President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 542 This boyfriend is very satisfied

The boyfriend is very satisfied

Tang Youyou was stu

ed, she didn’t expect him to ask for her password. Could it be that he already tried it when Ji Yueze sent her the message today?

Tang Youyou cursed in her heart. She thought Ji Xiaohan was done for.

“Do you still mind that message? I didn’t give it back. ” Tang Youyou really hoped that this matter could be settled like this. To be honest, she didn’t expect Ji Yueze to send her a message.

“I just called him!” Ji Xiaohan said lightly.

“What?” Tang Youyou felt her heart stop beating. Why did Ji Xiaohan call Ji Yueze? It’s over. Is everything going to explode?

“But that bastard didn’t even reply with a single word. Is he a mute?” Ji Xiaohan cursed in anger.

Tang Youyou’s tightened heart suddenly relaxed. She couldn’t help but smile wryly in her heart. Of course, Ji Yueze didn’t dare to answer.

“Ji Xiaohan, please don’t call him again, okay? I assure you, you are the only one I love. No matter what opposites we have in our identities, I will never fall in love with anyone else. ” Tang Youyou knew that even though Ji Xiaohan seemed to be someone unparalleled and insufferably arrogant, but in terms of their relationship, he did not feel safe at all.

Thus, she had to make her words very clear in order to stop him from thinking too much.

Ji Xiaohan’s thin lips lightly touched her forehead, and said in a low voice: “Don’t blame me for being too narrow-minded. Ever since I met you, I only realized how strong my possessiveness and control are. I really don’t want another man to contact you, you have to promise me, don’t worry about me from now on.”

Tang Youyou couldn’t stop laughing. She lifted her chin and bit his lips softly with her pink lips. “Don’t worry. It won’t happen again!”

Ji Xiaohan only felt how seductive the woman’s cool and soft lips were. The fragrance that came from her body after bathing nearly made him lose control.

“I’ll get someone to bring something up. I’m going to take a shower.” Ji Xiaohan didn’t want her to be eaten due to hunger, so he decided to feed the little girl first.

Tang Youyou nodded!

Not long after, a waiter came in with a dining cart. He placed the delicacies on the table and left.

When Tang Youyou saw that Ji Xiaohan actually ordered a bottle of red wine, she was indescribably happy. She poured half a glass of red wine and stood on the balcony, looking at the beautiful yet unfamiliar night scene.

His mood was complex and full of worry. He didn’t know what Ji Yueze was feeling after hearing what his brother had said.

She really hoped that he would understand that she wouldn’t send this kind of caring text messages again in the future. She was also afraid of contacting Ji Yueze privately.

Mu Family!

On a thick carpet, a little thing no older than two years old was walking shakily. It looked like a little penguin and would fall down from time to time.

Little Chengcheng still wasn’t very sensible, so she didn’t understand what the expression between adults meant.

Lan Ruona crossed her arms in front of her chest, frowning as she looked at the little thing that couldn’t even walk steadily.

maid auntie who was passing by praised her incessantly, “Little Miss is really pretty. To be so obedient at such a young age, she must be a great beauty in the future.”

However, Lan Ruona sighed. “She’s not my son after all. It would be great if she could have a son with her.”

When Mu Lin heard her mother sigh, she immediately walked down quickly. With a displeased tone, she said, “Mom, why do you look down on your daughter? What happened to her? Aren’t you Grandmother’s daughter? ”

“It’s because I’m a daughter that I can’t inherit my father’s identity and status. Ever since I was young, I’ve hated myself for not being a son. Otherwise, do I need to marry your father and suffer such grievances?” Lan Ruona said, unconvinced.

Mu Lin rolled her eyes. “Mom, the next time you’re reincarnated, cast yourself as a son. Don’t let your talent and ability suffer any more.”

Lan Ruona knew that her daughter was trying to insult her, so she glared at her. “Stop talking back here, who told you to bring this little thing back home? I don’t have any milk powder for her, what will she eat? ”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already called my brother. He’ll come back with milk powder.” However, Mu Lin really liked the niece. She squatted down and played with the toys with her.

“Has her mother not accepted your brother?” Lan Ruona frowned. She only sent the child over, but she didn’t come. It could be seen that she still didn’t want to come to Mu Family.

“Mom, you don’t want her to accept my little brother. He has guts.” Mu Lin looked at niece, who was still a little insensible, and sighed softly. As the daughter of Mu Family, she really did not know if she was fortunate or unfortunate.

Mu Shiye drove home. When he saw his daughter, his expression softened.

Seeing the items in his hand, Lan Ruona immediately frowned, “You aren’t pla

ing to leave her here to raise, are you?”

Mu Shiye said lightly, “Yes, An Xin said she wants to travel alone. Chengcheng will be with me.”

“She was rather relaxed. After throwing the child away, she went off on her own.” Lan Ruona had a face full of dissatisfaction again.

Mu Shiye frowned and said in a cold tone, “Don’t worry. After di

er, I will take Chengcheng back to my home. I won’t disturb your rest.”

“Son, don’t be angry. I didn’t say I don’t like Chengcheng. Look, she looks just like you when you were young. Mom really likes her.” When Lan Ruona saw her son’s cold expression, she immediately recalled the way he stood on the rooftop and immediately didn’t dare to show any more impatience.

Mu Lin shrugged her shoulders at the side. “You reap what you sow. Mom, I’ve invited a friend over for di

er tonight. Don’t spout nonsense. If you scare my friend away, I’ll be angry too.”

Lan Ruona snorted in dissatisfaction. “You’re not inviting your boyfriend back for di

er, why can’t I say whatever I want?”

“The person I’m inviting is my boyfriend!” Mu Lin said lightly.

“Really?” Lan Ruona was shocked, “Xiao Lin, you really have a boyfriend? Which family is the young master from? ”

Just as Lan Ruona finished her sentence, a black limousine was parked outside the door. After the door was pushed open, Luo Jinyu’s figure appeared on the stairs outside the hall.

When Lan Ruona saw Luo Jinyu, her face instantly lit up: “Isn’t this the Great young master of Luo Family? Long time no see! ”

Luo Jinyu walked in with a polite and gentle tone: “Hello, Auntie!”

Lan Ruona immediately stood up happily. “I really didn’t expect you to be Xiao Lin’s boyfriend, how unexpected and surprising.”

Everyone in the living room was stu

ed by Lan Ruona’s words.