President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 538 New way of getting along

Tang Youyou leaned weakly on the elevator as she stared at the lights above her in a daze. Her father’s words resounded in her mind again and again.

“Youyou, Xiao Yue and I have already decided to divorce.”

Tang Youyou’s eyes turned sour for some reason. Previously, she hated her father and thought that he must be a cold-hearted person. Otherwise, why would he abandon her?

But now, it turned out that her father was someone responsible, responsible, and very fond of her.

Even though they had only just met, he was willing to sacrifice the marriage that he had been leading for decades for his own happiness.

No… It shouldn’t be like this.

“Ding!” The elevator door opened. Tang Youyou was in a daze for a long time before she walked out with heavy steps.

Just as she walked to the door, it opened from the inside. Ji Xiaohan looked at her with an unfathomable gaze. He felt an inexplicable pain in his heart when he saw the tears in her eyes.

Tang Youyou raised her gaze and looked into the man’s eyes, speechless. In the end, she threw herself into his embrace, only wanting to hug him tightly.

Ji Xiaohan held her tightly in his arms and heard her soft sobbing.

His usually calm and composed heart was now in a mess. It was as if he had no other thoughts other than hugging this little girl tightly.

Closing the door, the two of them hugged each other for a long time. Finally, with reddened eyes, Tang Youyou left his embrace.

“What did your mother tell you?” Although Tang Youyou had guessed it, she wanted to see Ji Xiaohan’s reaction.

Ji Xiaohan’s thin lips twitched: “What your dad said should be the same, they’re going to get a divorce for us!”

“What do you think?” Tang Youyou’s heart trembled. This was indeed the case. However, why was her heart feeling so uncomfortable?

Because she had been to their home, warm and full of love, Tang Youyou really felt that this was a very cruel thing to do.

Ji Xiaohan’s face froze. His expression didn’t change for a long time, but his voice was still cold. “I felt they shouldn’t have been together. My mom betrayed my father by doing this.”

Tang Youyou’s expression froze for a moment before she whispered, “I’m sorry, but my father is responsible as well.”

When Ji Xiaohan saw that she was apologizing on behalf of Xia Weiwen, he suddenly became very a

oyed. With a sullen tone, he said, “Why do you want to apologize to me? It’s not your fault. They are being too selfish.”

Tang Youyou knew that Ji Xiaohan couldn’t let go of his past hatred, so she didn’t force him to do anything. She just sat on the sofa beside him and buried her face in her palms. After a long while, she said, “I don’t want them to get divorced. What about you?”

When Ji Xiaohan heard her decision, his handsome face instantly froze. He looked at the woman who kept shaking her head and said her own words.

“We can’t do this, they have no obligation to make way for our happiness. Ji Xiaohan, let’s not force them, alright? We are content with the status quo. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have a marriage. We can still do our parent’s duty and grow up with our children. ”

Ji Xiaohan knew Tang Youyou was a woman with a soft heart and a tough mouth. Although she would say some harsh words sometimes, most of the time, she was still reasonable and kind.

It was because he was aware of her strengths that Ji Xiaohan was able to sink into depression in such a short period of time.

In this world, only kindness was a person’s purest soul. It was both precious and rare, and it even had a bit of foolishness to it, causing people to feel both love and anger.

“If this is your decision, I will not force you nor interfere. As long as you don’t feel wronged like this, we can also maintain the current situation.” The man’s low voice sounded out.

Tang Youyou put her hand down and raised her head with her clear and misty eyes. She stared at Ji Xiaohan in a daze. “I thought you would object to my decision.”

“Why should I?” Ji Xiaohan self-deprecated.

“Because I feel like you want them to get divorced as soon as possible.” Tang Youyou said with a wry smile.

Ji Xiaohan said coldly: “Once, I hoped so. But now, I’ve changed my mind. As long as it’s something that doesn’t embarrass you, I’ll agree to it.”

Tang Youyou’s eyes flashed with joy. She stood up from the sofa and jumped into his arms again, her face gently rubbing his shirt as she muttered, “Ji Xiaohan, don’t be so nice to me. If you do this, I really don’t want to leave you for the rest of my life.”

“This is my goal. I will pamper you to the point that you can’t leave me. That way, other men won’t have a place in your eyes.” Hearing her words, a trace of a smile surfaced on Ji Xiaohan’s cold face.

“Are you still jealous of Luo Xuanchen?” Tang Youyou chuckled.

“You are such a fool. How can you think of such a childish way to anger me?” However, this method of yours is really effective. You made me so angry that I couldn’t sleep for three days, unable to eat. Didn’t you notice that I had lost a lot of weight? ” Ji Xiaohan wanted to kiss her fiercely when he thought about the scene of her leaving the other day while holding Lu Xuanchen’s arm.

Hearing his words, Tang Youyou laughed again. “You seem to be sick. Is my influence on you really that great?”

“If you dare to find another man to anger you next time, do you believe that I’ll find ten women to anger you?” Ji Xiaohan Yu threatened.

“I don’t believe it!” Tang Youyou pursed her lips. “If you dare to find another woman, your son will be the first to not let you go.”

Ji Xiaohan was only trying to scare her. Of course, he couldn’t really do that. That smart son of his was more useful than anything else.

Of course, the most useful thing for Ji Xiaohan was still his daughter, Qiao Xiaoyi. Ji Xiaohan couldn’t do anything as long as he thought of making his daughter cry.

A servant of the daughter of Toto.

“Tomorrow, let’s leave this place. I don’t want to disturb their lives again.” Tang Youyou suddenly made a decision.

“Alright, let’s switch to another city and continue playing for a few more days. We’ll head back when we’ve had enough.” Ji Xiaohan caressed her long hair and said in a gentle tone.

“Do you really have so much time to play? Isn’t your job very busy? ” Tang Youyou discovered that although he was overseas, his phone was still ringing. It was evident how busy he was with his work.

“Playing while working, without any delay. Besides, it’s time for me to learn how to relax. Working continuously for the past few years has made me feel breathless. It’s only when I’m with you that I’m able to relax.” Ji Xiaohan felt that although work was very important, it was even more important to accompany her and enjoy good times.

Tang Youyou closed her eyes, weighed the dust on her foot and kissed him lightly on his lips.

“Alright, as long as you want to go anywhere, I’ll accompany you.” Tang Youyou also suddenly felt relieved. Perhaps, a different way of getting along was also a fresh and happy way.