President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 535 Like the world of two people

I love the world of the two.

Luo Hening expressed his grievance: “It’s not like you said you wanted to publicize our relationship.”

Mu Lin slightly raised her beautiful eyes. “When we were eating, you seemed to be well-received by those women!”

Luo Hening was slightly shocked.

“I can see it, those women’s eyes are glued to your body, unable to move!” Mu Lin said sourly.

Luo Hening said helplessly, “Their eyes are on their bodies, and I can’t stop them. Do you even have to blame me for this?”

“No, I’m not such a narrow-minded person. I just feel that it’s better for us to expose our relationship as soon as possible. I don’t want other women to look at you with that kind of expression.”

When Luo Hening heard this, he immediately chuckled: “Are you jealous?”

“Can’t you see? Luo Hening, you wouldn’t be enjoying the feeling of being watched, right? ” Mu Lin was instantly displeased.

Luo Hening shook his head and said seriously, “Of course I don’t like it. I just want to be noticed by you alone.”

“At least you know how to talk. Alright, tomorrow night, come over to my house for di

er. I’ll formally introduce our relationship. Oh right, does your elder brother know about our situation?” Mu Lin suddenly thought it through. In order to not let herself be affected by those women, it was better if she didn’t have a secret romance with Luo Hening.

“He knows, I told him!” Luo Hening answered in a low voice.

“Do you want to ask him if he will come to my house as a guest?” Mu Lin invited him sincerely.

“I’ll ask him!” Luo Hening smiled. He was very happy when he heard that she was going to formally introduce each other’s identities.

Mu Lin looked at the man’s handsome appearance under the sunlight and suddenly felt as if a fire was burning inside her body. Her voice became softer. “Is your home still my home?”

Luo Hening was stu

ed for a moment. Then, he smiled and said, “You choose!”

“Then come to my house!” With that, Mu Lin closed the door and took the lead to drive away.

Luo Hening was in a good mood as he got into his sportscar. He followed Mu Lin’s car and drove off into the distance.

After an intense exchange of words, Tang Youyou was wrapped up in the man’s embrace, her fingers lightly jumping about on his firm chest.

It wasn’t the first time for her and Ji Xiaohan to be together, but it was the first time for them to lie so warmly on his chest in a daze.

In the past, they had been in a hurry, both at home and in the hotel, because with the kids around, it was like a war.

Half of the curtains were drawn, while the other half fluttered in the wind. When the light shone in, Tang Youyou found that the man’s figure was so good that she could not be on guard against any flaws.

She rested her face against his chest and closed her eyes as she listened to his strong heartbeat.

The man’s big palm was placed on her waist in a domineering and stubborn ma

er, and he didn’t want to let go for a long time.

Tang Youyou’s skin was soft and delicate, and her hands felt good. Ji Xiaohan had already noticed it before, but now, he could be more impudent.

“Aren’t you here on a business trip? So when are you going to take care of your work? ” Tang Youyou asked softly.

“You are my job! Didn’t I just deal with you? ” The man’s thin lips curled up as he jokingly said.

Tang Youyou was taken aback. “Aren’t you afraid that your grandmother will find out?”

“Of course I’m afraid, but I’ve also done my job of keeping the secret. My grandmother wouldn’t know.” Ji Xiaohan said with pride.

Tang Youyou laughed at his words once again. “So are we stealing now?”

Ji Xiaohan suppressed her with a flip of his body: “Since it’s stealing, then let’s not waste any time!”

Tang Youyou didn’t have the time to object before she was once again engulfed by a torrential storm.

When she was out of breath again, the man had already walked out of the bathroom. He grabbed the clothes beside Youyou and said, “Get up, let’s go out for a walk!”

“Where to?” Tang Youyou turned her body lazily.

“Anywhere, as long as you stay with me!” Ji Xiaohan looked at her gently.

“Alright!” Tang Youyou took her clothes to cover herself as she walked quickly towards the bathroom.

When the two of them left the hotel, it was already 3 in the afternoon. The two of them walked on the streets of a foreign country with their fingers clenched tightly, feeling very good.

The combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman was always particularly eye-catching.

Tang Youyou noticed that someone was taking photos with her phone. She was so shocked that she ran forward while holding Xiaohan’s hand.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Xiaohan looked at her flustered face and immediately asked curiously: “What are you ru

ing for?”

“I just saw someone taking photos of us with their cellphone. I’m afraid if it was uploaded to the internet, your secret job might be wasted.” Tang Youyou shook her head helplessly and said.

“Wait for me!” Ji Xiaohan turned around and walked towards a shop nearby. When he came out, he had two masks in his hands: “Wear it, at least it’ll be safer this way!”

When Tang Youyou saw Ji Xiaohan really put on the mask, she couldn’t believe it. She had always thought that a man with an identity like Ji Xiaohan would never do something so secretive. But now, this man wanted to be with her, he was actually willing to be wronged.

She was truly touched by him and threw herself into his embrace, ignoring everything else. She hugged him tightly: “Ji Xiaohan, I love you, I really love you!”

Ji Xiaohan’s handsome face froze slightly when he was suddenly hugged by her and heard her sincere confession.

“What’s wrong? Why are you suddenly so emotional? ” He asked in a low voice, his tone extremely gentle.

“It’s nothing, I just feel like we’re together, sorry for your troubles!” Tang Youyou joked as she hid her tears with a smile.

“aggrieved? How can you describe me with that word? I am a man! ” Ji Xiaohan was a bit speechless. However, what this woman said to him just now was something he loved to hear.

“I’ve always thought that people with your status wouldn’t do such a foolish thing with me!” Tang Youyou mocked.

“No matter what I do with you, I am willing to do. If this is considered a foolish thing, then I would rather continue to be so foolish.” Under the sunlight, the man looked at the woman’s gentle and beautiful face and said emotionally.

“Originally, you are not stupid. However, now that you claim that you are with me, I feel that you are not as smart or as cold as I think.” Tang Youyou said with a smile.

“With you and your daughter by my side, my EQ and IQ have been lowered, but I’m willing!” Ji Xiaohan smiled with incomparable warmth, as if it was even more dazzling than the sunlight above his head.

Tang Youyou was amused by his words. She then felt the man personally bringing the mask to her good face. “Let’s go. We rarely have the chance to wander around hand in hand like this. This feeling is really good!”