President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Testifying for Him

Lan Yanran stayed in the washroom for a long time, making Fu Guosheng anxious.

“Yanran, are you ready? Come out.”

“Alright, alright, I’m taking a shower!”

Lan Yanran tried to drag out the time. He turned on the tap, so that Fu Guosheng could hear the water.

“More troublesome than a woman!” Fu Guosheng said impatiently.

Just then, he heard the sound of high heels coming from outside. It stopped in front of Fu Guosheng’s door and she knocked lightly.

“Who is it!?”

Fu Guosheng didn’t open the door, he was asking through the door.

“Sir, please open the door. I’m here to serve you.”

The woman’s voice was long and soft, arousing Fu Guosheng’s desire.

He tried to look at the woman outside through the peephole. She had heavy makeup and her small face was exquisite and beautiful.

He opened the door reluctantly and the woman stood seductively in the doorway.

“Sir, may I enter?”

“Of course.”

Fu Guosheng had a solemn expression as he looked outside the room. After confirming that there was no one around, he nodded and agreed.

Lan Yanran heard the voice and made no movement in the washroom, he knew that his sister had come to save him.

Suddenly, he received a text from Lan Anran.

“Run after Fu Guosheng falls asleep.”

Outside the door, the woman had long hair that reached her waist and a beautiful figure. She took out a small bottle of medicine from her bag and gave it to Fu Guosheng.

“Sir, you can have this first. You will be satisfied with the rest of the service.”

“Alright. Yanran, hurry, I’ll be waiting.”

Fu Guosheng smiled, took the medicine, drank a mouthful, hugged the woman, and started to caress her.

In less than two minutes, Fu Guosheng fell onto the bed, dizzy.

Lan Yanran opened the door a crack and saw that Fu Guosheng was asleep. He hurriedly opened the door and ran out. After the woman had installed the camera, she started her work.

“Sis, who is that woman?”

After Lan Yanran ran out, Lan Anran received him at the door.

“Fu Guosheng’s admirer, you don’t need to care about it. Just wait and see.”

Lan Anran took Lan Yanran and left in a car.

Two hours later, Fu Guosheng woke up in bed and was alone in the room. He looked at himself and smiled with satisfaction, not caring where Lan Yanran had gone.


“Sis, it was too scary just now. Are these the unspoken rules of the entertainment circle? I was almost ruined.”

Lan Yanran felt a lingering fear when he thought about it.

“Don’t be scared, don’t worry, I will protect you.”

Lan Anran caressed his little head and smiled.

There was a vague killing intent in her eyes, which Lan Yanran didn’t see.

After returning home, Lan Anran went upstairs and took out her phone to send a message to Fatty.

“I want Fu Guosheng to pay the price. Contact that woman, upload the video online, and find all the people that Fu Guosheng bullied in the past to testify. I’m not letting him go even if I have to pay a high price!”

Lan Anran’s expression became more ruthless and the killing intent in her eyes was obvious.

“Yes, Boss!” Fatty replied swiftly.

Lan Yanran pretended to be fine and continued to film the night scene with Fu Guosheng.

The next day, Fu Guosheng made the headlines and was on Weibo the entire day.

“What exactly happened?”

Fu Guosheng panicked and shouted in Qian Mu’s office.

“Mr. Fu, don’t be anxious. What has this got to do with Lan Yanran? Why are you here in such a hurry?”

Qian Mu didn’t understand. Fu Guosheng hurriedly ran over to make a scene, but it was clearly Fu Guosheng’s scandal, and it had nothing to do with Lan Yanran.

“How can I not be anxious? This matter is completely fabricated. I know you are optimistic about Lan Yanran. He knows what happened that day. Ask him to come out and I want him to be my witness. This is all fake!”

Fu Guosheng’s lifelong reputation was ruined by this woman. Lan Yanran, a greenhorn, probably wouldn’t take the risk of offending him and take his future as a joke.

Qian Mu was a little dumbfounded. He called Lan Yanran over.

“Yanran, how much do you know about Teacher Fu?”

“Yanran, you were with me yesterday, right? You can’t lie,” Fu Guosheng said anxiously.

“Mr… Mr. Fu, don’t be anxious. Don’t worry, I will be your witness. You can call for a press conference first. I know you are an experienced actor and you must care a lot about your reputation. We can’t let them accuse you of such a thing. Don’t worry, I will definitely be present and when the time comes, I will definitely be able to prove what kind of person you are.”

Lan Yanran wanted to tell the truth, but on second thought, a lot of people would be in trouble if such a beast-faced old thing was still in the industry, so he might as well make a big deal out of it.

“See that? I’m innocent. Yanran, the press conference will start in the afternoon, you can’t be absent. Don’t worry, as long as you help me transcend the tribulation, I promise I will give you my resources!”

Fu Guosheng held Lan Yanran’s hand and spoke excitedly.

“Alright, Teacher Fu, you can go back first,” Lan Yanran smiled and said.

After Fu Guosheng left, Qian Mu spoke.

“Yanran, you’re a good seedling. Everyone in Fu Guosheng’s circle knows who he is. He has a powerful backing, do you really want to testify for him?”

“Manager, I have discussed this with Sis Wang and she has agreed. Don’t worry, I won’t testify blindly, I have the evidence,” Lan Yanran said with confidence.

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