President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 145

Chapter 145: He is The Mastermind?

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After Lan Anran was dragged outside, Fang Hui spoke again.

“We want a car, give us your car!”

Mo Jinrong threw the car keys on the ground without hesitation.

When the henchman went to pick it up, Lan Anran suddenly exerted strength and took out the glass fragments in her hand, which were stained with blood. She grabbed Fang Hui’s arm, threw him over her shoulder, and placed the glass against his neck.


“What? How dare you kidnap me! Tell me, who sent you?”

Lan Anran began the interrogation.

The henchman couldn’t accept that his boss was caught. He took out the dagger in his hand and stabbed it at Lan Anran. Mo Jinrong reacted swiftly, stretching out his long legs and kicking the henchman to the ground. The dagger fell to the ground and the others panicked, fleeing in all directions.

“Hey! You ingrates! Come back here!”

Fang Hui shouted anxiously.

“I just want to earn some money.”

Fang Hui cried.

“You’re still not telling the truth? You want money right? I’ll spill more on your grave.”

Lan Anran spoke and was about to attack when Fang Hui trembled in fear.

“It’s Boss Mo. He told me to kill you and to give us a sum of money. Don’t kill me.”

Lan Anran looked at Mo Jinrong with a frighteningly sharp gaze.

“Miss Lan, why would Young Master kill you? It definitely isn’t him!”

Mo San hurriedly explained.

“Of course I know it’s not him, it’s just that the Mo Family is too dangerous.”

Lan Anran looked at Mo Jinrong.

“You’re injured.”

Mo Jinrong spoke unhurriedly.

Lan Anran then noticed her wound on her arm. There was a red wound about five centimetres long that was bleeding, which was becoming more and more obvious on her fair skin.

“It’s alright.”

“Sis, you were so cool just now!”

When Lan Yanran saw his sister’s shoulder throw, he was amazed!

At this moment, Fatty and the others had just finished dealing with the little thieves that were lying on the ground.

“Miss Lan, it’s my fault, I was greedy. Let me go, I don’t want to be jailed!”

Fang Hui pleaded.

Lan Anran was just about to speak when the siren sounded.

“Why are the police here?”

Lan Anran was a little surprised.

“Are you afraid of them?”

Mo Jinrong was curious.

“I’m not scared, I just don’t like it!”

Lan Anran never liked police and would stay far away from them.

“Sis, I’m sorry, Mom and Dad probably called the police. I was in a hurry and told them something happened to you.”

Lan Yanran lowered his head like a kid who did something wrong.

“You child, I was afraid Mom and Dad would be worried and you told them. Fang Hui, you don’t have a chance anymore!”

Lan Anran released Fang Hui easily and handed him over to the police.

“Strange, why are these people lying here?”

The policeman looked.

Mo Jinrong walked forward to take a look. It was the gangsters from before, didn’t they run away?

Were there other people around?

After that, Mo Jinrong sent Lan Anran and her brother home.

“Miss Lan, we will definitely investigate this matter.”

Mo San promised.


Lan Anran held Lan Yanran’s hand the entire time and gave Lan Tingyun and her mom a call along the way.

“Great! Anran is alright!”

Li Yueru seemed to come alive.

“Hmph! What a tough life!”

Zhao Xiumei rolled her eyes at Li Yueru.

At this moment, Lan Yaxin walked out pretentiously.

“Second Uncle is here, why is Sis like this?”

She was a little upset.

Lan Anran was fine, she wasn’t happy at all.

“It’s alright!”

Xu Yanshan was displeased.

“Mom, she is your granddaughter. You can’t do this even if you don’t like her.”

Lan Tingyun was dissatisfied.

“What about me? We haven’t seen each other in 20 years, what feelings could there be? Don’t talk nonsense, give me the pension money this month. I don’t have any abalone porridge here!”

Zhao Xiumei reached out for the money.

“Mom, you only know how to ask for money. I’m just an ATM!”

Lan Tingyun was dissatisfied.

“Hubby, let’s stop here and go home to see Anran. I’m worried she’s injured!”

Li Yueru was anxious. She didn’t know how her daughter was doing and she didn’t want to stay another minute!

“Mom, I’ll give you the retirement fee later.”

Lan Tingyun left and Zhao Xiumei felt that she had raised her son in vain. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

“Mom, calm down, I’ll buy some abalones later!” Xu Yanshan smiled and said.


The moment Lan Anran went home, she saw Li Yueru running over, looking exhausted.

“Daughter, Anran, what’s wrong? Are you alright?”

Li Yueru looked it up and down. She cried when she saw the arm. It was such a long wound that it made her heart ache.

“It’s alright Mom, I’m alright. It’s not a big deal, the bad guys are all caught.”

Lan Anran smiled as though nothing had happened.

“You’ve worried me to death. You just came to the city, who is it that wants to harm you?” Lan Tingyun asked sincerely.

“I don’t know, maybe he just wants money. Jinrong saved me today, I didn’t say it because I was afraid you would be worried. This brat sure has a quick tongue!”

Lan Anran pointed at Lan Yanran.

“You’re blaming him? You’ll have to thank Mr. Mo for today. Will you stay for dinner?”

Li Yueru smiled.

Mo San was taken aback.

“There’s no need, we’re going back.”