Chapter 150: To Kick Someone to the Curb When They’ve Outlived Their Usefulness

“Boss Mo, you don’t have to hold a shareholder’s meeting over such a small matter? Besides, we grew up with the Mo Family Corporation. Even if we don’t have any contributions, we have worked hard. You can’t kick us to the curb now that we’ve outlived our usefulness,” Wu Gang smiled and said.

“Kicked to the curb after you’ve outlived your usefulness? Tell us, what have you done for the Mo Family? Haven’t you sucked enough blood ever since the Mo Family was founded? Without the shareholder’s meeting, some people probably don’t know their own abilities. One has to pay for their mistakes, don’t think about escaping!”

Mo San spoke solemnly.

Mo Changwen looked at Mo Jinrong, knowing that this was a warning.

“You have been fired. From now on, you are not a shareholder of the Mo Family Corporation. You are not allowed to step into the Mo Family Corporation again!”

Mo Jinrong gave the order.

“Jinrong, these are the offspring of meritorious members of the Mo Family. You should save some face for your father’s generation.” Mo Changwen persuaded.

“Save face? I see that they must be Uncle’s accomplices! These are the Mo Family’s vermin, it’s time to get rid of them!”

Mo San didn’t stand on ceremony. Today, he was Mo Jinrong, making an example out of him.

Mo Changwen was slightly taken aback and spoke with dissatisfaction.

“What accomplice? I don’t have any accomplices, it’s just that…”

“That’s good. Uncle, you should stay clean too!” Mo San continued.

Mo Changwen didn’t speak. If he hadn’t helped Mo Jinrong conceal his identity, he would have chopped Mo San into pieces!

If Mo Jinrong’s identity was exposed, everyone would know he was ill and there would be countless people coming to seek revenge. Although he wanted to do the same, it would be too obvious and deliberate. It wouldn’t be good for him, so he could only help conceal the truth.

“Damn it! Is this how the Mo Family treats their elders? Mo Changwen, I was wrong about you. As expected, the Mo Family doesn’t have any good people! I’m so disappointed! If your dad was here, he definitely wouldn’t have agreed!” Wu Gang said in dissatisfaction.

“He will never agree to let you feed on him. On account of your status as elders, we won’t ask you to return the money you’ve owed. Now, please leave!”

Mo San didn’t even glance up as he spoke.

Wu Gang left with a few others in anger.

“Everyone, please have a look at this roster!”

Mo Jinrong threw out the second name list and everyone gasped. The conference room fell silent.

“Those names on the list, stand up!”

Mo San spoke.

In an instant, seven or eight people stood up in the conference room.

“We didn’t feed on the company, we are the most honest people!”

A middle-aged woman in her forties with straight hair said in horror.

“Honest person? You’re Sun Jing, right? Look at your work schedule, the company doesn’t raise useless people. You have been a shareholder of the Mo Family Corporation for five years and in these five years, you have taken so many days of leave that it exceeds the amount of the days you’ve worked, sometimes, you even skip work. The company isn’t your house where you can come and go as you want. If you don’t want to work, then leave the company!”

Mo San continued.

“This batch of fired shareholders are lazy and only care about enjoying themselves. The Mo Corporation doesn’t need them!”

Mo Jinrong glanced at Mo Changwen with a mocking tone.

“So be it! What’s the big deal about this? I’m not willing to serve anymore!”

Sun Jing was the first to leave the conference room, followed by others.

There was only one person standing there, seemingly unwilling to leave.

“Why? Do you want the security officers to invite you out?” Mo Jinrong asked coldly.

“Why should I leave? This company wasn’t like this in the past. I didn’t do anything, you can’t fire me!”

Yan Tian sat down, unwilling to leave.

“I was lax in managing the company in the past and some people behaved insolently! Are you Yan Tian? You are the smallest shareholder. The company allowed you to join because of your dad. What are you doing everyday? You are either going out to pick up girls or bringing girls into the company to bully your female subordinates. The company doesn’t need a shareholder like you to take up space! Security! Security! Chase him out and don’t let him in ever again!” Mo San shouted towards the door.

Two security officers came in and forcefully dragged Yan Tian out.

“Let go! I’ll leave myself!”

Yan Tian broke free from the security guards and strode out!

A portion of the conference room was empty again.

“Next list, you don’t need me to remind you, just get out!”

Mo Jinrong glanced at the name list, which was still on the table.

“These are people who are couch potatoes and they’re old-timers, those who are always late for work, those who have trouble at home everyday and those who are sick, get out!”

The two or three of them didn’t speak, walking out of the conference room with their heads lowered.

There were about ten other shareholders left in the conference room and their hearts were beating rapidly.

“Of course, I’m a person who distinguishes rewards and punishments. The rest of you will get triple your salary and bonus this month. Remember this in the company: don’t harbor any malicious thoughts, or you won’t be so lucky next time. It won’t just be a matter of dismissal,” Mo San smiled and said.

Mo Jinrong smiled at Mo Changwen, warning him not to go overboard!

“Jinrong, you’re such a good boss, we will all be grateful!” Mo Changwen said gratefully.