Chapter 152: Her Master

Xu Yanshan went to pay the hospitalization fee while Zhao Xiumei waited by the side.

“Doctor, how did my child get beaten up like this?” she asked, feeling upset about it.

“I don’t know, she appeared at the hospital entrance herself. We pushed her in when we saw her.”

The doctor spoke.

Lan Tingyi hurried back when he heard the news. When he saw his daughter wrapped up like a dumpling in the hospital bed, he couldn’t hold back his tears.

“Mom, what happened to Yaxin?”

“I don’t know, she’s so pitiful.”

Zhao Xiumei couldn’t help but cry as well.

“It must be that b*tch Lan Anran! She was just kidnapped and Yaxin was beaten. It’s all her fault. Mom, why did you bring that jinx over? She’s inauspicious!”

Lan Tingyi was sobbing while he cursed.

“B*stard! I’ll get even with that brat!”

Zhao Xiumei stood up.

“Mom, Yaxin hasn’t recovered yet, let’s wait and ask. Don’t say that we bullied that brat!”

Xu Yanshan returned after paying.

Zhao Xiumei thought about it and agreed. They were always rebuffed so they needed something on Lan Anran.


After school, Lan Anran took Sun Hui directly to the highest mountain in Rong City, the Temple Mountain. It was called Temple Mountain because there was a medium-sized temple on the mountain.

“Hey! Are you here to take me hiking?”

Sun Hui spoke unceremoniously.

“There are people you need on this mountain.”

Lan Anran had good stamina and walked very quickly. Sun Hui didn’t exercise often and couldn’t walk halfway. Lan Anran stopped and handed her a bottle of water.

“Do you come here often?” Sun Hui asked in suspicion and took another sip of water.

“I used to come here often because the people here are just like my family.”

Lan Anran looked at the sky. It was getting late and if the sun disappeared, so did her master. Before the sun set, her master would have to carry a bamboo basket down the mountain to pick herbs. Some herbs could only be seen at night.

“Let’s go, we won’t be able to see him if we’re late.”

Lan Anran took a short rest before continuing on her way.

Sun Hui could only crawl behind with difficulty.

Half an hour later, they finally reached the top of the mountain and saw a medium-sized temple.

“Are we there? Where am I?”

Sun Hui looked around, panting. There wasn’t anyone around, but it was very clean. There wasn’t a speck of dust on the ground and not far away was a fish pond with many carps inside.

“Master! Master!”

Lan Anran shouted into the room.

“What are you shouting about? You brat, bring me something delicious!”

A long-haired elder walked out. He seemed to be in his fifties or sixties and wore a long black robe, making him look like a priest.

“Master, I’ll bring it next time!”

Lan Anran smiled coquettishly.

Sun Hui had never seen Lan Anran like this, she looked like a little girl.

“Lass! Ever since your dad took you away, my life has been boring. You heartless girl, it’s been a long time since you visited me and it’s only now you’re thinking of me?”

Xu Shan smiled and poked Lan Anran’s head.

“Aren’t I here to give you talent? This is Sun Hui, a good seedling. Sun Hui, this is my teacher, Xu Shan.”

Lan Anran made the introductions.

Xu Shan?

Sun Hui thought for a moment. The best doctors in Rong City were all in the hospital, but she had never heard of Xu Shan.

“Lan Anran, don’t lie to me, why haven’t I heard of Xu Shan?”

Sun Hui was in disbelief.

“You child, can’t there be a higher mountain?” Xu Shan said in dissatisfaction.

“Sun Hui, my master doesn’t care about fame and fortune. I haven’t reached my master’s level yet, so you should learn from him,”

Lan Anran smiled and said.

“You brat! If you want to learn from me, I’ll have to see your abilities. Anran can go out to pick herbs in the middle of the night alone and she can even find her way back in the dark. Can you do that?” Xu Shan asked.

Sun Hui looked down the mountain. There were woods and rocks everywhere. If she ran into a wild beast, she would be dead. Even if there weren’t any snakes, she wouldn’t survive a missed step. She hesitated. Although she wanted to surpass Lan Yaxin, she needed to survive.

“Tch! Coward!”

Xu Shan spoke childishly.

“Master, stop teasing her. She really has good potential, please teach her.”

Lan Anran begged.

Xu Shan glanced at Lan Anran and smiled.

“Alright, since you begged me, I’ll teach you a good lesson. But the next time you come, you’ll have to bring me the Xia Guan’s roast goose, the Li Family’s peach crisp, and a jug of old wine from Full Moon Hall!”

“Got it, got it,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“Come over from tomorrow onwards. Ask me or Anran if you don’t know anything. Some of these herbs are poisonous, you can’t touch them recklessly, ask me first whenever you want to do something,” Xu Shan said to Sun Hui.

This girl looked very powerful and if he didn’t dampen her spirits, how could he be her master?


Sun Hui looked indifferent, but she was overjoyed. She saw many herbs in a corner of the courtyard and presumed that this person must be an expert.

“Master, do you know who can provide more than 1,000 pieces of Lan Grass at once?” Lan Anran suddenly remembered and asked.

“Lan Grass? I haven’t seen such a famous and precious item even after going to the foot of the mountain a few times. Who can have 1,000 pieces? If there are so many pieces, they must have been carefully planted to keep the temperature stable and control the humidity in the soil. They were cultivated on a large scale. Why? Do you need them?” Xu Shan asked.