President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 543 Only when ones heart is truly filled with talent can one change ones mind

Only when one’s heart is truly in one’s heart can one be truly sincere.

Lan Ruona’s words made the scene a bit awkward. Luo Jinyu was also stu

ed for a second and then explained with a smile, “Aunt, you might be wrong. I’m not Mu Lin’s boyfriend, but my brother is!”

When Lan Ruona heard this, her expression instantly became somewhat astonished. She immediately turned to her daughter and used her eyes to question her.

Mu Lin nodded, “Yes, my boyfriend is called Luo Hening, not his brother.”

Lan Ruona’s expression turned bright in an instant. It was obvious that she was unhappy with this explanation.

However, she didn’t dare to show it in front of Luo Jinyu, so she took the opportunity to scold: “When did you get a boyfriend? “You didn’t prepare me mentally. Come upstairs with me and explain this matter to me clearly.”

Mu Lin’s expression was indifferent as she followed her mother upstairs. In the bedroom on the second floor, Lan Ruona’s expression was somewhat unhappy: “I say, Xiao Lin, why are you looking for the Luo Family Second Young Master?”

“Why can’t it be him?” Mu Lin curled the corner of her mouth, showing her displeasure at her mother’s disdainful attitude.

Indeed, he and your little brother are very good friends. Now that he wants to interact with you, your little brother will have to call him brother-in-law. Lan Ruona avoided the issue and wanted to express her stance towards her daughter.

Mu Lin snorted. “What’s wrong with that? Mom, do you think it’s that easy to find a suitable man for yourself? I’ll tell you the truth, I like him! ”

“He’s younger than you, right? How can you find a boyfriend that’s younger than you? Was it reliable? “In my opinion, his brother really suits you ??”

Lan Ruona still felt that if Luo Jinyu was her son-in-law, then everything would be perfect.

Mu Lin frowned and said unhappily, “You like Luo Jinyu, but I don’t like him. You have never come into contact with his brother, so why do you feel that he is not good?”

Although Luo Hening was also a pretty good man, he wouldn’t be hurt if there was no comparison. As a Second Young Master of Luo Family, his working ability was far inferior to his big brother Luo Jinyu. Luo Hening gave people the impression that he was a dashing young noble, unlike Luo Jinyu who gave people a mature and steady feeling, and was even more dependant on him.

“How far have you gone with him?” Lan Ruona asked with a frown.

Mu Lin said lightly, “What should have happened, what shouldn’t have happened, has happened.”

“What?” How can you be so casual with a man… Was it him who took the initiative? ” Lan Ruona wanted to teach her daughter a few things, but she found that her daughter had already grown up. She felt that it wasn’t practical to talk about conservative theories with her, so she could only angrily ask who he was taking the initiative to ask.

Mu Lin replied lazily, “I took the initiative. Mom, look how old I am. It’s almost my twenty-eighth birthday. At my age, I’m already five or six. Are you really not afraid that I won’t get married?”

“What are you saying? You are so outstanding and want to marry a bunch of men? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to?” What a joke. ” Although Lan Ruona hadn’t been that concerned with her daughter since she was young, Mu Lin’s accomplishments made her extremely proud.

Mom, I think you really don’t understand the young people’s feelings, and it’s not because I’m outstanding that they want to marry me. On the other hand, for a strong woman like me, men will not choose to marry me. What they want are weak and delicate little girls. Mu Lin had to come up with a whole bunch of reasons to persuade her mother to agree to this.

Lan Ruona frowned, unsure of whether her daughter’s words made sense or not.

“Xiao Lin, could it be that it’s really because you don’t have a pursuer that you chose the Second Young Master with Luo Family?” When Lan Ruona heard her daughter’s words, she couldn’t help but be slightly worried.

Mu Lin understood her mother’s personality the best. If she said that she had many suitors, she would definitely let her pick another one.

“Mom, don’t think too highly of me. When Luo Hening comes, don’t say any more nonsense. If you still want your daughter to get married, think about it clearly.” After Mu Lin finished speaking, she turned around and went downstairs.


Mu Shiye was in the middle of entertaining Luo Jinyu. The relaxed mood that Luo Jinyu had just had was gone.

He was also one of those shrewd and astute men. Just now, Mu Lin’s mother’s expression clearly showed that she was not a good person.

Was he looking down on his brother?

Luo Jinyu suddenly felt like he came to the wrong place.

Since when did his beloved younger brother have to be looked down upon by others?

Of course, he didn’t object to Mu Lin and his brother being together. However, if the elders of Mu Family didn’t agree, Luo Jinyu could only let his brother pick another girl.

Mu Shiye saw Luo Jinyu’s face tensed up and instantly guessed that it must be his mother’s expression, making him unhappy.

“The one in your arms is your daughter?” Luo Jinyu had heard from his brother that Mu Shiye and his sister Pei Anxin had a daughter.

“That’s right, her name is Chengcheng!” Mu Shiye said with a smile.

“She looks so cute, but her eyes are like her mother’s. She’s very beautiful.” Luo Jinyu’s Yanzhong praised her because he felt that Pei Anxin’s eyes were really beautiful. No wonder Mu Shiye couldn’t forget about her.

A hint of sadness flashed across Mu Shiye’s handsome face. Pei Anxin had already become the sore point in his heart. No matter when it was mentioned, it would always make him feel bad.

“Sorry, I heard from my younger brother that you and An Xin had a misunderstanding.” Luo Jinyu explained with a smile.

Mu Shiye laughed self-deprecatingly: “It doesn’t matter, I know I let her down. She doesn’t want to be with me right now, so I calmly accept.”

“You have such a cute daughter, so you’ll definitely have a chance to be together.” Luo Jinyu could only comfort him like this.

Mu Shiye chuckled. “Hopefully. She’s gone on a trip abroad now. I hope she can accept me again when she comes back.”

“In my impression, you seem to be a very confident person. Why did a single relationship from you make you so negative?” Luo Jinyu was also troubled by emotions, so when he saw Mu Shiye’s change, he was a little emotional. He wanted to know why a person who cared about nothing would suddenly think so highly of feelings.

Mu Shiye was touched: “I used to be confident because I felt that I wanted to get any woman’s heart, but after experiencing it, I realized that if I wanted to get her sincerity, I could only exchange it with my heart. No matter how good you are, if you don’t know how to give, you can’t get the love you want.”

Luo Jinyu’s handsome face stiffened slightly. This sentence seemed to make a lot of sense.