President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 540 She suddenly felt jealous

The wind whimpered in her ears, just like the sound of her crying. Tang Youyou ignored the fear that hung in the air, closing her eyes and enjoying this moment of loneliness.

As if the wind was pushing her up and down, Tang Youyou opened her arms wide, feeling the freedom.

When she returned to Ji Xiaohan’s side, her heartbeat gradually calmed down.

Ji Xiaohan looked at her pale face and held her in his arms. He scolded her softly, “Idiot!”

However, Tang Youyou laughed.

She hoped that she could be a little more silly, so that she wouldn’t have to be so clear-headed to face her future life.

On the way back, Tang Youyou closed her eyes to rest. Suddenly, her phone vibrated as if she received a text message.

Ji Xiaohan looked at the phone in her hand, then looked at the way she was sleeping soundly.

The screen suddenly lit up, and only after a few seconds did it go dark. In these few seconds, it was enough for Ji Xiaohan to clearly see the content on the screen.

An unfamiliar number sent her a concerned text message.

“Where are you? Where did another person secretly run off to cry? Why do I keep calling you off? Where did you go? ”

Ji Xiaohan’s gaze was very sharp. In just a moment, he had memorized these words deep down in his heart.

A hint of jealousy appeared on his face. At this moment, who was sending her such a caring text message?

From those words, it was possible to tell that she was someone who knew her very well. They had known each other for a long time.

The screen went dark, and Ji Xiaohan’s face also turned dark.

He reached out to take her cell phone, but found that her cell phone had the password to turn it on.

He tried his own birthday but it was not, which made him unhappy for a moment.

Thus, he tried two more little fellows’ birthdays, but it still wasn’t their birthdays ??

He and his child should be her most important people, so why did her password have nothing to do with them?

Was there anyone else, more important than him and the children?

Ji Xiaohan had always believed that Tang Youyou loved him, but at this moment, a moment of unease quietly crept into his heart.

He couldn’t help but squint his eyes as he stared at the sleeping woman in his arms even more deeply.

Tang Youyou slept all the way and woke up to find that she was almost at the hotel. She rubbed her eyes and saw the man beside her staring at her with a complicated look in his eyes.

“Did I crush your arm?” Tang Youyou asked, embarrassed.

Ji Xiaohan stretched his arm and whispered: “It’s fine!”

Tang Youyou sat up straight. After falling asleep, she had regained some of her consciousness.

“It’s your phone. Someone sent you a text message.” Ji Xiaohan had always been direct with regards to relationships. Because he was honest with this woman, he couldn’t bear her concealing it.

Tang Youyou was momentarily stu

ed. She hurriedly searched for her phone, only to find that it had always been tightly gripped by the man’s hand.

Even when she held it in her hand, she could still feel the warmth of his palm.

After clicking on the text message, Tang Youyou saw the message she was worried about.

Her pretty face panicked as she quickly blacked out the screen on her phone.

A hint of unease flashed through his heart.

Although she didn’t have her name on this number, she knew that it was Ji Yueze’s phone number.

She was so nervous that she was afraid that Ji Xiaohan would recognize the number.

However, Tang Youyou’s worry was u

ecessary. Ji Yueze only used this number to contact her, so Ji Xiaohan didn’t know that it was his own brother’s phone number.

“Who sent you this message?” Ji Xiaohan’s tone turned solemn.

Tang Youyou was stu

ed. She didn’t know how to explain it to Ji Xiaohan. She couldn’t possibly tell the truth.

The last time Ji Yueze suddenly confessed to her, it had scared her out of her wits. At that time, her thought was to hide this secret in her heart for the rest of her life.

She also firmly believed that Ji Yueze would not reveal this secret.

But at this moment, he didn’t expect Ji Xiaohan to see the message he sent.

If one didn’t want to know, then perhaps there was no wall in this world that couldn’t let the wind pass through.

“Is it Lu Xuanchen?” Ji Xiaohan had already determined who that person was.

Tang Youyou could only let out a hollow laugh. “Don’t ask, I have nothing to do with him anyway.”

“Did he send you messages like that every day to comfort you?” Ji Xiaohan’s gaze darkened. He felt that this boyfriend of his was too greedy. He never suspected that this woman had a secret hidden in her phone that he didn’t know about.

Tang Youyou quickly shook her head. “Of course not. He only happens occasionally ??” “They would care about me a bit. After all, we are friends!”

She purposely gave an ambiguous answer. Since Ji Xiaohan felt that the message was from Lu Xuanchen, then let him think so.

Ji Xiaohan was furious when he saw her disapproving expression.

“You can’t answer his phone in the future, and you can’t reply to his messages.” Ji Xiaohan immediately said in jealousy.

Tang Youyou didn’t dare to say anything else besides a nod.

“Alright, I promise you, I won’t reply to his message.” Tang Youyou could only hope that Ji Xiaohan would not pursue this matter.

Unfortunately, Tang Youyou underestimated Ji Xiaohan’s memory.

Although he had only seen it for two seconds, for a memorable genius like him, he had already memorized the number very clearly.

Therefore, he felt that it was one thing for Tang Youyou to not reply, and it was also necessary for him to give her a few words of warning.

When they arrived at the hotel, Tang Youyou went upstairs to take a bath first. Ji Xiaohan excused himself saying that he had a work phone to handle, so he stayed alone in the lobby.

When Tang Youyou walked into the elevator, Ji Xiaohan quickly took out his phone.

He pulled out the number he had written down, but the other party did not make any sound. He only picked up the phone.

You don’t have to worry about what Tang Youyou is doing anymore. I believe you know very well that he just asked you to help him act for me. Don’t think that just because I broke up with her, you have the opportunity to interfere.

Ji Xiaohan warned him before he could say anything.

Actually, the moment Ji Yueze saw this number, he felt that it was very familiar. When he thought more carefully, it was actually his brother’s number.

Therefore, Ji Yueze was very smart and chose to remain silent. He wanted to see what his big brother had to say.

Hearing his brother’s warning, Ji Yueze’s face turned complicated.

Could it be that they were reunited again?