President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 544 Big boss luos fury

When Luo Hening arrived at Mu Family, he was holding a bouquet of roses that he had prepared with all his heart.

Seeing that his big brother arrived before him, his handsome face was slightly surprised. Actually, Luo Hening is even brighter than Luo Jinyu, the two brothers’ facial features are six or seven parts similar, but the temperament is completely different. One is the warmth of the sun, the other is calm and mature. Lan Ruona had also gone downstairs and was sitting in the living room chatting with Luo Jinyu. When she saw Luo Hening walk in, she looked a little confused.

Mu Lin had already stood up to welcome him. With a smile on her charming and exquisite face, she asked, “Why did you buy flowers for me?”

“I saw it on the way, so I brought it along with me. Do you like it?” Luo Hening’s tone was full of nervousness and doting towards Mu Lin.

Mu Lin bit her lips and smiled shyly. “I like all of your gifts. Come in quickly!”

“Auntie!” The moment Luo Hening entered, he immediately greeted Lan Ruona.

After all, wanting to marry off her daughter and curry favor with her mother-in-law was the most important thing.

Lan Ruona immediately smiled gently, “Second Young Master Luo, it’s been a long time since you last came to our house to eat. I’m really happy that you’re able to come today!”

The way Lan Ruona called him made Luo Jinyu’s expression turn stiff.

Mu Lin immediately coughed lightly and said, “Mom, let me formally introduce him to you. He’s my boyfriend.”

Luo Hening immediately looked nervously at Lan Ruona when he saw that Mu Lin had made their relationship clear so boldly. He was worried that she would object.

Mu Shiye secretly gave him a look on the side. Luo Hening immediately said, “Aunt, I will take good care of Mu Lin from now on. I hope you can agree to our relationship.”

Lan Ruona looked at her daughter’s determined expression, then looked at Luo Hening’s sincere expression and sighed, “Feelings are a matter for you young people, so getting along with them naturally makes everyone happy. As elders, it’s not good for us to give any opinions.

Luo Hening didn’t understand what she meant until Mu Lin said with a smile, “Thank you, Mom. We will definitely try to get along.”

When Luo Hening heard her words, he finally realized that his mother had agreed.

Luo Jinyu suddenly said in a calm voice: “Aunt, my brother has been spoiled by our family since he was young. Although he is now an adult and can stand alone, but regarding his love affairs, we will also make a general reference. Mu Lin and I have always cooperated at work, and I also have some concerns and understanding about her.

Lan Ruona was slightly shocked. Luo Jinyu’s words also meant that he was wary of her daughter?

Lan Ruona then laughed dryly, “Young Master Luo is right, my daughter is a good girl who is one in a thousand. Her work is excellent, her ability is strong, and she is beautiful. She definitely won’t lose to another woman.”

When Mu Lin heard her mother’s random praise, she immediately complained in a soft voice, “Mom, why are you saying this?”

Luo Jinyu secretly competed with Lan Ruona. He only laughed lightly: “We all understand Mu Lin’s strong points very well, but in terms of love, it’s not a good thing for a strong woman to be weak. So, I hope to separate my work and personal feelings from each other.”

“Big brother ??” Luo Hening didn’t think that his big brother would have so many opinions to express all of a sudden. His handsome face froze for a moment.

She forced a smile and said: “Great young master Luo’s words are reasonable, but if you want to cultivate an outstanding daughter, I also spent a lot of energy, and was suddenly about to be married off by your brother. You should be able to understand the pain in my heart, right?”

Luo Jinyu smirked, but his voice was still as calm as water: “Aunt, who did you hear that they have already reached the stage of discussing marriage? You can rest assured, they are only at the initial stage of their relationship, whether they are compatible or not, and they may need more time to prove that we are all adults. We ca

ot force the issue of relationship, and even more so, we ca

ot accept it as such, so if they are truly suitable, our Luo Family will definitely not be disrespectful, of course, my brother being able to be together with Ling Yuanyuan is also his fortune. ”

“Big Brother, don’t say so much!” Luo Hening and Mu Lin were both frightened by what they heard. Today was their first day seeing their elders, why did Big Bro start arguing with Mu Ru Yue?

Although the two of them spoke very civilized and didn’t have any intention of quarrelling, their words were very targeted.

Of course, he wasn’t angry, he just felt that his mother was too self-centered and that he really needed someone to explain things properly to her. Anyway, she didn’t like what he and her sister said, so if Luo Jinyu appeared, she would definitely listen.

Lan Ruona found herself losing. Who told her that it was her daughter?

Women were more likely to be vigilant.

“Great young master Luo’s words are reasonable, why don’t we just let them handle it themselves? Drink some tea!” Lan Ruona tactfully shut her mouth. In any case, it wouldn’t do her daughter any good to continue arguing with her.

When she heard her daughter say that everything that should have happened had happened, Lan Ruona felt even less confident to continue arguing.

“Thank you, Auntie!” Luo Jinyu also smiled politely and drank the tea.

The atmosphere at the scene finally eased up.

At this moment, Little Chengcheng, who was in Mu Shiye’s arms, suddenly raised her head and said, “Daddy, I want Grandma!”

Mu Shiye quickly stood up and pulled Luo Hening’s clothes. “Come here, help!”

Luo Hening quickly picked up Chengcheng and followed Mu Shiye to the restaurant.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Luo Hening frowned, “What happened to my big brother today? He ate gunpowder and started arguing with your mother.”

“It’s fine, let them argue!” Mu Shiye said with a smile as he mixed milk powder for his precious daughter skillfully.

Luo Hening was speechless: “You really aren’t afraid of causing trouble. I’m worried to death. What if your mom doesn’t like me?”

“Can’t you see? “My mom compared you with your brother and realized that you are not as good as your brother. That’s why she doesn’t have much confidence in your relationship with my sister.”

“No way!” Luo Hening’s handsome face immediately fell.

“You have a good brother. Don’t worry, with your brother protecting you, what are you afraid of. It’s like I have a good sister. We are all very happy!” Mu Shiye teased with a smile.

Luo Hening nodded, “That’s right, my brother treats me very well indeed!”