President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 529 Forget all this for a while

After nine o’clock, Tang Youyou took a bath and the children all went to the villa on the mountainside. The huge villa by the sea was abnormally quiet.

Tang Youyou had bought a plane for 11 pm at night. It would only take her 40 minutes to get to the airport from here. Tang Youyou had enough time, so she suddenly didn’t know what to do.

In the past, with a child by her side, she felt time fly by very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was already 11 or 12, but now, why did it seem like time had stopped and she was walking very slowly.

Tang Youyou had the Uncle Yuan bring her a glass of red wine. She was alone with the wine cup as she leaned against the balcony railing and looked at the distant waves.

How strange, could it be that as one gets older, one really feels lonely?

Or was it because the children had all grown up and could play by themselves and did not need her all day long to accompany them?

No matter what, Tang Youyou didn’t like this quiet night where she could hear her own heartbeat.

She raised her head and drank all the wine in one breath. After that, she placed the cup on the stone table beside her, turned around, and walked towards her room.

After a while, she came out with a traveling case.

She would rather wait at the airport than stay in this empty house.

Uncle Yuan had promised to send her to the airport, so Tang Youyou didn’t need to worry about not having a means of transportation.

Only, when Tang Youyou went down the stairs and walked towards Uncle Yuan’s car, she saw that the car had started. The light from the car illuminated the whole garden, illuminating the world.

Tang Youyou walked over and knocked on the window.

The trunk opened, and with some difficulty, she put the travel case inside. Then, she opened the door and got in.

She was in the back seat.

“Uncle Yuan, you can start the car, sorry for troubling you!” Tang Youyou said softly, her tone sounding a lot more polite.

The person in the driver’s seat didn’t respond. He just turned the car around and drove away.

The interior of the car was dimly lit, and the lights outside the window were getting farther and farther away. Tang Youyou couldn’t help but turn her head to look, and as she did, her eyes became wet.

Even though she had said goodbye to the children, why was her heart still clogged up?

Because she didn’t seem to say goodbye to that person, as if ?? It was like a kind of lament.

“Isn’t your plane at 11: 20? What are you doing at the airport so early? ” When the car drove out of Ji Family’s villa, Ji Xiaohan’s deep voice came from the driver’s seat.

Tang Youyou, who had originally been feeling despondent, was dumbstruck when she heard the familiar male voice.

Then she felt the man pull the wheel to the side of the road and stop the car.

“Sit in front!” The man seemed to know that Tang Youyou was shocked. He didn’t wait for her response and only gently reminded her.

Only then did Tang Youyou lean towards the front passenger seat. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t Uncle Yuan, but Ji Xiaohan.

How could it be him?

When they got on the car earlier, Tang Youyou had always thought that it was Uncle Yuan driving.

“Why aren’t you sitting down?” The man saw that she didn’t respond for a long time and impatiently urged her on.

Only then did Tang Youyou open the car door and get on the bus. Her beautiful eyes stared at the man in a suit with an extraordinary temperament, who sat behind the driver’s seat. His thin lips curled up into a smile, and his belly turned extremely dark.

“Are you that surprised to see me?” Ji Xiaohan stretched out his hand and pinched her small and delicate chin. He leaned his upper body forward and easily took her lips. After sucking on her lips, he let go of her hand and smiled even wider.

Tang Youyou finally snapped out of her daze after he had kissed her once, and she wanted to know the reason why.

“Why are you in the car? Isn’t this Uncle Yuan’s car? Tang Youyou frowned.

“Yes, I got Uncle Yuan to get off!” Ji Xiaohan answered with pride.

“Why?” Tang Youyou asked like a fool.

“What do you think?” Ji Xiaohan looked at her deeply: “Because I don’t want other men to send you off, even if it’s Uncle Yuan, I don’t want to!”

Tang Youyou was stu

ed by his words. Then, she ridiculed him, “Don’t you feel that your words are a little ridiculous? There’s nothing between us anymore. ”

“Who said it doesn’t matter? Didn’t I just kiss you? If I kiss you, that means our relationship is not simple! ” Ji Xiaohan started the car once again and it merged into the traffic in the night.

Tang Youyou knew that Ji Xiaohan was talking about these fanciful thoughts again. She silently pursed her lips and didn’t answer.

Ji Xiaohan turned his head and looked at her: “Why aren’t you talking?” You’re going abroad, is there nothing you want to tell me? ”

“No, we’ve said what we should and what we shouldn’t, haven’t we?” Tang Youyou suddenly felt a bit angry. Her heart, which she had calmed down with great difficulty, was probably disturbed by Ji Xiaohan’s strong momentum again.

This man was truly too kind and too despicable. He said that the one who broke up was him, and it was him, Tang Youyou felt, that was too shameless to continue pestering him.

“We’ve done what we should and shouldn’t do, what are you going to say?” Ji Xiaohan’s thin lips curled up into a smile, as if trying to intentionally disrupt her mood.

Tang Youyou glared at him angrily, “Ji Xiaohan, can you calm down?”

“I also wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. Ever since I met you, I lost control of myself, and reason told me I shouldn’t have come to send you off. But when I woke up, I found that I was already sitting in the car waiting for you.” Ji Xiaohan laughed at himself, as if he was helpless.

Tang Youyou’s mood became complicated when she heard him say that.

“Then what’s the point in doing what we’re doing now?” Tang Youyou still wanted to hear what he had said. At the very least, it proved that their relationship had not faded yet and he would still want to see her.

“Youyou, can we forget our identities temporarily? Just like before! ” Ji Xiaohan suddenly asked her in a low voice.

Tang Youyou’s expression froze for a moment before she chuckled. “If only I could go back to the past, then that would be great. I really hope this is a dream. Hurry and wake up. When you wake up, you are still lying beside me. Outside the door, there is the laughter of the children.”

Ji Xiaohan was slightly shocked. Suddenly, he turned the car around once again and stopped in front of a hotel that was passing by.

“We still have an hour, let’s go up!” Ji Xiaohan pointed at the entrance of the hotel.

Tang Youyou trembled. Her snow-white face suddenly turned red. “I’m not going. Hurry and take me to the airport!”

“Don’t you really want to?” Ji Xiaohan was inexplicably disappointed. After all, he was thinking about it every minute and every second.

Tang Youyou felt as if something had scratched her heart and made her itch.

How could she not?