Chapter 154: The Temptation in the Office!

“That’s good, my brother is the best!” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“Thank you, Sis! Sis, who was behind Lan Yaxin’s incident? The Lan Family hasn’t offended anyone recently, so Grandma will probably come knocking soon.”

Lan Yanran had a bad feeling.

“I don’t know, don’t worry about it. With me around, you just have to practice and be a star.”

In her past life, Lan Yanran had protected her well. This time, she would definitely protect him until the end of his life.

“Got it, Sis.”

Lan Yanran smiled and nibbled on an apple. Lan Anran touched his head and smiled with satisfaction.

The next day, after school, Lan Anran went straight to Mo Jinrong’s office.

Due to the previous incident, most of the people in the company knew that she was Mo Jinrong’s wife, the lady boss of the Mo Corporation. They were all very respectful to her.

At this moment, a blonde beauty in the office leaned towards Mo Jinrong eagerly.

“Who are you?” Mo Jinrong’s gaze flickered and the blonde beauty trembled.

“I’m an artist from your entertainment company, Boss Mo. My contract is about to expire, can you help me?”

The blonde beauty wore a low-cut shirt, her long hair falling over her shoulders. She looked extremely charming.

“You know my identity?” Mo Jinrong asked softly.

“You’re already sitting here, do you think I don’t know? Outsiders often say that Mo Jinrong is ugly, but I’m the only one who knows. Mo Jinrong isn’t like the rumors say he is. Usually, those rumors going around may not necessarily be real. Is that true, Boss Mo?”

The blonde woman smiled.

“You’re smart.” Mo San spoke calmly.

“Boss Mo, what do you think of me?”

The blonde woman panted softly in Mo Jinrong’s ear.

Mo Jinrong didn’t waver at all. Instead, he was a little disgusted by the scent of the woman’s perfume and frowned.

“Why did the front desk let someone like you in?”

“Boss Mo, are you angry because I guessed correctly?” The woman smiled frivolously.

“He isn’t angry, but I am!” A pleasant female voice came from behind the door.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open and an innocent girl walked in.

The blonde woman was jealous when she saw that she was younger and better than her in every aspect.

“Boss Mo, so this is your type?” The woman smiled faintly and continued. “I don’t mind if we go together.”

“Pfft! Some people are ugly and don’t even know it!” Lan Anran sneered.

“Who do you think you are!? You’re so young and yet, you’re here to seduce men. Boss Mo is mine!”

The woman lunged forward.

Mo Jinrong dodged backwards and the woman missed, almost falling.

“Really? Boss Mo?” Lan Anran smiled faintly and asked.

Mo Jinrong made a helpless expression.

“This lady, don’t you hide from his wife when you’re seducing someone? Are you looking down on the young mistress of the Mo Family?” Lan Anran smiled brightly and said.

“Young Mistress of the Mo Family?”

The blonde woman was a little surprised. She had heard that Mo Jinrong wasn’t married and jinxed his wife. How did he get a wife?

“That’s right, she is the young mistress of the Mo Family, Boss Mo’s wife. Miss Jasmine, I’m afraid we won’t be able to renew your contract. Please leave!” Mo San stood up and said.

“Boss Mo…”

The blonde woman looked at Mo Jinrong with anticipation.

“Get out if you know what’s good for you!” Mo Jinrong’s voice was frighteningly cold. If Lan Anran hadn’t come, his illness would have acted up.

“Hmph! I’ll leave!”

The woman left angrily in her high heels.

Mo San looked at the situation and sensibly followed. After closing the door, only Lan Anran and Mo Jinrong were left in the room.

“Just like last time, there’s only us left in the room, Boss Mo.”

Lan Anran sat down consciously, stretched her long legs, and looked at Mo Jinrong with watery almond-shaped eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Mo Jinrong returned to his seat and asked faintly.

“Boss Mo, you should be grateful that I saved you.” Lan Anran joked.

“Thank you, but you didn’t know about this in the first place, right?”

Mo Jinrong read the contract without raising his head.

“I heard that you don’t like to go out recently. Since you don’t want to see me, I came to see you because I missed you so much.”

Lan Anran stood up and drank the coffee in front of Mo Jinrong.

Mo Jinrong paused, continuing to write.

“Boss Mo, what are you doing?”

Lan Anran deliberately walked over to look at Mo Jinrong.

She glanced at the proposal on the table, but Mo Jinrong took it away before she could take another look.

“This is a company secret, you can’t read it.”

Mo Jinrong’s voice was icy cold.

“Boss Mo, have you forgotten? I’m also a member of the company, what can’t I look at as a shareholder?”

Lan Anran stared at Mo Jinrong tightly, but he didn’t look at her.

“You are just a shareholder of the company and you don’t have the right to read the confidential contracts. Don’t forget, even though we are married, it is only on the surface. Don’t treat yourself as the young mistress of the Mo Family.”

“Oh, alright.”

Lan Anran spoke calmly, but she was thinking about Mo Jinrong’s proposal about heart disease medicine. What was he trying to do?