President wife is pretty and cool – Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Accepted a Disciple

“Next up is the first place. The first place winner will be awarded 20 points, one spot in the Rong City Research Institute, and a prize of 20,000 yuan!”

The principal smiled and handed the microphone to a man beside him.

The man wore gold-framed glasses, was of medium build and had a beautiful appearance. He looked at the students in the audience and spoke slowly.

“Students, I am Jin Lin, the person in charge of the Rong City Research Institute. Everyone knows that the Rong City Research Institute is difficult to enter and the requirements are high. That is why the first place is awarded a generous prize. The student who came in first is very powerful, so I will be giving her the award personally. This student is… Lan Anran.”

The students were shocked and there was a flurry of discussion in the hall. Everyone knew that she was the new school beauty from the experimental class. Not only was she prettier than Lan Yaxin, but her grades had also doubled, which surprised the students.

“How could it be her?”

“She seems so capable.”

The students discussed spiritedly. They couldn’t believe that the new student had taken the number one spot in the city!

Lan Anran walked onto the stage calmly and shook Jin Lin’s hand politely.

“So you’re Lan Anran?”

Jin Lin pushed up his glasses in surprise, he didn’t expect the champion that everyone talked about to be such a little beauty.

“Yes, Mr. Jin.”

Lan Anran took the certificate and the 20,000 yuan cash naturally.

Lan Tingyun and Li Yueru watched excitedly from below the stage and kept clapping and cheering.

Sun Hui and Lan Yaxin were both jealous, thinking that the items in her hands should belong to them, especially Sun Hui. She really had to clean the toilets now.

After the ceremony ended, Lan Tingyun and his wife hurriedly pulled Lan Anran and smiled.

“My daughter is so capable, even the director of the Rong City Research Institute is giving you the award.”

“Mom, Dad, I’ll leave the 20,000 yuan in your care. I haven’t shown you my filial piety yet.”

Lan Anran stuffed the 20,000 yuan into Li Yueru’s hand with a smile.

“Such a good girl, you’re too sensible.”

Li Yueru cried out in joy.

The family was about to leave the hall when Jin Lin called after them.

“Wait a minute, Lan Anran.”

Lan Anran turned around and smiled.

“Mr. Jin, is there anything else?”

“Lan Anran, I really think you are a medical genius. Are you interested in the Rong City Medical Research Institute? If you are, I can introduce you,” Jin Lin smiled and said.

There weren’t many medical geniuses like Lan Anran left.

“I have always wanted to enter the Rong City Medical Research Institute, but I hope to get in with my own efforts. After all, there hasn’t been a precedent for the Rong City Medical Research Institute to make an exception. I don’t want to be a topic of discussion for others.”

Although Lan Anran wanted to go there, she still hoped to get in with her own abilities. After all, getting in through connections wasn’t an option.

“Good, you have potential. I’ll wait for you at the Rong City Medical Research Institute.”

Jin Lin had high hopes for Lan Anran.

“Thank you, Mr. Jin,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

Li Yueru was overjoyed. Her daughter was in high demand and she would naturally be proud as a mother.

When they returned to the classroom, Sun Hui lay on the table without raising her head. It was much livelier over at Lan Anran’s side. Some classmates who hadn’t been seen before took the initiative to come over to congratulate her. Lan Anran nodded and smiled at them.

“What’s so great about it? It’s just first place.”

Lin Cheng spoke indifferently.

“Go get it if you can.”

Zhao Xiaolei rebutted and she was reminded of Sun Hui’s challenge.

“Sun Hui, is your challenge still valid?”

Sun Hui looked up reluctantly and walked out without a word.

“Wait a minute.”

Lan Anran spoke.

“What? Don’t you find me embarrassing enough?”

Sun Hui was embarrassed and annoyed. She turned and asked angrily.

“Where are you going?” Lan Anran stood up and walked to Sun Hui, asking calmly.

“I said I would abide by my challenge. I’m going to buy a mop and a broom now.”

Sun Hui turned to leave.

She was a person who kept her promises. Since Lan Anran won, she wouldn’t do shameful things, which would be even more embarrassing.

“You don’t have to clean the toilet, our competition is over.”

Lan Anran smiled.

Sun Hui looked at her in surprise. She didn’t let her clean the toilet?

“You don’t have to pretend to be kind. If I lose, I lose, it’s not embarrassing. It would be embarrassing if I cheated.”

Sun Hui thought she was putting on a front to get into others’ good books.

“What has cleaning the toilets got to do with me? It’s your own business anyway, but you’re the one who’s embarrassed. Haven’t you always wanted to surpass Lan Yaxin? I can teach you that even if you can’t be first, you can at least be second. You won’t end up third. If you don’t have such a strong desire, I won’t force you, you can clean the toilets.” Lan Anran spoke calmly.

Sun Hui was dumbfounded. Her goal was Lan Yaxin. She said she would surpass her, but she couldn’t bring herself to learn medicine from a countryside girl.

“Who wants to learn medicine from you?”

Sun Hui remained stubborn.

“Forget it, go and clean the toilets then.”

Lan Anran directly walked to her seat and sat down. She placed the certificate in her bag, packed up, and prepared to go home.

Sun Hui didn’t know whether to leave or not, but Lan Anran packed up and left with Zhao Xiaolei.

“Wait a minute, don’t think that just because I’m learning medicine from you, you’re my master. I’m telling you, you’re not. I just want to learn, that’s all. Don’t be so smug.”

Sun Hui was still stubborn.

Compared to cleaning the toilets, she wanted to surpass Lan Yaxin. It wouldn’t be difficult for her to surpass Lan Yaxin with Lan Anran.

It was just that this matter was a little embarrassing for her. She was a prideful person and facing her former powerful enemy, she couldn’t help but bow down.

“Oh.” Lan Anran spoke softly and turned to leave.

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