President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Letting Off Steam

Lan Anran wanted to trick Lan Tingyi as this was the price for provoking her.

She let go of Old Fifth Wang. He was prepared to go to jail, but now, he didn’t have to go to jail and could earn money. This was beyond his expectations. He ignored the pain and hurriedly called Lan Tingyi.

“Hey! Brother Lan, I’ve done what you asked me to do. That brat didn’t agree at first, so I beat her up to vent your frustrations. Do you think the rest of the money can be settled?”

Old Fifth Wang’s lying skills were honed from a young age and couldn’t be seen through at all.

Lan Tingyi was a little hesitant when he received the call. Old Fifth Wang was the best at lying and he didn’t believe his words. He wanted to see the evidence.

“Brother Wang! Send me the photos of the scene, I’ll transfer the money to your mom’s bank card.”

Old Fifth Wang was a little troubled and he turned to look at Lan Anran.

Unexpectedly, Lan Anran took out a bunch of cosmetics from her red bag and carefully applied them to various areas of her body.

“Alright, Brother, I’ll hang up first. I’ll take a photo and send it to you. We’ll talk on WeChat later.”

Old Fifth Wang hung up the phone and watched in disbelief as Lan Anran applied some makeup to her face.

“Tie me up.”

Lan Anran spoke to Old Wang after putting on her makeup.

Thinking that someone would help him earn money, Old Wang was naturally willing and nodded happily. He then took many photos for Lan Tingyi.

Lan Tingyi received the photos and shared them with Xu Yanshan and Zhao Xiumei. He was overjoyed.

“Mom! Honey, look, these photos were just sent. This girl’s injuries aren’t any lighter than Yaxin’s!”

“Good, good, good! This is great! I didn’t expect that brat to have such a day. This is so exhilarating!”

Zhao Xiumei didn’t feel the slightest heartache. Instead, she applauded and all her unhappiness disappeared in an instant.

“That’s great! Lan Anran, that brat, is injured as badly as our daughter. She can’t take the test anymore. If our daughter can’t take the test, she won’t be able to either!”

Xu Yanshan felt that she had let off steam.

“Tingyi, will she be alright with such a serious injury? We can vent our frustrations, but we can’t kill anyone,” Zhao Xiumei said, worried.

“I’ll ask again.”

Lan Tingyi sent a message to Old Fifth Wang.

“Brother Wang, were you caught?”

“No, I’m fine. I caught her on a small path, and no one knows for now,” Old Wang replied slowly.

Lan Anran saw that Lan Tingyi had believed it. She untied the ropes and used the makeup remover to remove the wounds on her body.

“That girl probably won’t die. I won’t be responsible if someone dies.”

Lan Tingyi cleared his name first.

“Don’t worry! This girl’s injuries are superficial. I know the severity of my beating and her life definitely isn’t in danger. Brother Lan, hurry and get me the money.”

Old Wang was anxious to get money, afraid that Lan Tingyi would go back on his word.

Lan Tingyi was afraid that Old Fifth Wang would report him, so he transferred 10,000 yuan to Old Fifth Wang, hoping to silence him.

After transferring so much money, Zhao Xiumei and Xu Yanshan felt the pinch.

“Tingyi, is there a need to transfer so much money?”

Zhao Xiumei couldn’t take it anymore. She hadn’t spent 10,000 yuan recently.

“Mom, an abduction isn’t a small matter. What if Old Wang reports me one day in anger? I won’t be able to take it if I go to jail again.”

Xu Yanshan thought about it and agreed. The kidnapping case wasn’t a small matter and they had beaten her up, they should give him more money.

“Hubby, go ahead. This isn’t a small matter.”

Lan Tingyi swiftly transferred 1,000 yuan to Old Fifth Wang’s bank card.

Old Wang was a little excited. This was the first time he had such a large sum of money, he couldn’t even hold his phone properly.

“Little girl, you’re really something. What else do you have to teach me? I have an 80-year-old mother to raise, I need money.”

Old Wang struggled once, wanting more.

Lan Anran’s injury makeup was basically removed. She carried her bag and spoke.

“Take this money and buy some food for your mom. Use this money to do a small business. If you run out of money, you can use this incident to pester Lan Tingyi. I won’t call the police, you can deal with the rest yourself. It has nothing to do with me.”

She looked at her watch and saw that it was about time and class was basically over. There were only two classes today and it would be too late to rush over now, so she might as well go home.

Old Wang seemed to have received the advice. He wasn’t satisfied with the 10,000 yuan, as he was almost jailed because of Lan Tingyi and he almost lost an arm. This matter couldn’t end like this.


Back at home, Lan Anran’s phone rang, showing the news.

“Fu Guosheng is holding a press conference regarding the hotel scandal.”

Lan Anran suddenly remembered that Fu Guosheng was the man who bullied Lan Yanran last time.

She clicked the link to the livestream of the press conference. Fu Guosheng had just entered and sat down. He looked at the large group of reporters below the stage. He didn’t retreat, but a confident smile appeared on his face.

Cameras flashed in the audience and the reporters were eager to raise various questions.

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