President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 547 The way in whi – Chapter love is determined

“What?” Ji Yueze’s eyes instantly widened in disbelief as he said, “My brother left you alone again? You guys aren’t going to cause any trouble again, are you? ”

Tang Youyou smiled bitterly. “Anyway, it’s already like this between him and me. There’s no way to start a fight. Are you really here to work?”

“Since my brother isn’t here, then I’ll tell you the truth. I ?? I don’t know why I’m here either. ” Ji Yueze shrugged his shoulders with a helpless look on his face.

Tang Youyou’s heart shuddered. She could only say, “Then, quickly leave!”

Ji Yueze looked at her blushing face and said in a low voice, “Tang Youyou, can you not chase me away? I finally made a trip to see you, are you going to chase me away?”

“I have no intention of chasing you away. Alright, I’ll treat you to breakfast. Can you leave after breakfast?” Tang Youyou found that this was the main hall, and there were many people walking around, so it was indeed not suitable for them to chat. Tang Youyou realized that this was the main hall, and there were many people walking around, so it was not suitable for them to chat.

Ji Yueze nodded, “Alright, I was just hungry and came to look for you. What would you like to treat me to?”

“Let’s go out and find a restaurant to sit down and eat!” Tang Youyou wasn’t familiar with her surroundings.

“I know a store. Follow me!” Ji Yueze was more familiar with this place than Tang Youyou because he used to live here and often worked here.

Before Tang Youyou could react, Ji Yueze turned around and walked towards the door.

When Tang Youyou walked out, she saw that he had actually driven a sports car over.

Ji Yueze sat in the driver’s seat. Tang Youyou hesitated for two seconds before opening the door and getting in.

With Tang Youyou in tow, Ji Yueze had almost bypassed the entire city.

Tang Youyou nervously tugged on her seat belt and asked with a frown, “Where is the place you’re taking me to?”

Ji Yueze suddenly drove the car towards a restaurant with less customers and stopped: “Actually, I don’t know where I’m going to take you. How about we eat here?”

Tang Youyou felt that Ji Yueze seemed to have a trace of emotions, so she suddenly regretted coming with him.

Although Ji Yueze didn’t say anything to him, the uneasy feeling spread between the two of them.

“Alright!” Tang Youyou no longer picked a place to stay. She just wanted to clarify the situation with Ji Yueze as soon as possible, so that he could leave this place as soon as possible.

He chose a table near the window and ordered two steaks and some fruit salad.

Ji Yueze looked out of the window with a rigid expression.

“You shouldn’t have come looking for me!” Tang Youyou held the cup with both hands and stared at the water in it. Her voice carried a trace of nervousness.

“I know!” “In the past, I felt that my whole life was dedicated to my acting career, that I wouldn’t have a period of confusion, and that I wouldn’t have a vague future. Now that I think about it, it’s just a dream of my youth, and at that time, the love that I knew only existed in the script, and I just followed the characters in the script. I can do it, and I can do it even if I have to risk my life for any woman!”

When Tang Youyou heard his sad words, she couldn’t help but feel sad as well.

If love in reality could know the ending, as it was written in the script, then how wonderful it would be, and there would be no sad people in the world anymore.

“So it turned out that no matter how clear my goal was and how clear my plans for life were, it was nothing compared to a sudden crush!” The more Ji Yueze said, the worse he felt. Once again, he emptied his cup and refilled it.

“Tang Youyou, you shouldn’t have appeared in my life!” Ji Yueze suddenly glared at her in a

oyance: “If you don’t appear, then I won’t have these worries. I really hope that what I love is another woman, that I can have the love I want, that I can give her a beautiful future, that I can desperately earn money for her, but after that person becomes you, I can’t do anything, and can only watch you and my brother’s sweet happiness.”

“Then forget about me. Forget about me completely. Go find a woman and seriously love her.” Tang Youyou could feel Ji Yueze’s painful mood. She couldn’t comfort him or give him any hope, so she could only grit her teeth and teach him how to get out of this painful one-sided love.

“Alright, from now on… If I pass a girl with an oriental face like us on the road outside the door, I’ll go over and confess to her and ask for her contact number. From here, I’ll forget about you! ” Ji Yueze said as if he was joking.

Tang Youyou was speechless!

“Can’t you be more serious? I don’t believe that you’ve never met a good girl, so don’t take your feelings for her as a game or a gamble. ” Tang Youyou felt that what he had done was ridiculous.

“Do you know? When I already have someone in my heart, I see other women as a substitute for her. ” Ji Yueze spoke his mind without any hesitation.

Tang Youyou’s face paled slightly. She suddenly went silent, not knowing what to say.

“Look outside the window, one is coming!” Ji Yueze actually started playing this game, and pointed out of the window.

Tang Youyou immediately looked out the window, and sure enough, a girl with a backpack was taking pictures with a camera.

“Ji Yueze, can you not be like this?” This is meaningless! ” Tang Youyou immediately stopped him.

“I think so. The first thing I can do is to let you know what kind of woman I found!” Ji Yueze said lightly.

“Isn’t it too absurd, too outrageous!” Tang Youyou panicked. She really didn’t want to see Ji Yueze play with her feelings like that.

“Tang Youyou, didn’t you want me to forget about you? I’m forgetting you right now, or… “In the future, when you see me, just make up an ugly face. That way, I will disillusion you!” Ji Yueze laughed. When the sun shone on his handsome face, he looked like the most beautiful scenery.

Tang Youyou was speechless once again.

“The second one ??”

Ji Yueze suddenly saw a girl again. The girl lowered her head and hurried past.

“The next one is my target!” Ji Yueze smiled as if he wasn’t expecting for the next woman to appear.

Tang Youyou sighed. She felt that Ji Yueze was hopeless.

“Do whatever you want, if you think it’s so interesting and fun!” Tang Youyou quickly took the cup and drank some water.

Ji Yueze’s gaze stopped on her face for two seconds. Although Tang Youyou wasn’t wearing makeup and had a clean face, her appearance still made Ji Yueze’s heart beat faster.

Perhaps, Big Brother was moved by her sincere appearance.