Chapter 141: Illusion

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The Mo Family.

“Young Master! The award ceremony is over, Miss Lan is indeed first place,” Mo San said.

“How much can you believe in what happened last time?”

Mo Jinrong had been brooding about yesterday’s incident. He had clearly seen what Lan Anran had done to him and his symptoms had lightened, but he still didn’t believe her words.

“I don’t think Miss Lan is a liar. Do you want to ask her for the recipe for the incense, so that you can relax when you’re ill?”

“There’s no need, I don’t want to alert her. In any case, Lan Anran is always by my side when my illness relapses, so I don’t need to ask her. Incense can’t solve the root problem, the key is to find Zero. If what she said is true, the person who condensed the incense for Lan Anran must be Zero.”

He felt that there was only one step between him and Zero, just one step everytime.

“Young Master, why don’t you post online to look for Zero? If Zero sees it and you offer a higher price, he will definitely come over to treat you.”

Mo San couldn’t understand.

“That uncle of mine is eyeing me covetously. No one has seen Zero before, I don’t want to take the risk.”

Mo Jinrong had previously thought of searching for traces of Zero online, but with Mo Changwen’s interference, he had no choice but to investigate in secret.

“Young Master! Speaking of Mr. Mo, he hasn’t been behaving himself recently. The people I sent informed us that Mr. Mo found a few people to follow Miss Lan. It seems like he wants to kill Miss Lan.”

Mo San was worried.

“He couldn’t wait any longer, it seems like my wife’s jinxed name has something to do with Uncle. Keep a close eye on him and don’t let anything slip unless it’s absolutely necessary. Lan Anran just has to stay alive,” Mo Jinrong said.

“Young Master, aren’t you worried about Miss Lan’s safety at all?”

Mo San looked at Mo Jinrong who was calmly not caring about Lan Anran at all.

“If she really is Hacker Q, she must have a way to escape. Isn’t this a good chance to test her?”

Mo Jinrong’s lips lifted slightly as though everything was under control.

“The last time Young Master asked me to check the batch of medical equipment, I found some clues. The Lan Family did send in a batch of medical equipment. Besides the different logos from the Lin Corporation, the number is exactly the same as the machines.”

Mo San was doubtful.

“Did the Lan Family really buy the medical equipment?”

Mo Jinrong was suspicious.

“Young Master! The batch of medical equipment was originally meant to be sold to the poor, but now that Miss Lan has bought them all, she must have noticed Xiang Tian’s existence. It seems that Miss Lan isn’t simple.”

Mo San had the same thoughts.

“Since you know where it went, let’s not care anymore. The medical equipment incident is over. Watch Lan Anran closely and don’t let anything happen to her.”

Mo Jinrong instructed.

“But I can’t stop Mr. Mo. Yesterday, Xu Changhe had already reported to Xu Pei. I think Madam will probably talk to Old Mrs. Mo.”

“She can say whatever she wants. Tell Mo Changwen that if he really attacks Lan Anran, I think we need to call the board of directors to teach him a lesson and make him behave. Also, tell Xu Changhe to scram and never appear in Rong City again. I don’t want to see him.”

Mo Jinrong was giving Mo Changwen a heads up, hoping he would stop.

“Young Master, are you jealous?”

Mo San suddenly asked. He had never seen his young master’s jealous expression before.

“What a joke, why would I be jealous? Lan Anran and I are just contractually married, I don’t care what she does as long as it does not tarnish the Mo Family’s reputation.”

Mo Jinrong spoke seriously.

“Young Master! If Miss Lan really enters the Rong City Research Institute, you won’t just be a contractual couple anymore.”

Mo San reminded him that the Rong City Research Institute had Mo Jinrong’s shares. It could be said that many of the Mo Family’s secrets were gathered there, including Mo Jinrong’s own secrets. He was the biggest shareholder of the Rong City Research Institute. Speaking of which, Jin Lin was working for Mo Jinrong.

If Lan Anran entered the research institute, she would definitely find some secrets about the Mo Family and Mo Jinrong’s secrets would be exposed.

“Tell Jin Lin that no matter what, we have to make it harder for Lan Anran to enter the Rong City Research Institute. We can’t let her enter the research institute successfully.”

Mo Jinrong thought for a moment.

“Got it, I’ll get it done.”

Mo San turned around and Mo Jinrong had a moment of peace.

He had been revolving around Lan Anran all day. He didn’t know when it started, but when he closed his eyes, his mind was filled with images of Lan Anran, he would even dream about her. He wondered if he was crazy or if he was hallucinating from watching Lan Anran all day.

At this moment, Lan Anran’s voice sounded in his ear.

“Jinrong, Jinrong?”

Lan Anran walked in softly.

Mo Jinrong felt like he was crazy. Not only did he see Lan Anran in his dreams, but he also heard her voice?

“Jinrong? Jinrong? Wake up!”