President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Trouble Comes

“Why not? Hurry in, it’s all because of you that Anran is safe and sound today, we have to thank you.”

Lan Tingyun pulled Mo San and Mo Jinrong in.

“Anran, let me bandage your wound!”

Li Yueru was heartbroken. She didn’t know if there would be an ugly scar on her fair and tender skin.

“Dad, you have no idea how capable Sis was back then.”

Lan Yanran still couldn’t forget the scene just now. In the living room, he described the situation to Lan Tingyun and his wife. Li Yueru was frightened when she heard this.

“It’s not that exaggerated. I just watched it on TV and learned from it.”

Lan Anran finished bandaging her wound and sat in the living room.

“Jinrong, sit here for a while, I’ll go cook. It’ll be ready soon.”

Li Yueru stood up and walked into the kitchen.

Mo Jinrong didn’t want to eat here, but he couldn’t resist the Lan couple’s enthusiasm. His parents passed away very early and he barely knew a mother’s love. He didn’t know why, but now, he wanted to stay.

“Jinrong, do you think the robbers are really after money?” Lan Tingyun asked.

“I don’t know, but they did ask for 1 billion.”

Mo San shook his head. This time, it was very likely that Mo Changwen had hired someone to kill her, but he didn’t know the reason yet.

“Aren’t they asking for too much? Although the Lan Family operates a hospital, we can’t gather 1 billion in such a short time. It’s all thanks to you, Jinrong.”

Lan Tingyun’s gratitude was beyond words.

“It’s alright, Anran is now a member of the Mo Family, I should save her.”

Mo San spoke politely.

In the next hour, Mo San and the Lan Family chatted enthusiastically. Mo Jinrong listened by the side and occasionally smiled. This was the first time he had experienced such a heartwarming scene. The Mo Family was always scheming against each other, so he enjoyed the Lan Family’s atmosphere a lot.

“The food is ready, let’s eat!”

Li Yueru smiled.

“Butler Mo, you should eat too,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

Lan Tingyun asked at the dining table, “Jinrong, Anran has been married to you for so long, but you haven’t mentioned your family. Are they alright?”

“Grandma is in good health.”

Mo San looked at Mo Jinrong.

“Dad, let’s eat. Why are you asking so many questions? Hurry and eat.”

Lan Anran nudged Lan Tingyun.

“Okay, okay, I won’t ask. I didn’t take good care of Anran when she was in the countryside all these years. I always feel like I owe her. It’s good that our daughter is alright.”

Lan Tingyun sighed.

Mo Jinrong didn’t move his chopsticks for a long time. He yearned for such an atmosphere, but wasn’t used to it.

Lan Anran gave Mo Jinrong a piece of meat and placed it in front of him.

“Hurry and eat, my mom’s food is delicious.”

Lan Anran smiled, her deer-like eyes slightly narrowed and occasionally flickered, her slightly upturned eyelashes jumping up and down. It made Mo Jinrong’s heart beat faster and he subconsciously blushed. He didn’t notice it and just nodded with a smile to have a taste. It did taste like mother’s love.

“How is it? Is it delicious?” Lan Anran smiled and asked.

“Why don’t you treat everyone equally? Give Jinrong one too.”

Lan Tingyun seemed to sense something amiss as well and spoke immediately.

“It’s alright, he doesn’t eat meat.”

Lan Anran looked at Mo San.

“I… Yes, I don’t eat meat.”

Mo San wanted to cry. Was he going to eat grass next?

“You should have said so. I’m not cooking any meat next time.”

Li Yueru was apologetic.

“It’s alright, we still need to eat.” Lan Anran continued.

“Anran, Jinrong is your husband, you must treat him well in the future. He is your savior and now that you’re married, you must pay attention to your words and actions and don’t tarnish the name of the Lan Family and Mo Family.”

Lan Tingyun reminded Lan Anran.

“I know Dad, I will treat Jinrong well.”

Lan Anran picked up some vegetables for Mo San.

Mo San was on the verge of tears. There was a table of meat but he could only eat vegetables!

At this moment, the Lan Family’s door rang.

Lan Anran found it strange that someone would come to her house so late at night. She walked over to open the door.

Zhao Xiumei and Lan Tingyi’s family stood at the door looking at Lan Anran solemnly.

“Anran, you survived a disaster. We were worried sick when we heard that you were kidnapped.”

Xu Yanshan was slightly worried.

“Why haven’t I seen any calls from you? You don’t seem worried at all.”

Lan Anran spoke calmly.

“B*stard! Are you doubting me?” Zhao Xiumei spoke.

“Grandma, you’re here too. Are you here to see me?” Lan Anran smiled and asked.

Zhao Xiumei was even more furious because it made her seem like an outsider.

“B*stard! I want to talk to your father, get him out here!” Zhao Xiumei said furiously.

Lan Tingyun walked out when he heard the voice.

“Mom, why are you here?”

“You still remember me? Why haven’t you sent over the retirement fee?” Zhao Xiumei asked as her shrewd eyes glanced inside.

When she saw the man who had and affair with Lan Anran, she was furious. How dare he come to their house for a meal so blatantly? She rushed in.

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