President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 167

Chapter 167: She Was Kidnapped Again

Wang Qing was his manager, a well-known manager in the circle, so her decision shouldn’t be wrong.

“Yesterday, you and Fu Guosheng…”

“Manager, don’t ask anymore. Tomorrow, I will clear things up through the media and you will know,” Lan Yanran smiled and said.

“Okay, you can go.”

Qian Mu let Lan Yanran go and called Mo Jinrong.

“Hello, Boss Mo, there’s a small problem with Lan Yanran.”

“Is it about Fu Guosheng?”

The voice on the other end was icy cold, without a trace of emotion.

“Yes, Lan Yanran is going to testify for Fu Guosheng. The financier behind him is a higher-up of the Mo Corporation. What if something goes wrong?”

Qian Mu was a little worried.

“Interesting, don’t worry about it. We’ll see tomorrow. That person isn’t in charge of the Mo Corporation!”

Mo Jinrong hung up after speaking coldly.

“Young Master, are you ignoring Lan Yanran?” Mo San asked.

“The Lan Family isn’t simple. I want to see if Lan Yanran is like his sister,” Mo Jinrong frowned and said.

“Young Master, we haven’t found the person in the black market yet. I suspect they have an accomplice.”

“I knew it. The medicine is temporarily suspended. Go back and report their reactions to the medicine to me.”

Mo Jinrong spoke softly.

“Young Master, Jin Lin from the Rong City Medical Research Institute sent a message saying that the difficulty of the test will be increased by three levels and that it will be held in Liangxi County,” Mo San replied respectfully.

“Okay, we’ll go when Lan Anran leaves.”

Mo Jinrong planned to keep a close eye on Lan Anran and perhaps find some clues.

“But the Lin Family’s data has arrived and our herbs have been sent. We’re just waiting for the drug test. If you leave, who will supervise us?” Mo San asked curiously.


Mo Jinrong spoke softly.

“Me? I can’t… Young Master, please let me off. How long has it been since I left Rong City?” Mo San looked pitiful.

“I’ll raise your salary three times!” Mo Jinrong didn’t even bat an eyelid.

“I will complete the mission!” Mo San agreed readily. He has not raised his salary in a long time. Since it was tripled, there was no point in going to Liangxi County.

“It isn’t as simple as supervising when I ask you to stay. Keep a close eye on Mo Changwen. He did calm down after I warned him the previous time but I don’t know what trouble he will cause once I’m gone. Report to me if anything happens,” Mo Jinrong looked up at Mo San and said.

“Alright, I knew it wouldn’t be so simple. Mr. Mo is too difficult to deal with, why don’t I visit Old Mrs. Mo more often?”

With Mo Jinrong gone, he didn’t have a backing and couldn’t help but feel uncertain. Old Mrs. Mo was the biggest elder in the Mo Family and with her around, Mo Changwen wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“Up to you, but I should visit Old Mrs. Mo before leaving,” Mo Jinrong planned and said.

“Young Master is right. Master Ze has been in South City for several days and there hasn’t been any news. I wonder how he is doing.”

Mo San estimated that it had been a few days, but there wasn’t any news at all. This wasn’t normal.

“He must have been scammed, that’s why there wasn’t any news. Otherwise, with his personality, he would have reported the good news.”

Mo Jinrong guessed.

“You’re right, Young Master. I’ll get going.”

Mo San left excitedly.

Mo Jinrong was thinking about his trip to Liangxi County.


The next day, Lan Anran took the usual route to school. Today, the driver had something to do and took the day off, so Lan Anran walked to school. When she reached a small path, she felt someone following behind her, but their tracking skills were poor. Although she noticed it, she didn’t make any big movements.


Old Fifth Wang chided from behind Lan Anran.

Lan Anran turned around and looked at Old Wang with a smile.

“Uncle, what’s the matter?”

“Of course, you’re prettier than the photos.”

Old Wang had never seen such a beautiful woman and couldn’t control the agitation in his heart.

“Uncle, have you seen my photos?”

Lan Anran frowned, not knowing who she had offended again.

“Of course, come with me.”

Old Fifth Wang raised a gun and pointed it at Lan Anran.

Lan Anran didn’t expect him to have a gun. She didn’t know if it was real or fake, but she could only follow him.

“Uncle, where are we going?”

Lan Anran raised her hand.

Without a word, Old Fifth Wang tied Lan Anran up with a rope and pulled her to his rental apartment.

“The young lady is quite pretty.”

Old Fifth Wang gently raised Lan Anran’s chin with the gun.

“Uncle, I don’t know you, why did you kidnap me?”

Lan Anran spoke innocently.

“Why? It’s because of money. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. As long as you cooperate with me, I will treat you well.”

Old Fifth Wang looked at Lan Anran wretchedly. Lan Anran wasn’t afraid, she was much more ruthless than he imagined.

“How do you want me to cooperate?” Lan Anran asked.

Old Wang suddenly became serious.

“Why don’t you follow me? I’ll take care of you. Look at how soft-skinned you are, you can lead a good life with me. Although I don’t have any diamonds, I can provide you with food and water, as long as you listen to me.”

“Tell me, what should I do to be obedient?”

Lan Anran was very calm and kept staring at the gun in his hand. It looked quite realistic and should be real.

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