President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 532 This was the truth

This is the truth

Tang Youyou’s words made Xia Weiwen’s expression turn painful. The old memories that were sealed away by him rushed into his mind, like a scar that had been opened, and the pain became so intense that blood flowed profusely.

Tang Youyou also really wanted to know why she was adopted by Tang Family. If she could grow up by her parents’ side, perhaps her fate would be so miserable. She could also become the little princess in her parents’ eyes, free to do whatever she wanted.

“Youyou, it was your mother who accidentally lost you. She always felt very guilty for that. Not long after she lost you, your little brother left us due to a serious illness. Your mother couldn’t bear this kind of shock, so ??” Xia Weiwen was so heartbroken that he couldn’t speak.

However, Tang Youyou didn’t quite believe him, because she felt that he seemed to be lying.

“If it was my mother who accidentally lost me, then why did I have that jade pendant on me? Did I carry that piece of jade with me when she lost me? ” Tang Youyou frowned and asked calmly.

Xia Weiwen’s expression froze slightly. He suddenly felt like he was punched by an invisible fist, causing him to be unable to stand properly.

Finally, he fell onto the sofa beside him and lowered his head, not saying a word.

Lan Yue’s expression was also stiff. Looking at her husband’s pained expression, she couldn’t help but feel upset.

“Vivian, you should tell her the truth.” Lan Yue’s gentle voice sounded in the silent air.

Tang Youyou’s expression froze. She knew that this wasn’t the truth.

Xia Weiwen reached out his hand and covered his eyes as if he had no more face to see anyone. After a long while, he finally made the next big decision.

“Youyou, Daddy lied to you. Actually, Daddy sent you away, but I didn’t know you would be sent away. Daddy really regretted it and has been looking for you.” Xia Weiwen looked up with tears in his eyes.

Tang Youyou’s entire body froze. A chill spread from her heart.

So this was the truth?

Her father had sent her away himself. Why?

Why was there such a cold and heartless father in this world? Tang Youyou’s heart was filled with sorrow. She felt that she really shouldn’t be so anxious to find him.

“Why? Is it because I’m a daughter? ” Tang Youyou’s tone turned icy instantly as the pain in her heart was like a knife cutting through it.

Apart from this reason, she seemed to be unable to come up with a better one.

Seeing that she had already used such a cold tone to talk to her father, Lan Yue quickly explained, “Miss Tang, you misunderstood your father. He sent you away because he loved you very much!”

“Do you take me for a fool? If you knew how hard I struggled and grew up in Tang Family, you wouldn’t have been so relaxed. Since you were born with me, why didn’t you want me? ” Tang Youyou’s tone was extremely sharp, and tears fell unceasingly from her eyes.

His heart ached!

He said in a choked voice, “Youyou, Daddy really loves you, from the moment you were born, Daddy has treated you as a treasure in my palm. Unfortunately, your brother who was born with you is not so lucky, after a few months, he was found to be born with heart failure and needs surgery, the medicine back then was not developed, if you want to save your brother’s life, you have to find a heart that matches his heart, do you know? Your grandparents and your mother have both decided to exchange your heart for your brother’s life. I was the one who disagreed, the doctor told me, and the operation was not a 100% success rate, only 30% success rate. I thought of sending you, who was a few months old, to the operation table in exchange for your brother’s life.

After hearing Xia Weiwen’s words, Tang Youyou, who was wearing a cold expression a moment ago, was stu


She looked at her father in disbelief. He seemed to have aged quite a few years in an instant. His spirit seemed to have withered.

Tears also appeared in Lan Yue’s eyes as she whispered, “Miss Tang, now do you know why your father wanted to send you away? He doesn’t want you to become a scientific experiment, his love for you is no less than a father’s.”

Tang Youyou was stupefied. Indeed, she did not expect that this was the reason why she was abandoned.

“Is this true?” Tang Youyou’s voice trembled as she could not believe it. She was born a few months ago, yet she was being used as a guinea pig to save her brother. Why? Why was it like this?

Xia Weiwen nodded sadly: “Yes, that is why I lost you. Youyou, dad is in pain. All these years, I have been searching for your whereabouts.”

“Why? Why did they make such a cruel decision? Am I not the daughter of your Xia Family? ” Tang Youyou was both in pain and sadness at the same time. Whenever she thought about the possibility that her heart had been ripped out to save her little brother, she would feel a chill run down her spine.

It wasn’t that she was selfish, and didn’t want to save her brother. It was just that at that time, she was only a baby at the age of a few months.

It was only when she had a child that she realized how cute and likeable a child was when she was a few months old.

Why? Why did her family not like her? They even sacrificed her life for their younger brother.

“Of course you’re our Xia Family’s daughter, your life is equally important to me, but your brother still left us in the end, but, since this is fate, I can only accept it, so why can’t I let you endure this injustice?”

Tang Youyou couldn’t stand still. She fell down on the sofa beside him, tears welling up in her eyes.

Lan Yue urged in a low voice, “Miss Tang, don’t be sad. Since you’re already back, you should get along well with your father. He really misses you.”

Tang Youyou took a deep breath and raised her head, tears of grief filling her eyes. “My heart is in a mess right now. I’ll be leaving first!”

“Youyou ??” Xia Weiwen stood up hurriedly and shouted her name in grief: “Daddy really let you down.”

Tang Youyou didn’t turn around to see her father’s tears. She just lowered her head and ran forward even faster.

Xia Weiwen chased after her in a hurry. He saw Tang Youyou get into a taxi and leave quickly.

Lan Yue stood dumbly in the living room with a complicated expression on her face. She didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.