President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 536 I want to run away with you

I want to run away with you

The sky was blue, the streets were strange, and the faces of the people passing by were different. Tang Youyou had never felt so relaxed, so free, so much so that the air felt fresh.

On the side of the road, there was a flower shop. At the entrance of the shop, there was an extremely beautiful blue rose. It attracted the attention of countless people.

Tang Youyou couldn’t help but look over. That color was very pure blue. Due to its rarity, her gaze stayed on it for two more seconds.

The next second, Ji Xiaohan let go of her big hand and walked into the store. Shortly after, there was a bunch of very beautiful three-colored roses wrapped around his hand. The red rose was hot like fire, the pink was cute and enchanting, and the blue was deep and profound.

“Take it. If you like it, buy it and admire it to your heart’s content!” Ji Xiaohan directly stuffed the bouquet of flowers into her arms, with a smile in his voice.

Under the sunlight, the man’s face was gentle and emotional, causing Tang Youyou to fall into a daze.

“I didn’t ask you to buy it. It must be very expensive.” Tang Youyou was obviously happy in her heart, but she still grumbled at him on purpose.

“Do you think I can’t afford these flowers?” Ji Xiaohan raised his eyebrows. This woman was too unromantic. Not to mention these flowers, even if she wanted a large rose garden, he would not even bat an eye and just buy it for her.

Tang Youyou lowered her head to smell the fragrance of the flower as the corners of her mouth rose happily, “Thank you! This flower is so beautiful! ”

“Yeah, it’s just like you, beautiful and alluring, making people unable to let go of you!” The man whispered hoarsely into his ear.

Tang Youyou’s snow-white face instantly turned fiery red. Why did this man say such words to stir her nerves again?

Ji Xiaohan’s voice was quite loud, but the people around them couldn’t understand their language. Tang Youyou only laughed twice before walking forward quickly.

“I’ll take you to dive. There’s a bay here, and it’s a very famous diving resort. Since we’ve come here with great difficulty, we can’t miss it.” Ji Xiaohan suddenly said.

“But I’ve never dived!” Tang Youyou naturally didn’t want to miss out on such a good opportunity and decided to play around with Ji Xiaohan. She didn’t want to waste even a second of it.

“It’s always the first time, isn’t it? You don’t know, I can teach you! ” Ji Xiaohan smiled gently. His voice had the power to pacify people.

Tang Youyou’s worry immediately disappeared. That’s right, as long as this man was by her side, she would have courage in everything.

“Alright, then let’s go and play!” Tang Youyou put her hand on his arm and moved closer to him.

Ji Xiaohan looked at the small hand that was wrapped around his arm. His thin lips slightly curled up. He was in a good mood in an instant.

Tang Youyou and Ji Xiaohan arrived at the place where they were diving. They didn’t know when he rented a luxurious yacht with two very experienced diving instructors on it.

The yacht moved forward quickly on the clear, bottomless sea. The waves rolled and the scenery around it was as beautiful as a painting.

The seawater was clear and transparent. Tang Youyou leaned against the railing and looked down. She could vaguely see sea creatures swimming in the water.

“What did you see?” All of a sudden, the sturdy body of a man stuck to her back, enveloping her petite body within his chest.

The male scent completely filled the space around her. Tang Youyou liked the cold mint fragrance off his body. Satisfied, she took a few deep breaths and lazily said, “I saw a lot of beautiful fish swim past.”

“When you enter the water later, you will be able to see an even more beautiful scenery.” Ji Xiaohan said with a smile.

Her thin lips brushed past her tender earlobes, and she even subconsciously kissed them. Embarrassed, Tang Youyou could only whisper, “Don’t be like this, there’s someone watching us!”

“I’ve already told them that we’re husband and wife. This is just the pleasure of being husband and wife. Even if they saw us, they wouldn’t think much of it.” Ji Xiaohan answered calmly with raised eyes.

Tang Youyou trembled slightly. Husband and wife?

These two words had a deep meaning, but to her, it had become a pity that it had become distant again.

Only in front of strangers could they confidently say that they were husband and wife.

When they finally arrived at the place where they were diving, the yacht stopped. Ji Xiaohan personally put on the diving suit for Tang Youyou. The two coaches also followed behind them into the water, acting as a protector.

Ji Xiaohan taught Tang Youyou all kinds of things about diving very seriously. Tang Youyou was also very serious and didn’t dare to be careless. When they were underwater, they could only rely on hand signals to communicate and couldn’t use words.

After she entered the water, Tang Youyou saw a very beautiful scene. It was hard to put into words. Around her were groups of fish swimming in the water, as well as various sea creatures of different colors.

Tang Youyou seemed to have opened a new door. Her hand was always held by a man. Ji Xiaohan was leading her to watch this strange and beautiful new world.

At this moment, it was both exciting and comforting.

Tang Youyou turned her head to look at the man beside her. Although she couldn’t see his face or eyes, his tightly clenched hands made Tang Youyou indescribably happy and moved.

I really hope that the heavens will be warmer for her and not let her lose this man. Otherwise, how will she spend the rest of her life?

Since Tang Youyou was a new diver, Ji Xiaohan didn’t dare to let her stay in the water for too long. Usually, he would bring her up after watching her for more than ten minutes.

The two of them played to their heart’s content.

When he was tired, he would lie on the deck of the yacht and look up at the sky.

The azure sky was also an absolutely beautiful scenery.

“Youyou, I really want to take you with me. I don’t want to go back anymore!” Ji Xiaohan joked.

“If we didn’t have children, I would have followed you without a care. But now, it’s impossible for us to leave so easily.” Tang Youyou laughed at herself.

“Then let’s make an appointment in our next life. We still have to be together!” Ji Xiaohan also knew that elopement was only a dream that could never be realized.

“Alright, Junior, let’s be together, don’t split up!” No one knew if there was a next life, but they both felt that there would definitely be. Moreover, they wouldn’t need to make such a difficult choice in the next life, they wouldn’t want to separate again.

When they returned to the hotel, it was already dark. When Tang Youyou and Ji Xiaohan returned to the hotel, they were shocked to see Xia Weiwen and Lan Yue in the lobby of the hotel.