Chapter 163: Close Contact with Xiang Tian

Time passed quickly and it was the second night. It was the day for Xiang Tian to hand over the goods and Lan Anran entered the Ghost City alone.

“Skinny, do you think we can catch Xiang Tian?” Fatty asked skeptically.

“I don’t know, but we do whatever Boss wants. With my salary, I can buy a house in two years.”

Skinny smiled foolishly.

“How is it inside?”

Lan Anran asked through the earpiece.

“There is indeed a group of people trading inside, but I don’t see Xiang Tian anywhere.”

Fatty looked at the surveillance camera.

“Xiang Tian has always done things secretly and he probably wouldn’t do such things on a large scale. Even in the Ghost City, there isn’t a wall that can’t be penetrated. Fatty, continue to monitor and pay attention to the small alley if anyone is carrying medicine.”

Lan Anran strode in.

There wasn’t anything abnormal in the Ghost City, but it was much calmer. Lan Anran pretended to be by the roadside, but in reality, she was secretly observing the movements of the people around her.

At the end of an alley, there were many people waiting in line to get their medicine.

“Don’t worry, take it slow, there’s always a chance.” Mo San comforted.

“Can these herbs really cure cancer?” An old lady spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Don’t worry, old lady, these herbs are real and definitely not fake. You’ll know when you try them on.” Mo San comforted her.

“I’m giving it to my son. He’s been in pain for several months and the doctor said he can’t be cured. He is my only son and if he recovers, I will definitely come back to thank you.” The old lady spoke sincerely.

“Don’t worry, it will definitely be useful. Young Master, why did these people still come knowing that they can’t be cured. It’s just that you are kind-hearted, so that they can live a few more days.”

Mo San was a little sorrowful.

“These poor people came to look for medicine to cure the cancer. If there is hope, why should they let it go? They want to live as long as possible. This way, I will be able to face Ying’er.” Mo Jinrong spoke softly.

“If this goes on, the company’s funds will run out again. This box of medicine is only a few dozen yuan and we will only be able to earn a few thousand yuan a night. It really can’t make ends meet,” Mo San said worriedly.

“If it doesn’t work, we can take it from the Mo Corporation. At most, we can make a few accounts that won’t be exposed.”

Just as Mo Jinrong finished speaking, he heard a noise beside him.

“Don’t move! There’s someone!”

He was very vigilant.

As soon as Lan Anran arrived at the alley, she was attracted by the expressions of the people who came out. Although they were all wearing masks, the joy at the corner of their mouths couldn’t be concealed. This wasn’t the case when she entered.

“Young Master, there’s people around? Did you hear wrong?” Mo San said carelessly.

“No! These people are rushing to get the medicine, but this person has light footsteps and doesn’t seem to be here to buy the medicine.”

Mo Jinrong had good hearing and could tell the severity of one’s footsteps.

“What should we do?” Mo San asked.

“Wait! I want to see what she wants.”

Mo Jinrong spoke in a deep voice.

Lan Anran successfully blended into the crowd. These people had joy, anticipation, and seemed to be very happy.

“Which one do you want?”

Mo Jinrong was the first to speak.

Lan Anran found the voice familiar, but it came from a car not far away. There were curtains drawn on the car and there weren’t any plates. The car was dark and she couldn’t see anyone.

She didn’t say anything, but pointed to the medicine and put up two fingers.

Mo San was about to distribute the medicine when Mo Jinrong stopped him.

“We’re not selling it to you.”

Lan Anran was a little surprised. She stood at the side in a daze and continued to gesture with her hand. She wanted to buy medicine.

“Are you really here to buy medicine?” Mo San asked.

Lan Anran realized that she had been exposed and wanted to run. Mo San reached out to grab her, but pulled off a button, allowing her to escape.

“Young Master, we didn’t catch her!”

Mo San returned.

“It’s alright, continue to distribute the medicine!”

Mo Jinrong spoke unhurriedly.

“Continue distributing the medicine!”

Mo San passed down the order.

“Young Master, I obtained one of her buttons. The person’s hand seems to be injured, I think I found some gauze.”

“It’s her? Send someone to chase after her!”

Mo Jinrong gave the order.

At this moment, the people who bought the medicine realized that Lan Anran wanted to ruin the purchase and prepared to chase after her.

The rules of the black market is that if you are not buying, you should not sabotage the sales, or you would be blacklisted and never allowed to enter this place.

Lan Anran ran quickly and was glad she wasn’t caught.

“Boss, run, the people from the black market are catching up!”

Before Lan Anran could catch her breath, she continued to run.

“Damn it! Are they Xiang Tian’s men?” she asked breathlessly.


Fatty replied and planned the route for Lan Anran.

“Boss, turn right ahead and turn left at the crossroad. There’s a small road and Skinny will drive over to pick you up!”

The person behind was chasing closely, looking well-trained.

Lan Anran ran to the path and when she saw Skinny, she got into the car decisively and left.

“Boss, what’s the result?” Skinny asked.

“Nothing, Xiang Tian is too cunning! Did you buy the medicine I told you to?” Lan Anran asked.

“Don’t worry, Fatty bought it early in the morning and has sent it to the villa,” Skinny said.

“Alright, test it as soon as possible. Before I leave, I want the results.”

Lan Anran touched her clothes, which were torn by the person.