President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 144

Chapter 144: It’s Definitely You!

“What’s wrong now? Mom just wants to eat some supplements like sea cucumbers, abalones and ginseng, you just buy it for her then. Old Mrs. Lan will be better than anything once she’s comforted!” Lan Tingyi didn’t care and said.

“Where do we get the money from? I haven’t bought a bag in over a week!” Xu Yanshan said heartbrokenly.

“Good wife, Mom definitely has money, there will be benefits if you serve her well.”

Lan Tingyi comforted her.

Xu Yanshan was just about to speak when Lan Tingyun and his wife came knocking on the door.

“Who? Debtors?”

Xu Yanshan opened the door angrily.

“Sis-in-law, where is Mom?”

Lan Tingyun helped Li Yueru up anxiously.

“Why are you looking for Mom? We should be the ones taking care of her, you’re not coming to take her away, right?”

Xu Yanshan was anxious to have a clear line.

“Tingyun, you haven’t been here in a few days. Why are you here today? Let’s go! Don’t think that I’ll be grateful just because you helped me. That’s what you should do, I’m your brother!”

Lan Tingyi thought they were here to ask for money and chased them away.

“Mom, come out, come out. Why did you hurt Anran? Anran is such a well-behaved child, how could you bear to hurt her?” Li Yueru shouted.

“What did you say? Something happened to Lan Anran?”

Xu Yanshan was a little surprised and delighted. To think that this brat would have such a day!

Zhao Xiumei was sleeping in the room when she heard the commotion and came out.

“What? I’m not dead yet, why are you crying?”

Zhao Xiumei cursed.

“Mom, were you the one who caused Anran’s accident?” Lan Tingyun asked.

“What? Something happened to that brat?”

Zhao Xiumei was surprised and there was a trace of excitement in her eyes, which made Lan Tingyun even angrier.

“Mom, she is your biological granddaughter, how could you bear to kill her? Where is Anran now? Let her go!”

Lan Tingyun chided.

“Mom, Anran is still a child, how could you do this? I’ll kill you if you dare to hurt her!”

Li Yueru warned.

Zhao Xiumei heard them accusing her of harming that brat and she was furious!

“Does Lan Anran’s death have anything to do with me? That unfilial thing! How dare you come up and question me? I’m telling you, I can’t wait for her to die! I want to thank that person for resolving my problem!”

Zhao Xiumei couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

“Mom, did you really do it?” Lan Tingyun asked in disbelief.

“B*stard! I’m an old fool, but I haven’t reached that stage. I hope I have the ability to do so. That brat defied her elders, beat her, and broke our relationship. She deserves to die! But I didn’t lay a finger on her!”

When Zhao Xiumei lost her temper, her eyes were bloodshot. She couldn’t bear being accused.

“Who else could it be? You just don’t like Anran!”

Li Yueru was furious. Her good daughter was fine when she went out, but she was gone in the afternoon. She was anxious.

“B*stard! As expected of you, you have no manners, no wonder your children also have no manners. Lan Anran, that shrew, was taught by you. I don’t care what happens to that brat, Lan Tingyun, you have to get a divorce! This is outrageous! In the past few decades in the Lan Family, the jinx was exposed the moment she returned. Li Yueru, don’t think that you’re so great just because that jinx married Mo Jinrong. Get a divorce from my son immediately! It’s all your fault that the Lan Family became like this! You gave birth to a pair of trash! You useless thing!”

Zhao Xiumei cursed.

“Enough! Mom, it better not be you. Anran will be safe!”

He didn’t want to listen to Zhao Xiumei’s nagging anymore. Lan Anran’s safety was the most important thing.

Lan Yaxin, who was hiding in the room, snickered.

Lan Anran!

You better die!


The abandoned car factory.

Lan Anran was tied up again and Fang Hui smiled.

“I’m rich!”

“Boss, should we inform our employer?” the henchman asked.

“Are you a pig? Why should we tell him? We can talk about it after we get the money and kill this brat. We can earn another sum!”

Fang Hui couldn’t stop smiling.

Fatty quietly approached the car factory. There were abandoned cars everywhere and there was only one exit in front and behind. They could only hide at the base of the wall.

Mo Jinrong had just arrived at the abandoned car factory.

He didn’t bring 1 billion yuan as he strode in.

“Hey! Did you really kidnap Lan Anran?” Mo Jinrong shouted.

Fang Hui was taken aback, but his henchman spoke up.

“The brat’s father is so young?”

Fang Hui glared at him.

“That’s her brother!”

Mo San couldn’t help but chuckle. It seemed like these robbers weren’t very smart.

“Release her!”

Lan Yanran shouted.

“What a joke! You think I’ll let her go just like that? Where’s my money?”

Fang Hui was dissatisfied when he saw that their hands were empty.

“It isn’t safe for you to bring 1 billion yuan outside, right? There is a billion yuan on this card. Take it and let Lan Anran go!”

Mo Jinrong took out a black card.

Fang Hui got someone to bring Lan Anran out. At this time, Lan Anran had used a piece of glass to separate the rope and had accidentally cut her skin.

“Sis! Are you alright?”

Lan Yanran wanted to help Lan Anran, but was stopped by Fang Hui.

“Wait! You guys, retreat outside! Outside has a bigger space!”

Fang Hui thought it would be easier to run with the money later.

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