President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 539 The passion to love

After a night of entanglement, the two of them seemed to be even more passionate than before. It was as if they were going to use up all of their passion in this lifetime.

Around 3 in the morning, Tang Youyou fell asleep with her head resting on the man’s arm.

Ji Xiaohan was also tired. He hugged the cute and soft woman in his arms and closed his eyes.

The next morning, Tang Youyou woke up from the arms of a man. She seemed to be infatuated with the feeling of waking up in his arms. It was a very blissful thing to have a warm embrace in this early winter’s cold weather.

The light from outside the window shone through the unlatched French window. The man who had worked hard all night seemed to still be slightly tired. He did not wake up because of the intense light and was still fast asleep.

Tang Youyou didn’t move. Her eyes were wide open as she quietly stared at the statue-like face of the man.

It was as if his face were being carved into the depths of his soul. No matter how adamant Wandering was in this life, he must never be forgotten.

She slightly twisted her body, and in the next second, the man subconsciously hugged her to his chest.

The corner of Tang Youyou’s mouth curled up into a smile as she felt satisfied and happy.

Before, she had always thought that the sweetest moment of love between a man and a woman was the moment when the two of them were married.

But now she realized that sweetness could actually be very simple. When this man was staring at her, when he was clenching his hand tightly around her waist, she could feel the sweetness.

Although it felt good to be held by this man, Tang Youyou still decided to get up first.

However, she accidentally woke the sleeping man. The moment the eyelashes in his eyes opened, they immediately locked onto the restless woman in his arms.

Tang Youyou immediately smiled and flipped herself up from his bosom. “It’s getting late. We should pack up and go to the next stop.”

Ji Xiaohan nodded and sat up.

When the white bedsheet slowly fell off his body, Tang Youyou felt that there was nowhere for her to place her gaze.

The man’s lazy attitude was already charming enough. However, she didn’t expect him to have such a beautiful and attractive body. It made her unable to shift her gaze away from him.

Tang Youyou’s face was flushed red as she quickly walked towards the bathroom.

When she was ready to brush her teeth, the man was also lazily standing in front of the bathroom door. The only difference was that he was casually wearing a white towel.

She brushed her teeth as her beautiful eyes blinked wildly. Ever since she had a substantial development with this man, she had felt that her previous illness was a bit too much of a waste of time.

Every minute and every second she was with Ji Xiaohan, she felt very satisfied and happy.

He really regretted not trying to be with him earlier. It turned out that the feeling was not disgusting and did not make people feel disgusted.

As Tang Youyou brushed her teeth, the man directly ran behind her. He opened his arms and embraced the petite and slender Tang Youyou. His thin lips fell on her snow-white shoulders.

Tang Youyou felt numb and itchy at the same time. She couldn’t help but curl her shoulders and plead coquettishly, “Stop messing around, hurry up and take a bath!”

“Let’s bathe together!” Ji Xiaohan suggested in a low and deep voice.

“Alright!” Tang Youyou quickly finished her toothbrush and followed him to shower.

Tang Youyou was still embarrassed throughout the entire process.

The man’s figure was simply too perfect, causing her to feel a bit inferior from time to time.

It seemed that she would need to participate in more fitness exercises in the future. She couldn’t give up on treatment just because she was still young.

“In the next city, the first thing we do is to get tattooed. I’m going to tattoo your name here.” Ji Xiaohan pointed to a spot slightly above his abdomen.

Tang Youyou’s face turned red again. “Are you really going to wear my name on it? Do I want a tattoo too? ”

“You don’t need it, aren’t you afraid of the pain? I alone will be fine! ” Ji Xiaohan said in a very considerate ma


Tang Youyou was immediately amused by his sweet words. Indeed, she was afraid of pain, but she had never tested her tattoo. Why not just go crazy with him for once?

She was going to print his name on her.

After a bath, the two cleaned up and left the hotel.

Tang Youyou found that to travel with Ji Xiaohan, she only needed to enjoy the process and didn’t need to worry about the traffic problems.

If he had the money, he could rule everything.

The next city was the one Tang Youyou had once liked. It had beautiful scenery and beautiful buildings.

The first thing they did was to book a suite at a 7-Star hotel. After resting for a few hours, they found a professional tattoo shop and decided to carve each other’s names on their skin.

Ji Xiaohan was really enduring the pain. He didn’t even make a sound during the whole process. On the contrary, it was Tang Youyou who insisted on leaving the mark. However, tears fell like rain from her eyes due to the pain.

Ji Xiaohan called for her to stop several times, but she held on.

As he watched her cry and place her name on her neck, Ji Xiaohan couldn’t help but kiss her lips. He knew that Tang Youyou had also changed a lot for him, becoming gentle and strong.

Leaving the tattoo shop, Tang Youyou suddenly wanted to find some thrill, so Ji Xiaohan took her to bungee jumping.

As he jumped down from the cliff, the wind blew past his ears. The feeling of his heart stopping was truly very stimulating.

Tang Youyou tied up the safety rope. Ji Xiaohan wanted to jump down with her, but unfortunately, she refused. She wanted to feel it all by herself. Ji Xiaohan saw that she was determined to try. Although he was worried for her, he still couldn’t stop her.

In the future, no matter what she wanted to do, he would accompany her even if it meant taking a risk.

“Push me down!” Tang Youyou had her back facing the cliff. She stared at Ji Xiaohan, but her voice was calm and indifferent.

Ji Xiaohan’s handsome face froze and he frowned: “Why do you want me to push you? You know I can’t do it. ”

“Because you’ve already pushed me down once before. That feeling of despair still remains in my memory even now. So, I want to get used to this feeling.” Tang Youyou joked.

Ji Xiaohan was shocked once again. Looking at her smiling expression, he couldn’t tell if her words were true or false.

“I’m sorry!” He apologized to her in a low voice.

“Alright, I didn’t mind it for a long time. Push me quickly. I don’t have the courage to jump down by myself, but if you push me, I won’t be afraid.” Tang Youyou closed her eyes, waiting for his next move.

Ji Xiaohan walked in front of her and embraced her at first. Then, he gently let go of her and she quickly slid down as if she was riding on the wind.