always so straightforward, don’t worry,” Lan Anran smiled and said.