President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 160

Chapter 160: The Most Dangerous Place is the Safest

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She immediately took out her phone and called Fatty.

Mo Jinrong’s hurried footsteps were heard outside the company.

“She can’t have gotten far. I stabbed her. Look for the blood!”

Mo Jinrong looked at the drops of blood on the ground and followed them.

Lan Anran had left the place she was at and ran even further. She knew that her first priority was to stop the bleeding and not let the blood follow her.

Fatty came quickly and pulled up beside her.

“Boss, hurry!”

Lan Anran got into the car quickly and the two of them left.

Mo San arrived at the place they were at. There was a pool of blood there, indicating that Q had stopped here for a while. He followed the blood trail for a while more and found no more blood.

“Young Master, the blood disappeared suddenly.”

Mo San pointed to the bloodstains.

“She can’t have disappeared into thin air, someone must have come to her rescue.”

Mo Jinrong could vaguely see the tire tracks in the light.

“Hurry and check the surveillance cameras. The company’s surveillance cameras have been hacked, but I don’t think she has time to deal with the surveillance cameras along the road.”

Mo San immediately retrieved the surveillance cameras outside the Mo Corporation and found something.

“Young Master, look! This person is wearing a mask and night clothes. Her hand is covering her other arm, which means that she must be injured and seriously injured.”

“She was searching the office and ran into me. I don’t know what she was looking for, but this figure seems familiar.”

Mo Jinrong immediately thought of Lan Anran.

“Young Master, are you referring to Miss Lan?”

Mo San speculated.

“They look alike. Isn’t there blood in the office? Unless she hasn’t been ill her entire life, we can take it for a DNA test. I don’t believe we can’t find her.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Mo San sent the bloodstains to the laboratory for testing tomorrow and entered it into the population database. They would definitely be able to find her unless she wasn’t born in Rong City or never fell ill.

In the car.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” Fatty asked.

“There was a small accident, bandage it for me when you get back. I’m afraid Mom and Dad will be worried.”

Lan Anran had a pained expression and there were faint traces of ink on her wound. It seemed like it would take a while to heal.

“You said Xiang Tian will personally supervise the new batch of herbs?” Lan Anran asked.

“Yes, Boss, this batch of medicine looks very important, but it has to be divided into two parts: two different medicines. One is related to cancer and the other is related to heart disease. These two medicines will have to be sold on the black market, but the prices are very low. Moreover, some fixed buyers will go over to buy medicine. They all seem to be poor people,” Fatty said.

“Where did you get this information?”

Lan Anran asked curiously.

“Previously, when I was investigating news about Xiang Tian, an anonymous netizen suddenly came to inform me that Xiang Tian had been researching new medicine for the poor. He told me that in three days, Xiang Tian would personally monitor the sales of the new medicine.

Xiang Tian’s actions are strange too, the prices sold to the poor are usually in the tens or even tens of yuan per box. The costs to produce from these herbs would reach thousands of yuan. If it was sold on the market, it might be a huge profit, but it didn’t want the money and insisted on selling it to the poor. Besides, what is the point of losing money? It would be strange if a businessman didn’t earn such a large sum of money.”

In any case, Fatty couldn’t understand what Xiang Tian was thinking. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a merchant who isn’t wicked, but Xiang Tian seemed to be different from the rest.

Lan Anran didn’t speak, she went straight to the hut.

“Boss, you’re here.”

The people in the house greeted Lan Anran.

Zhao Ming carefully bandaged Lan Anran’s wounds.

“Who is this? He was too ruthless, the blood vessels were about to be lacerated.”

Zhao Ming was a little distressed.

“There was a small accident this time and I think we should move on to the next topic. Previously, I asked the Mo Family for a house and it is time to use it. It is not convenient for a group of you to live in such a small and crowded place.

Mo Jinrong had agreed that he wouldn’t disturb me, so don’t worry and stay there. It’s a villa, so pack your things and move over in the next few days. You can’t stay here anymore, I’m afraid someone will investigate. ”

Lan Anran considered.

The crowd was excited. They never expected to be able to stay in a villa in their lives, it was all thanks to their boss.

“Boss, has someone noticed us, or have you exposed yourself?” Skinny asked.

“No, I just don’t think this place is safe anymore. We might be investigated one day. The most dangerous place is the safest place.”

Lan Anran’s wound was bandaged. She stood up and spoke.

“I’ll go back first. It’s a little late and I’m afraid Mo Jinrong will come looking for me.”

“Boss, take care. We’ll move to the villa in a few days.”

They were excited.

Before Lan Anran left, she gave them the keys to the villa and reminded them to be careful even if it was safe. After all, they couldn’t read the minds of their enemies, so they couldn’t open the door for strangers.. This was an unwritten rule in their stronghold.

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