President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Conspiracy

“Useless thing!”

Zhao Xiumei cursed.

“Now that the money is given, can you leave?”

Lan Anran spoke unceremoniously.

“Mom, it’s getting late, let’s go back and visit Yaxin.”

Lan Tingyi spoke.

“Everyone, disperse. This is a family quarrel and now that we have made up, there’s nothing more to see.”

Lan Tingyi smiled and pulled Zhao Xiumei out of the crowd.

Lan Tingyun sighed and went back.

In the hospital.

Zhao Xiumei was furious the entire journey and was still yelling when she returned to the hospital.

“Ingrate! I raised him for nothing!”

“Mom, what’s wrong? Why are you so angry?” Xu Yanshan asked.

“It’s all because of Tingyun! He wants to split the family! Damn it!”

Lan Tingyi also expressed his dissatisfaction at the hospital.

“What? Tingyun really said that? That’s horrible! Mom raised him to such an old age and even gave him a wife. I didn’t expect him to be such an ingrate!”

Xu Yanshan felt it was unfair for Zhao Xiumei.

“He gave us 20,000 yuan and said that it was to buy nutritional supplements for Yaxin, but it wasn’t an apology or compensation. How disgusting!”

Lan Tingyi continued.

“Are they trying to chase away a beggar with this little money?”

Xu Yanshan took the bank card, put it in her pocket, and cursed in dissatisfaction.

“How was Yaxin today?”

Zhao Xiumei asked.

“She’s a little better. The doctor said she’s recovering well, but she can’t speak yet. She must have been frightened badly.”

Xu Yanshan replied.

“Poor child, is there news from the police?”

Zhao Xiumei asked again.

“No, the police are still investigating. There isn’t any news yet.”

Xu Yanshan was helpless.

“Damn it! If Tingyun hadn’t suggested splitting the family, I would have beaten that brat!”

Lan Tingyi was unwilling.

“We’ll talk about it when Yaxin’s health is better. This child’s life is too tough.”

Xu Yanshan covered her face and cried.

“Tingyi, what happened to the matter I asked you to handle last time? Why isn’t there any news about it?” Zhao Xiumei asked.

Lan Tingyi remembered that he had said he would teach Lan Anran a lesson, but hadn’t made a move.

“Mom, Lan Anran is very cunning. Think about it, she was alright even when she was kidnapped, so I need to find a more capable person, but the more capable the person is, the more money they will need. How am I supposed to go about it?”

“I’ll pay the money! That brat needs to suffer as much as Yaxin!” Zhao Xiumei said furiously.

“Mom, since you say so, I’ll find an expert. I don’t believe that none of my gambler friends aren’t capable!”

Lan Tingyi spoke harshly.

“Hey, don’t kill her, I just want her to suffer!” Zhao Xiumei reminded him.

“Got it, Mom,” Lan Tingyi replied, went out and took out his phone. He sat at the top of the stairs.

“Hello, Old Fifth Wang, I am Lan Tingyi!”

After a ten-minute conversation, Lan Tingyi hung up with satisfaction and lit a cigarette.

“Lan Anran, let’s see where you can run to this time!”


In school, news of Lan Yanran being accepted as a star after his transfer had spread like wildfire, raising a trend to chase after celebrities. Lan Yanran’s posters were posted on the school’s forums and school journals, and a small group of fans had gone to the Arts Department to look at him everyday.

Some fans would often send gifts to Lan Anran to curry favor with her, hoping that she would give them a chance to meet Lan Yanran.

“Anran, your brother is so popular. He might even become an international star in the future.”

Zhao Xiaolei guessed.


Lan Anran didn’t say anything else.

“Lan Anran, what happened to Lan Yaxin?” Yang Qing, Gu Qiu suddenly appeared in class one and questioned loudly.

“How would I know what happened to her?” Lan Anran replied casually.

“It’s your fault. I called her and her mother said that it was you. Why did you do this to Lan Yaxin?” Yang Qing asked.

“What does it have to do with me?”

“Yang Qing, don’t cause trouble for no reason. You still don’t know that Lan Yanran is famous. He has a group of small fans. If they find out that someone bullied their idol’s sister, do you think they won’t tear you apart? Some fans are crazy!”

Sun Hui suddenly stood up.

Yang Qing was a little surprised that Sun Hui would defend Lan Anran.

“Where did you come from?”

Gu Qiu was dissatisfied.

“Why do you care! In short, if you want to bully Lan Anran, you’ll have to go through me first!”

Sun Hui stood up and looked at the two of them arrogantly.

Zhao Xiaolei was dumbfounded. She confirmed that she hadn’t seen wrongly and that Sun Hui was helping Lan Anran.

“What’s so great about her? Sun Hui, don’t forget that Lan Anran beat you many times and even made you clean the toilet. You lost the competition!”

Gu Qiu tried to sow discord.

“Hah, that was before. Hurry and get out of class one. You are not welcome here. Class one and Class two have never gotten along. This is not a place you can step foot in.”

Sun Hui continued.

Yang Qing was a little confused, not knowing why Sun Hui suddenly became like this. A few days ago, they weren’t even interested in each other, but now, she was defending her. She didn’t know what kind of bewitchment Lan Anran had given her.