Chapter 148: The Figure Behind
“His words are mine. Old Mrs. Zhao, Anran is the young lady of the Mo Family. If you continue to behave like this, don’t blame me for suing you. I have a lot of good lawyers.”

Mo San spoke solemnly.

“Young Master Mo, we are well aware that you are the only one who doesn’t mind being made a cuckold. I don’t know whether to compliment your generosity or stupidity.”

Xu Yanshan sneered.

“I don’t know why you accused me, but I know that I don’t like Grandma. Even though Dad helped Uncle, Grandma still doesn’t like me and Aunt doesn’t like me either. But I can’t accept you accusing me of such a thing. If you accuse me of having an affair, I won’t take it anymore!”

Lan Anran felt wronged.

“Won’t take it anymore? Don’t act innocent, what can you do to me?”

Xu Yanshan crossed her arms and smiled.

“What can we do? You probably won’t be able to stay in Rong City anymore, much less find a job.”

Mo San spoke calmly, his eyes cold, resembling Mo Jinrong.

Xu Yanshan started to panic. Mo Jinrong was someone who could shock the entire Rong City with just one stomp. It was possible that his words were accurate.

If her family wasn’t in Rong City, where else could they go?

“Mom, let’s talk about Tingyi’s matter. It won’t do us any good to be stubborn. We might really be chased out!” Xu Yanshan whispered.

“Yeah, Lan Tingyun, I won’t leave without your help today!”

Zhao Xiumei sat obediently on the stool, looking like a nail clipper.

“Mom, you…”

Lan Tingyun looked at the surrounding people helplessly.

“Okay, okay, I’ll help, I’ll try my best to find him a job.”

Lan Tingyun had no choice.

Zhao Xiumei and Lan Tingyi’s family were overjoyed. There was finally hope for the future.

“Okay, and don’t forget to transfer the money to my card. Let’s go home!”

Zhao Xiumei smiled and walked towards the door.

“Sis, you must keep your promise, we will come again.”

Lan Yaxin smiled at Lan Anran before leaving.

After the troublesome family left, Lan Tingyun smiled awkwardly.

“Sorry for making a fool of myself.”

“It’s alright.”

Mo San shook his head.

“Hubby, how could you agree to this? How can you have a job like this? It’s too difficult.”

Li Yueru was a little worried.

“We have to find one even if we can’t.”

Lan Tingyun sat down and sighed.

“I’m full. I have something to do at the company, so we’ll be leaving,” Mo San smiled as he said.

“Sorry, I’ve made a fool of myself today.”

Lan Tingyun apologized.

“It’s alright. Nothing’s wrong.”

Mo San waved his hand, stood up, and left with Mo Jinrong.

“Anran, send them off,” Lan Tingyun smiled and said.

Lan Anran followed and caught up with Mo Jinrong.

“Jinrong, thank you for protecting me today.”

Lan Anran’s eyes were glowing in the darkness.

“Yeah.” Mo Jinrong only said one word and didn’t dare to look into Lan Anran’s eyes. He didn’t know why, but he felt nervous when they looked at each other.

“Miss Lan, you can go back first, we’re leaving.”

Mo San got into the car.


Lan Anran watched as the car drove away.

Mo San asked curiously in the car, “Young Master, did you notice anything today?”

“You noticed it too?”

Mo Jinrong closed his eyes.

“Yeah, the Lan Family is so arrogant!”

Mo Jinrong: “…There’s something wrong with Lan Anran.”

He spoke softly.

When she subdued Fang Hui today, he realized that she wasn’t weak.

“I can tell that Miss Lan really has a lot of secrets,” Mo San nodded and said.

“Tomorrow, there will be a board meeting. Inform everyone. They should be given a warning.”

Mo Jinrong spoke in a deep voice.



After getting a satisfactory answer, Zhao Xiumei’s family walked with a carefree aura, their faces full of joy.

“Yaxin, we have a good life ahead of us. Your second uncle will definitely find a position as the hospital director for your father. It will be easy and has a high salary.”

Xu Yanshan was overjoyed.


Lan Yaxin nodded.

Under the dim yellow street lamp, a two-meter-long figure gradually approached.

The family didn’t notice anything and continued to walk. There was a bus stop in front. To supplement their family’s income, several cars had been sold out. Now, they could only take the public bus. There was also a last bus at this time.

They got on the public bus first, followed by Lan Yaxin and a person in a mask and cap. The person had his head lowered in silence, looking very sinister.

The hour-long journey finally arrived. Lan Yaxin alighted and so did the stranger.

“Mom, Dad, are we being followed? Why is he following us?”

Lan Yaxin was a little scared.

Lan Tingyi looked back and saw that the person behind had turned into another intersection. He comforted his daughter.

“Don’t be scared, we’re about to reach home. He’s just going the same way as us, don’t be scared.”

Lan Yaxin was relieved to see that the man was gone.

Zhao Xiumei and Lan Yaxin were squeezed on the same bed. Lan Yaxin was squeezed to the point that there was only a small area, so she might as well sleep on the ground. However, she couldn’t escape Zhao Xiumei’s snoring and she hadn’t slept well the entire night.