President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 530 Reluctance

Tang Youyou didn’t know how she got out of the car. She only felt that the man’s hand was unusually strong, as if he didn’t want her to back off at all. Just like that, he brought her to the room upstairs.

This hotel wasn’t that high-end. If it was before, Ji Xiaohan wouldn’t even look at it.

However, time was ru

ing out, and he no longer had any thoughts of giving up. He just felt that he desperately needed a quiet place to have a good chat with this woman!

When the door of the hotel was pushed open, Tang Youyou felt a strong pull from her big hand before she could turn on the lights inside the hotel.

She threw herself into his embrace without any preparation. The next second, the man lifted her chin, and his thin lips were exceptionally hot as they assaulted her.

The atmosphere instantly became high, and the sound of traffic wheels could be heard from outside the window. The only thing left beside his ears was a man’s overly fanatical aura.

In the darkness, the two of them had almost forgotten everything.

Tang Youyou didn’t know how much time had passed, but she felt as if she was being squeezed dry of all her passion and energy by this man.

Again and again… The endless night once again became endless.

Finally, Tang Youyou found a moment to look at the time and cried out anxiously, “Don’t ??” “I don’t have enough time, hurry up and send me to the airport.”

“Give me another ten minutes!” However, Ji Xiaohan wasn’t satisfied at all as he spoke in a low and hoarse voice.

Ten minutes later, the two turned on the lights and began to put on their clothes as fast as they could.

Looking at the mess on the bed, Tang Youyou knew how passionate what had just happened was.

Ji Xiaohan put on his alloy watch lazily, buckled his sleeves and held her small hand: “Let’s go! Isn’t it supposed to be a plane ride? ”

Tang Youyou’s face was completely red. She could feel that her breathing hadn’t even stopped yet.

When she passed by the hotel lobby, she couldn’t even look up to see their expressions. She only felt that it was really embarrassing.

The palanquin sped like the wind towards the airport.

Tang Youyou’s strength had been completely drained. She leaned tiredly on her seat and looked out the window with her beautiful eyes. Her heart was still beating wildly.

Beside him, a man was elegantly steering the car. One of his hands was on his lips. It seemed that he was still reminiscing about the wonderful feeling just now.

“If I see your mother, do you need me to pass on something?” Qiao Chuxin suddenly turned her head to look at him.

Ji Xiaohan’s interesting handsome face suddenly changed. His tone became cold as if he was covered by a layer of frost: “No need, I have nothing to say to her.”

“And if she asks about you? Should I tell her? ” Tang Youyou continued to ask.

“I don’t need her hypocrisy, much less her concern.” Ji Xiaohan mocked.

Tang Youyou had to stop talking about his mother.

“What about you? What will you say when you see your father? ” Ji Xiaohan suddenly asked her after staying silent for a while.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what he looks like, but since he’s my father, I’m going to have to face him.”

“Will you divorce him from my mother?” Ji Xiaohan’s tone was heavy.

Tang Youyou’s expression froze once again. After pondering for a long time, she still didn’t know how to respond.

“I don’t know, I’m very confused right now. Ji Xiaohan, why did this happen to us? If I don’t pursue my origins, if I don’t show that jade pendant to your grandmother, would we be able to love it like this? ” Tang Youyou suddenly regretted so much that her intestines turned green.

I hid the two pendants in my safe, I thought that lock could keep the secret for the rest of my life, but I underestimated the curse of fate. Don’t blame yourself, you can’t be blamed for this, you have to blame me for seeking the mystery of your life, I didn’t protect this secret, it put us in a difficult situation. “Ji Xiaohan’s face was also filled with sadness, but he also laughed self-deprecatingly:” I did my best to hide this matter, I also hid the two pendants in my safe, I thought that lock can keep this secret for a long time, but I underestimated the curse of fate.

Tang Youyou painfully covered her face, her voice filled with sadness: “No, it’s all my fault. I was too persistent in seeking the truth. Ji Xiaohan, why didn’t you tell me earlier? If only the two of us know the secret, then we’ll keep it together. ”

“I’m afraid… I’m afraid you’ll be burdened by it if you find out! ” Ji Xiaohan said what he was worried about honestly.

Tang Youyou was slightly taken aback. It was only then that she realized how much protection this man was giving her.

Her eyes were somewhat moist, and soon after, she held back her tears and said self-deprecatingly, “Even if you regret it, it’s useless. Everything will be exposed!”

“Yes, do not regret it. We will face it together!” The man extended his hand and gently held her slightly cold little hand. “You should first meet your father. Go and find out what sort of person he is.”

“Do you still hate him?” Tang Youyou asked softly. Her small hand gripped his big palm tightly.

“Hate him! I’ll hate him for the rest of my life, even if he dies!” Ji Xiaohan did not deny the feelings in his heart.

Tang Youyou’s body trembled slightly. When she heard Ji Xiaohan say that he hated her, she felt inexplicably uneasy and scared.

When they arrived at the airport, Ji Xiaohan helped her carry the trip down and whispered, “Let me send you in!”

“No need, there are so many people inside, and you’re so dazzling!” Tang Youyou shook her head, not wanting him to send her off.

“I’m worried about you going in alone!”

“Don’t take me for a child. When I didn’t meet you, didn’t I come over by myself as well?” Tang Youyou smiled confidently as she dragged him along the road. “You can go back. Be careful when driving!”

Ji Xiaohan stood beside the car and watched her figure that was getting more and more confident. His thin lips couldn’t help but twitch.

Maybe she really wasn’t as fragile as he thought.

Qiao Chuxin boarded the plane. When she turned off her phone, she still sent a message to Ji Xiaohan.

Very quickly, Ye Zichen replied with a message.

Full of concern for her: you should be careful, take care of yourself, if you have any problems, remember to call me.

Tang Youyou repeatedly looked at the message that he had sent back and felt a strong sense of warmth in the early winter air.

No matter how big the hatred was, it couldn’t stop two hearts that loved each other from getting close.

The plane took off from the runway and soared into the black night sky.

On the road outside the airport, Ji Xiaohan was leaning against the side of the car. He raised his head and watched as the plane took off. Gradually, it disappeared from his sight and he felt an inexplicable emptiness in his heart.

It was the first time since they had met that they were separated by such a great distance.