President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Going Overseas for a Competition
The next day, Lan Anran went to school as usual and Mo Jinrong called after her.

“Lan Anran.”

Lan Anran turned when she heard the voice.

“Boss Mo, why are you here today?”

Lan Anran smiled brightly, as though nothing had happened yesterday.

“Where were you yesterday?” Mo Jinrong asked directly.

“I went home after school yesterday. Did you miss me?”

Lan Anran seemed to be teasing him, but Mo Jinrong didn’t care.

“Are you sure you’re not lying?”

Mo Jinrong stared at Lan Anran coldly. There wasn’t a trace of flaw in Lan Anran’s expression as she stared straight at him, her gaze slightly puzzled.

“Did something happen?”

Mo Jinrong didn’t believe Lan Anran, but he grabbed her arm and held her wound tightly. He stared at her with eagle-like eyes, but she didn’t seem to be in any pain.

Was it really not her?

“Hey, are you feeling better again? No matter how much you want to get close to me, you can’t risk your life, right?”

Lan Anran smiled teasingly.

Mo Jinrong slowly released Lan Anran, avoiding eye contact.

“It’s alright, it’s good that you’re alright.”

“What happened to you?”

Lan Anran smiled and wanted to take another step closer, but Mo Jinrong took a step back and spoke coldly.

“Nothing, I’m going to the office.”

After Mo Jinrong left in the car, Lan Anran finally showed a pained expression, she was almost exposed.

Fortunately, she was wearing thick black long sleeves, or the blood would have seeped out.

She lifted her long black sleeve. The wound that didn’t hurt was torn open by Mo Jinrong and fresh blood was flowing out, seeping through the entire bandage. Blood dripped down her arm and onto her clothes.

Lan Anran found a quiet corner. Fortunately, she had a habit of bringing medicine, so she changed the gauze with blood and tied it up again.

It seemed that Mo Jinrong was suspicious of her, so she had to do something to dispel his suspicions.

The moment they entered the school, Li Yue saw Lan Anran.

“Lan Anran, I heard that Lan Yaxin was injured and she definitely wouldn’t be able to participate in the competition. The competition is in Liangxi County. Pack your things and leave next week.”

“We’re leaving Rong City?”

Lan Anran was a little surprised.

“You have a problem? Tell us and I will help you mediate it.”

Li Yue was overjoyed. Previously, she thought that this child was extraordinary, but now, it seemed that she was indeed a dragon and phoenix amongst men. Today, she might even be awarded the title of an outstanding teacher because of Lan Anran.

Lan Anran was just about to speak when Zhao Xiaolei entered.

“Good morning, teacher!”

Li Yue nodded.

“Anran, I heard that we are going to Liangxi County for the exam. I heard that it is the Village of Herbs. I have always wanted to go there,” Zhao Xiaolei smiled and said.

When Lan Anran heard about the Village of Herbs, she was momentarily taken aback before she smiled.

“Teacher, I’m willing to go. I’ll definitely work hard.”

“Alright, let’s go to class.”

Li Yue smiled with relief.

Back in the classroom, Lin Cheng leaned over and asked abnormally, “Lan Anran, I heard that your cousin Lan Yaxin was beaten and is now lying in the hospital?”

Lan Anran suddenly looked at him vigilantly.

“Yeah, why are you suddenly so concerned about her?”

“Nothing, I’m just asking. Is she alright?” Lin Cheng asked.

“It’s alright, she just won’t be able to get up for half a month.”

Lan Anran spoke indifferently.


Lin Cheng let out a long breath, seeming to be relieved.

Lan Anran looked at Lin Cheng and had a pretty good guess.

“Did you do that?”

“How is that possible? It wasn’t me!”

Lin Cheng walked off as he spoke.

Lan Anran couldn’t care less. Regardless of who it was, Lan Yaxin’s beating wasn’t unjustified. In her past life, what she did to herself couldn’t be resolved with a simple beating.

There were only two classes today and after school, Lan Anran returned to the countryside. She thought about Mo Jinrong’s medicine and wanted to see which herbs were lacking, so that she could go to Liangxi County to look for them.

The reagents in the small room were already being used on the mice without any side effects. Lan Anran took a bit of reagent under a microscope and observed it. There were still some imperfections. The medicine under the microscope showed that there were many components that could inhibit the flare-up of the illness, but they couldn’t completely cure it, or perhaps they were still lacking something that could stabilize it.

Lan Anran looked at the herbs around her that couldn’t stabilize the reagents. She would have to ask her master.

She took a small bottle of medicine, returned to town, ran to several shops to buy Xu Shan’s favorite things, and ran up the mountain.

“Master! Master!” Lan Anran shouted from afar.

Xu Shan was overjoyed to hear this.

“My eldest disciple, you’re finally here. I missed you so much!”

He stepped forward and hurriedly took the items from Lan Anran’s hand, extremely excited.

“Do you miss me or these delicious foods?”

Lan Anran pouted.

“Little one, come over and eat with us!”

Sun Hui was gathering herbs when she heard Xu Shan’s call.

“I have to say, your classmate is quite talented. She will grow with time.”

Xu Shan praised.

“Roast goose?”

Sun Hui was pleasantly surprised.