President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 541 Is it not sincere enough?

Is it not sincere enough?

Ji Xiaohan’s warning that the other side did not reply at all made him extremely angry.

Was he ignoring his warning?

“I’ve already told you. If you choose not to listen and bear the consequences, since you are her friend, I can let you go this time. However, if you dare to challenge my patience again in the future, you might as well give it a try.” Ji Xiaohan was furious to the extreme when he was ignored.

Whenever he thought of another man comforting and caring for Tang Youyou, he would only feel a surge of anger filling his chest.

“Pa Da!” Not only did the other party not answer him, he even directly hung up the phone.

Ji Xiaohan’s handsome eyes burned with anger. What was going on with this Lu Xuanchen? He didn’t even reply to his words. Was he really that proud?

Ji Xiaohan suddenly had a bad feeling about this. However, when he thought about how he was only concerned about Tang Youyou out of friendship, he felt that he didn’t have the intention to eliminate this opponent seriously.

Now, it wasn’t easy for him and Tang Youyou to return to normal. He didn’t want to disrupt the trust between them just because of this man’s interference.

Ji Xiaohan angrily held his phone in his hand and walked towards the elevator.

Inside the suite, Tang Youyou had just taken a shower and was wiping her long hair with a white towel. She was holding her cell phone in one hand as she called the children.

When Ji Xiaohan pushed open the door, he saw the woman blowing on her long hair. After blowing for a while, she sat on the sofa with her hair half wet.

Her gentle and quiet appearance slightly moved Ji Xiaohan’s heart.

Tang Youyou, who had just taken a bath, had a kind of natural beauty all over her body. It was simple and pure.

Tang Youyou was sitting on the sofa in her bedroom and making the phone call. Therefore, she didn’t know that Ji Xiaohan had come in, so she leaned against the bedroom door behind her with her arms crossed.

“Mommy, are you having fun abroad alone? Did you miss me? ” Tang Xiaonai’s pitiful voice sounded. Because she missed Mommy so much, her tender and soft voice had a hint of sobbing.

Even through the screen of her phone, Tang Youyou could still see the tears in her daughter’s big, watery eyes.

“Xiaonai, don’t cry. Mommy is just thinking about you!” Tang Youyou comforted her daughter softly.

“Mommy, when are you coming back? I missed you so much!” Tang Xiaonai moved her small face closer to Tang Youyou, her small mouth was flat, and her large eyes were trying hard to squeeze out some tears. That small look was both cute and pitiful. It really made Tang Youyou’s heart break.

“Xiaonai, Mommy will be back soon. Why don’t you play with great-grandmother for a few days?” Tang Youyou could only gently comfort her. In truth, she really wanted to kiss her daughter’s face. Unfortunately, they were thousands of miles apart and that wish of hers couldn’t be satisfied.

“Great-grandma said that Daddy went on a business trip and I missed him too. Mommy, do you miss him?” The little guy didn’t really know how to chat. All he knew was that he missed his father’s mother a lot.

Tang Youyou was stu

ed for a moment. Then, she turned her head to look outside the door and saw Ji Xiaohan, who was leaning against the door at some point in time.

Her expression turned slightly blank, and then, the corners of her mouth rose. “I don’t want him now! Mommy is out of it right now. ”

When Ji Xiaohan heard the woman’s intentional answer, his face instantly turned dark. This woman doesn’t want to sleep tonight again.

“Mommy, you’re so stubborn. I called Daddy and he said he misses you and you actually misses him. He’ll definitely be very sad.” Tang Xiaonai immediately pouted unhappily. Her childish voice made people want to pinch her tender cheeks.

Tang Youyou laughed directly.

She didn’t dare to tell her daughter the truth. Her father was standing right behind her, so why would she need to think about him?

The video turned and Tang Xiaorui’s handsome little face was printed on the screen. Tang Xiaorui stared at the screen and enlarged his handsome little face: “Mommy, just play with us for a few days. Don’t miss us too much.

Tang Youyou knew her son understood her best, so she nodded emotionally. “Okay, Mommy also wants to use this opportunity to have a good play. You have to help Mommy and her sister, don’t make her angry, okay?”

“Mommy, idiot Xiaonai should also learn to grow up. Don’t get used to her every day!” Tang Xiaorui said in a young and grown-up tone.

“Big Brother Scoundrel!” Tang Xiaonai’s unhappy yelling came from the side.

“Mommy, if you meet a very handsome uncle outside, then you should go out with them for a date. Don’t worry about how Daddy feels, he doesn’t want us anymore anyway.” Tang Xiaorui ignored his sister’s resentful eyes and directly said everything he wanted to say.

Tang Youyou laughed out loud. Her son was really good to her, even allowing her to date a handsome uncle.

“Alright, I’ll definitely look for him. I’ll look for a very handsome man to play with!” Tang Youyou snickered as she looked at Ji Xiaohan.

Right now, she had found a handsome man. However, this man had an expression that seemed as if he wanted to devour someone.

“Really? “Mommy, have fun. I won’t disturb your date with Uncle Shuang anymore. I’m hanging up.” After Tang Xiaorui finished, he hung up the video.

Satisfied, Tang Youyou put down her phone. Then, she heard someone’s sour tone, “You want to date a handsome guy?”

The corner of Tang Youyou’s mouth lifted into a smile. She walked slowly to him. “So you’re that handsome guy. We’re dating now, aren’t we?”

“Today, the pain from my tattoo was for nothing. You’re actually still in the mood to look for another man!” Ji Xiaohan was instantly angry with pride. He turned around and walked towards the living room’s sofa.

Tang Youyou was stu

ed. She immediately followed him to the sofa and sat down. Then, she put her arm around his. “Are you really angry?”

“I’ll throw my son away when I get back. I don’t want this son anymore!” Ji Xiaohan said with an icy expression.

Tang Youyou was amused by his words and tried to persuade him, “Alright, your son is only joking with me. Don’t tell me you can’t tell?”

“This kind of joke, is it fu

y?” “You clearly know that I will be jealous and angry, yet you still want to anger me. Tang Youyou, do you really treat me with sincerity?” Ji Xiaohan pulled her into his embrace, bit her lips angrily and intentionally kissed her fiercely.

Tang Youyou was stupefied. She blinked her eyes and replied seriously, “Can’t you feel whether I truly love you or not?”

“Then tell me, whose number is your password related to?” Ji Xiaohan asked directly, because he really cared about this matter.