Chapter 165: Discussing the Script in the Room?

In a blink of an eye, it was Lan Yanran’s turn to film. His partner was an old actor, Fu Guosheng. He loved taking advantage of others and was good with both men and women. This was something everyone in the industry knew, but no one exposed it.

“Your name is Lan Yanran?”

Fu Guosheng spoke first. He eyed Lan Yanran, nodded, and smiled.

“Yes, Teacher, I’m a newbie, please guide me.”

Lan Yanran smiled brightly. Youth knows no fear, so he didn’t know about the future. When others looked at him with pity, he didn’t notice it either.

“Sure! We have a shooting tonight, you and I will discuss the script in our room.”

Fu Guosheng agreed swiftly.

Lan Yanran found it odd. It was inevitable that the two men would feel embarrassed discussing the script in the room. He smiled politely and rejected.

“Mr. Fu, these are just a few sentences. We can rehearse outside.”

“Lan Yanran, come and change your clothes,” the fashion assistant Wu Qing couldn’t bear to watch and said.

Every female or male actor in the production team had suffered at Fu Guosheng’s hands, including the staff. There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t innocent. Wu Qing was a kind-hearted person and couldn’t bear to see such a young hunk reduced to such a state.

“Sis Wu, what am I changing into?”

Lan Yanran ran over innocently.

“Don’t get close to Fu Guosheng, he likes to get along with both men and women. The entertainment circle is very messy. You’re just a greenhorn, you must be careful. There isn’t anyone in the production team that hasn’t been harmed by him, you have to be careful.”

Wu Qing reminded him softly.

“Mr. Fu, he… Sis Wu, you…”

Lan Yanran was a little surprised that he was almost taken advantage of just now.

“Ahem, ahem! Xiaolan, are you dressed? It’s time for the shoot.”

Fu Guosheng shouted from outside.

“Okay… Got it, I’ll be right there.”

Lan Yanran was at a loss and started to stutter.

“Don’t be nervous and act normally. Pretend you don’t know. I have a bad temper and he wouldn’t dare to provoke me!”

Wu Qing arranged the clothes and gave one to Lan Yanran for him to change into.

Lan Yanran nodded, changed his clothes, and left.

Fu Guosheng’s eyes were glowing when he saw Lan Yanran, it was as though he had seen a small prey. He couldn’t wait to capture him and turn him gay.

“Yanran, let’s rehearse the scene. You and I will be taking a bath in the bath house. Shall we go over there to act?” Fu Guosheng asked softly.

“Teacher Fu, there isn’t any scene in the script though?”

Lan Yanran frowned.

“I added it. I have the backing and the entertainment industry is filled with capitalism. You just have to act well with me and cozy up to me. I will give you lots of resources in the future.”

Fu Guosheng was deliberately reminding Lan Yanran.

“Thank you, Mr. Fu. I think…”

“You don’t know how realistic the entertainment circle is. You would have a better career when you have a financier, that’s when they respect you. You should listen to me. I know that you are joined by Luo Tian Entertainment and they think very highly of you, but can you promise that you won’t be bullied? Will they pamper you forever? You can’t, right? That’s why you have to suck up to me. I can, as long as you and I…”

Fu Guosheng stretched out his hand as he spoke, wanting to hug Lan Yanran.

“Mr. Fu, let’s go film. The director is going to be anxious.”

Lan Yanran dodged cleverly and walked away.

His heart was beating rapidly and he was on the verge of breaking down. This place was inhumane.

Fu Guosheng wasn’t angry. He had seen many fresh meat celebs like him, but in the end, they still suck up to him, don’t they?

Lan Yanran had good skills and his image passed the cut in one go.

“Lan Yanran, you don’t have any more scenes in the afternoon, come back tonight,” Director Wang Ming said.

“Thank you, Director.”

Lan Yanran was just about to leave when Fu Guosheng walked over and spoke with a smile.

“Young man, you did well, but there are some areas that aren’t good enough. Let’s go, I have no more scenes to film. Come back with me and I’ll teach you while we rehearse.”

“Teacher, I’m sorry, I have something on, maybe next time.”

Lan Yanran declined politely.

Fu Guosheng was displeased.

“What’s wrong? Do you despise me or are you afraid of me?”

Lan Yanran was nervous and he hurriedly waved his hand.

“No, Teacher, I didn’t!”

“Then just follow me. I won’t eat you. I’m just teaching you some knowledge so that you can act well. Look at you, you’re acting as though I’m going to eat you.”

Fu Guosheng pulled Lan Yanran, wanting to leave.

Although Lan Yanran was resistant, he was a newbie and if he offended an old actor, his future would be difficult.

“Alright, thank you, Teacher Fu.”

Lan Yanran had no choice but to agree. When they arrived at Fu Guosheng’s hotel, Lan Yanran pretended to go to the toilet and secretly sent Lan Anran a message.

“Sis, help! I’m about to meet an unspoken rule. He’s going to bed me!”

Lan Anran was furious when she saw the news. In her past life, Lan Yanran was tortured badly by an old woman too. This time, she couldn’t let that happen again.

“Where are you?” she replied calmly.

“Green Hotel, there’s a crew filming here, room 302!”

The moment Lan Yanran posted this, Fu Guosheng started to rush him.

“Yanran, are you done?”

“Mr. Fu, I ate something bad, wait for me.”

Lan Yanran cleverly placed his mouth on his hand and pretended to fart.


Fu Guosheng took it seriously and left in disgust.

“Hurry up, I’ll be waiting.”