President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Buy That?

“No, I was just asking. I heard that someone could provide a lot of Lan Grass and was a little curious.”

Lan Anran frowned slightly.

“If someone can supply it, I’ll buy it too. It’s so precious.” Xu Shan spoke with anticipation.

“No news yet, let me look.” Lan Anran spoke.

“Lan Anran, can you find the Lan Grass?” Sun Hui was curious and asked.

“She is your senior sister, don’t call her by her name, you have no manners!”

Xu Shan didn’t like Sun Hui’s haughtiness, so he decided that she needed to be polished.


Sun Hui walked to the side, bored. Lan Anran chatted with Xu Shan for a while longer, then told him about the Lan Family.

“I didn’t expect that old thing Zhao Xiumei to still not change after such a long time. I have heard of her name. She is old and yet, she bullies children. I will definitely visit her when I’m free!”

Xu Shan cursed angrily.

“It’s alright, Master, I can do it.”

Lan Anran explained.

The sky turned dark and Sun Hui said, “I’m going home. It’s getting dark, my mom is going to be worried.”

Lan Anran looked at her watch.

“Master, I won’t disturb you anymore. Be careful when it’s dark, I’ll visit you again.”

Lan Anran held Xu Shan’s hand as she spoke.

“You heartless person, go, go. Remember to bring me the three delicacies and that one next time.”

Xu Shan smiled evilly.

“That? What?”

Lan Anran was confused.

“That one, isn’t there a disc seller at the foot of the mountain? Bring me two discs.”

Xu Shan smiled evilly.

“Who still watches those things nowadays? You can browse the internet yourself.”

Sun Hui shouted.

“Shoo shoo! You brat, why do you care?”

Xu Shan was displeased that Sun Hui had exposed his intentions.

“Master, take care of your health, I’m leaving!”

Lan Anran smiled and shook her head before leaving the mountain with Sun Hui.

“How do you know Xu… Master?” Sun Hui asked curiously.

“In the past, I was abandoned by the Lan Family in the countryside and grew up without any family. Suddenly, Master came to collect herbs and saw that I was pitiful, so he asked me to learn herbs from him. He said that I was a promising talent and I could infer from one point. He loved to nurture me and without my master, I wouldn’t be who I am now.”

Lan Anran’s tone was filled with sadness and gratitude.


“You can learn a lot from him. I haven’t reached Master’s level yet, so I can only teach you the basics for now. You can learn the more profound ones from Master.”

Lan Anran spoke casually.

At this moment, Sun Hui had an indescribable feeling for Lan Anran. She didn’t know whether it was admiration or something else, but it was different from the past.


When Lan Anran returned home, she heard about Lan Yaxin’s horrible beating.

“Hubby, does this person have a grudge with the Lan Family? We haven’t made any enemies either. Last time, it was Anran, this time it was Lan Yaxin, I’m really worried,” Li Yueru said, worried.

“Anran, do you have a grudge against anyone in school?” Lan Tingyun asked worriedly.

“No,” Lan Anran replied casually.

She was a little surprised that Lan Yaxin would provoke such a ruthless person.

Lan Anran wasn’t in the living room after dinner. She went upstairs, turned on her computer, and sent a message to Fatty.

“Fatty, help me find out who injured Lan Yaxin.”

“Alright,” Fatty replied instantly.

“Boss, we have been monitoring Mo Jinrong and haven’t found anything valuable. In the past, he loved to go out, but now, he barely leaves the house. Did he notice us?” Skinny asked.

“He’s not coming out? It’s alright, I’ll go take a look. Is there any news about Xiang Tian?” Lan Anran asked again.

“Yes, Xiang Tian seems to be using Lan Grass to make a new batch of medicine, mainly targeting cancer and heart disease. It wasn’t easy to gather these clues,” Skinny replied instantly.

Lan Anran fell into deep thought. The Lan Grass was indeed very effective in stopping pain, but if it was used for cancer, it would be used for terminal and incurable cancer. Why would Xiang Tian give out medicine for late-stage cancer?

Was he trying to make a fortune?

“Okay, I understand. Pay attention and when the medicine comes out, buy a bottle and test it to see the ingredients.”

Lan Anran spoke.

“Yes, Boss!”

Lan Anran wanted to find a chance to visit the Mo Corporation to look at their secrets, especially Mo Jinrong’s safe. There must be a secret inside.

She was about to turn off her computer when Rong Ze sent another text.

“Q, have you found any news about Zero?”

Lan Anran smiled, her long slender fingers tapping on the keyboard.

“No, this person’s tracks are secretive, but why are you in such a hurry to find Zero? Is there anything you need? You can post it online and he will see it.”

Lan Anran was curious why Rong Ze didn’t send a post asking for Zero. This way, she would go when she saw it, as long as the price was right.

“That’s not something you should be asking. Do you still want money? I need to hear news about Zero the next time, or we will end this cooperation!”

Rong Ze felt that Q was being perfunctory, or perhaps he didn’t want to help him at all.

Lan Anran didn’t want to stop the cooperation, so she replied.

“Don’t worry, I will complete the mission.”

If all else failed, she could find someone to impersonate her and run away with the billion yuan.

Lan Yanran walked in eating an apple.

“Sis, I saw my goddess today. Xixi is so pretty!”

Lan Yanran was overjoyed.

“Congratulations! How long will your training take?” Lan Anran asked.

Last time, she wanted to take a look, but didn’t succeed.

“It’s not long, there’s still more than a week left. The manager said that my condition is good and I will definitely become popular!” Lan Yanran smiled and said.

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