President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Warning

The next day, Lan Yaxin went to school yawning. She heard the news of the test as soon as she arrived and that it was to attract talent from the Rong City Medical Research Institute.

“Yaxin, don’t be nervous, you will definitely do well.”

Yang Qing smiled.

Lan Yaxin wasn’t nervous, but she was afraid of running into Lan Anran.

“I heard that the test this time isn’t simple. It was personally issued by Jin Lin, the head of the research institute. The difficulty level far exceeds the previous competition.”

Gu Qiu was a little worried.

Jin Lin was known to be a great god. He never issues tests, but once he does, it will be difficult to pass. Legend had it that only one person passed his test, but his whereabouts were unknown.

In the neighboring class, Lan Anran, had heard about it as well, but she hadn’t taken it to heart. Anyway, she would deal with whatever came her way. There was nothing to be afraid of.

“Anran, what happened to your arm?”

Lan Anran’s arm was wrapped in thick gauze and looked horrifying.

“It’s alright, I accidentally scratched myself,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“Have you heard? There was a kidnapping incident in Rong City yesterday. I don’t know who was kidnapped, but she seems to be a rich young lady and they asked for 1 billion yuan.”

Zhao Xiaolei was a little surprised.

Lan Anran paused in silence.

“Lan Anran, the test is about to start. You said you would teach me,” Sun Hui walked over and said.

Although there were exams coming up, she, Lan Anran, and Lan Yaxin were definitely among the top candidates. They were the school’s best students, so how could they escape?

“Okay, let’s go somewhere tomorrow.”

Lan Anran spoke calmly.

Sun Hui nodded and turned to leave.

“Anran, are you really going to teach Sun Hui?”

Zhao Xiaolei was in disbelief.

“She’s a talent.”

Lan Anran spoke.

Sun Hui was a good seedling and Lan Anran wanted to use her to suppress Lan Yaxin. It would be better to have one more helper than one more enemy.

At this moment, Li Yue walked in, holding a bucket.

“Students, quieten down. You should have heard about the test, because of this, the midterms are delayed. This is the bucket of lots, some lots show you have to attend the test while some don’t. Those who draw those lots will take the test. Lan Anran, Sun Hui, the two of you don’t need to draw, you must take the test.”

Li Yue called out to her students to draw the lots.

Zhao Xiaolei prayed she wouldn’t get it. She didn’t want to take the test, she just wanted to be a doctor.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as she wished. She really drew the word ‘go’ and her heart turned cold.

Lin Cheng was luckier, not drawing it meant he could play.

“The students who drew the lots, report to me after class. Don’t even think about escaping, I know the answer.”

Li Yue smiled, put down the bucket, and started class.


Mo Corporation.

The conference room was packed, everyone was dressed in suits and whispering.

“Do you know why Boss Mo is holding a shareholder’s meeting today?”

They shook their heads.

“I don’t know, but nothing good will come out of it.”

Every time a shareholder’s meeting was held, they would either get scolded or be thrown a tantrum. This time, it didn’t look good.

“Don’t speak later, let’s see what Mo Changwen will do. He is Boss Mo’s uncle, he can’t put righteousness before family, right?”

An older man with a grizzled beard spoke.

They nodded.

At this moment, Mo San and Mo Jinrong walked in aggressively.

Mo San sat down and Mo Jinrong placed the documents on the table one by one. Everyone was dumbfounded, not knowing what to do.

“Boss Mo, what are you doing?”

“It’s just a shareholder’s meeting and you didn’t inform me beforehand. I was in such a hurry. Don’t you know how busy I was?”

The younger ones were dissatisfied.

Mo San asked angrily, “Why isn’t Mo Changwen here yet?”

No one spoke in the conference room, and no one knew where Mo Changwen had gone.

“Wu Gang, if I remember correctly, you’ve been freeloading in the Mo Family Enterprise for decades. Now that you’re so tough, what are you busy with? Picking up girls or emptying the Mo Family’s money?”

Mo Jinrong’s aura intensified and Wu Gang was at a loss for words.

Over the years, he had indeed embezzled a lot of the Mo Family’s money and raised several mistresses. His life was indeed pretty good.

“What did you say? You’re just a butler, who are you to speak?”

Wu Gang was unwilling.

“He represents me, have a look at this list!”

Mo San threw the roster in front of him out for everyone to see.

“Those with names written on it, stand up!”

Mo San continued.

“Sorry, I’m late! I was accused and it took a long time to explain!” Mo Changwen arrived late and said.

“Director Mo, you’re here at the right time.”

Mo Jinrong smiled.

“I don’t know the purpose of this board meeting, but I definitely support all of Jinrong’s decisions.”

Mo Changwen smiled.

“Really? Where did everyone on the list go?”

Mo San’s sudden outburst shocked everyone.

The people on the list slowly stood up.

“Jinrong, what’s happening?” Mo Changwen asked.

“Director Mo, the people on this list are all dishonest. They embezzle public funds and empty the company. They are the company’s vampires and vermin! Do you think we should clean them up?” Mo Jinrong smiled and asked.