President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Feigning Weakness

“B*stard! B*stard!”

Zhao Xiumei was so angry she didn’t know what to say. Things wouldn’t be so easy after they separated.

“Lan Tingyun! Don’t you want your mom anymore?”

Lan Tingyi was a little panicked.

“Mom doesn’t like me, she only likes you. She doesn’t like Anran and Yanran either. Since that’s the case, what else do I have to say? I’ve transferred the retirement fee this month. After we split from the family, I won’t transfer any more money over. I’ll leave Mom to you.”

Lan Tingyun spoke seriously and Lan Tingyi was a little scared.

He couldn’t even feed himself and had his wife and children waiting to eat, so how could he have the spare money to feed Old Mrs. Lan?

“Good, good! You want to split the properties right? Then you’ll have to give us a portion of your hospital,” Zhao Xiumei was panting with anger and said.

“Mom, that won’t do. We’ve told you before that Tingyun and I worked hard to get this hospital. We ran around trying to find resources to pull in doctors, but you and Tingyi didn’t interfere. This hospital is ours, we can’t give it to you!”

Li Yueru walked out.

“This family is worse than pigs and dogs! We have a share in the hospital after separating from the main family. There is no way you can monopolize it now. Your brother doesn’t have a job and if he doesn’t have to rely on the hospital, what are we going to eat? Are you trying to starve your mother to death?”

Zhao Xiumei cursed again.

“Dear Grandma, you have to be reasonable. You’ve enjoyed this hospital a lot over the years. You should know about Uncle’s methods. Perhaps in the end, he will sell the hospital and use the money to gamble. You owe 5 million this time, but the next time will be 50 million or 5 billion. When the time comes, you won’t be able to repay the debt, in the end, won’t you have to rely on my parents?”

Lan Anran spoke leisurely.

“Bullsh*t! Tingyi has changed!” Zhao Xiumei looked at her and said.

“Really? Then how did your big villa become someone else’s house? They will live in that house for ten years. Grandma, can you still see the big villa after ten years?” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“B*stard! How dare you curse me to death!”

Although Zhao Xiumei hated Lan Tingyi, he was still her son and she had to protect him regardless of how disappointing he was.

“I didn’t. About the separation, Dad meant that he could give you money as your retirement fee for the rest of your life. You can forget about the rest!”

Lan Anran explained.

Lan Tingyi’s eyes turned and he said, “Mom, clear it all at once. Perhaps we can get a bigger house.”

Zhao Xiumei was furious. This unfilial son could only see the interests in front of him. How disappointing!

“F*ck off! What are we going to do in the future? We’ll run out of money eventually. If he doesn’t care about us, what are we going to do? Are we going to beg for food?”

Zhao Xiumei thought further. Previously, Lan Tingyi was only concerned with gambling, eating, and playing with his money and had never thought of buying a house. He got the house he had in difficulty and had to pay the mortgage of 10,000 every month. Without Lan Tingyun, life would be difficult.

Lan Tingyi thought about it and agreed. Lan Tingyun was the family’s bank, he couldn’t do without him.

“Anran, Tingyun, we aren’t unreasonable people. Yaxin is our daughter, who wouldn’t be heartbroken when they saw their daughter beaten up? We don’t have a choice, we just want you to apologize to Yaxin. She isn’t in a good mood right now, so she will feel better if you apologize.

As for the separation, Tingyun, I know that you must be angry. Mom still loves you. How can a mother not love her child? She is just angry, right Mom?”

Lan Tingyi nudged Zhao Xiumei again.

Zhao Xiumei spoke reluctantly.

“Yeah, I was angry and spoke too harshly. It’s just that I can’t bear to see Yaxin like this. Tingyun, you have to understand Mom. Yanshan is in the hospital now, her eyes are swollen from crying and she is taking care of Yaxin. It wouldn’t be good for anyone to wrap such a beautiful child into a mummy.”

Lan Tingyun’s mood softened and he thought about it from another perspective. It was true, but Old Mrs. Lan couldn’t stand his daughter and it was expected that she would be reminded of her.

Lan Anran knew very well that these two vampires were obviously showing weakness because they were afraid of losing their father, the money tree.

“Mom, I know you’re anxious, but I won’t let Anran go over and apologize to Yaxin. This has nothing to do with her and she didn’t do anything wrong, so she can’t go over and apologize!”

Lan Tingyun knew very well that he couldn’t let his daughter suffer!


Zhao Xiumei was just about to speak when Lan Tingyi stopped her. They couldn’t take the risk anymore.

“I know Anran didn’t do anything wrong, but the family is really poor now. I can’t spend Mom’s retirement money, but the hospital is rushing me. Yaxin’s injuries are very serious and she needs hospitalization fees and medical bills. There isn’t enough money at home. We were too agitated just now and were anxious, worried about Yaxin. Tingyun, you are a good brother, just help me. Nothing can happen to Yaxin!”

Lan Tingyi begged.

“Aren’t you spending Grandma’s money a little too much…” Lan Yanran pouted.

“Yanran, shut up!”

Lan Tingyun chided.

“Sure! I will give it to you on Yaxin’s account.”

Lan Tingyun took out a card.

“There is 20,000 yuan on this card. Think of it as nutritional supplements I bought for my child. It is definitely not money for an apology or compensation. Our Anran didn’t do anything wrong!”

Lan Tingyun explained the situation first and Lan Tingyi nodded.

Zhao Xiumei despised the lack of money in the card. Usually, she would have at least 50,000 yuan, she didn’t care to have it if it was lower than that!

“Tingyun, are you trying to chase away a beggar with this money?”

“Take it or leave it!”

Lan Anran was about to take it back when Lan Tingyi hurriedly put it in his pocket.

“We’ll take it, Yaxin needs it.”

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