President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Qian Xiang

“Yeah, the roast goose in the Xia Guan is exceptional: crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, fat but not greasy. It’s fragrant with the sauce on the lips and teeth. The taste of the sauce and oil exploding in my mouth is endless. Coupled with old wine, it’s superb!”

Xu Shan savored it carefully. He hadn’t eaten it in a long time because it was too expensive. Disciples should give these good things to their masters.

“Master, I want to ask you something.”

Lan Anran went straight to the point.

Xu Shan tore off a piece of goose leg meat.


“Do you know what herbs can bring out the stability of other herbs without side effects, preferably complementing each other to achieve a perfect effect?”

Lan Anran didn’t think there would be such a perfect herb and the reason she wanted to ask was to give it a try. If there isn’t such herb, Mo Jinrong’s illness would probably relapse again.

“Everything in the world promotes and counters each other. Every herb has its nemesis and savior. The herb you mentioned is rare, but it isn’t unheard of.”

Xu Shan had a good understanding of herbs over the years and knew most of the herbs in Rong City. The herbs that Lan Anran mentioned were no longer available in Rong City.

“Master, are you saying they still exist?” Lan Anran asked excitedly.

“Of course there is. Its name is Qian Xiang. It looks like a string of coins and is completely green. There is a faint fragrance coming from it and grows by the side of a bush. The climate requirements aren’t high, but it’s very rare. I went to Liangxi County a few years ago and I saw a few. The locals know them too. They are usually dug out to feed the pigs, so I don’t know if there are any left.”

Xu Shan finished the leg bone, placed it on the table, and drank a mouthful of wine.

“Liangxi County?”

Sun Hui was a little surprised. Wasn’t that the location of the test?

“Lan Anran, I’m going with you to find that Qian Xiang.”

Sun Hui suddenly spoke.

“It’s good that you’re going. Do me a favor while you’re at it. I heard that there are a lot of Chinese medicine ingredients there. Little girl, take this as an examination question for you. Bring back the herbs I taught you these past few days. Anran, you’re not allowed to help her!” Xu Shan said.

“Got it, Master.”

Lan Anran agreed lightly.

“Oh right, Anran, why didn’t you bring the thing I asked you to bring last time?” Xu Shan asked secretly.

“Aiyah, old man, you can’t buy that, it’s illegal. If you really want it, I’ll find it for you, I promise it won’t be identical.”

Sun Hui placed the other goose on the table.

“Shoo, shoo, shoo!”

Xu Shan was a little shy and walked away in embarrassment.

Lan Anran smiled and said, “Master, I’m going back first, I’ll visit you next time.”

With that, she turned and left.

Xu Shan sneakily hid behind the door and watched Lan Anran leave. He then walked out and asked softly, “You brat, can you really find it?”

Sun Hui laughed loudly.


After leaving the mountain, Lan Anran returned home and heard news of Lan Yanran’s debut.

“Anran, where have you been? Your brother is going to become a big star.”

Li Yueru was overjoyed.

“Really? That fast?”

Lan Anran was excited as well. Next, she should pave the way for her brother and ensure his success in the entertainment industry.

“Yes, the manager said that he has arranged a drama for me. Although it isn’t the male lead, it can be considered as the third male lead. There are many lines and scenes, and I’m going to act as a big star with my own personality.”

Lan Yanran raised the script happily.

“My brother is the best!”

Lan Anran encouraged.

“Anran, I heard that your school is sending you to Liangxi County for the exam. You must work hard.”

Lan Tingyun had heard that the Rong City Research Institute had put in a lot of effort to select talents, which was much more difficult than before.

“Alright, Dad, it’s just that after I leave, if Grandma comes over, you…”

Lan Anran was most worried about this. Zhao Xiumei, that old thing, had repeatedly tried to pressure her parents. If she wasn’t around, she didn’t know what kind of trouble they would cause.

“It’s alright, at most, we can split the properties. Your grandma and uncle probably wouldn’t agree, don’t worry.”

Lan Tingyun comforted her.

“Sis, there are still men in the family, I can protect Mom and Dad. Focus on your exams and get into the research institute. Grandma will probably calm down when that happens.”

Lan Yanran guessed.

Lan Anran nodded. They were leaving in four days and she had to prepare for some things in case Mo Jinrong found anything while she wasn’t around.

Upstairs, Lan Anran turned on her computer and started spreading news of Q going to South City to confuse Mo Jinrong and make him give up his suspicions.

“Is there news about Lan Yaxin?” Lan Anran asked.

“Boss, we have investigated and found out that it was Lin Jiakang. Lan Yaxin’s back, height, and build are all very similar to yours. The killer must have gotten the wrong person and Lan Yaxin was implicated,” Fatty said.

As expected of Lin Jiakang. She was right, Lin Cheng must have known and come over to ask.

“Got it.”

“Boss, the Mo Family’s villa may be remote, but it is really comfortable and big. It is much better than our little nest.”

Fatty sighed.

“I’m going to Liangxi County in two days. You guys be careful and don’t go out without my orders, especially Fatty. Mo Jinrong is starting to suspect me. You like to attract attention, so be careful.”

Lan Anran reminded him.

“Yes, Boss!” Fatty replied.

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