President Daddy’s Excessive Love – Chapter 528 It felt like his heart had been hollowed out

His heart felt as if it had been hollowed out.

Thinking about the last time on Yang Chuchu’s birthday party, when Qiao Chuxin had used her identity as the Ji Family’s Young Mistress to suppress him, Mi Fei’er could only gnash her teeth in hatred. Thus, she paid more attention to Qiao Chuxin’s various sources of information, wanting to find an opportunity to suppress this woman who had once attacked her.

After Mi Fei’er left, Yang Chuchu’s big eyes swept over Luo Jinyu. The next second, she turned around and ran to the sofa. She took her backpack and was about to leave.

Obviously, Yang Chuchu was angry.

“Chuchu ??” Seeing that she was about to leave with her bag, Luo Jinyu became anxious. He stretched out his palm and grabbed her wrist: “What’s wrong? Is this how they are going to leave? ”

Yang Chuchu glared at him and said, “Is that woman coming to you every day with wine? Have you ever given her a chance? ”

“What are you talking about? How could she come to see me every day? ” Luo Jinyu felt like he really had a hundred mouths open at the moment, so he was afraid that he couldn’t explain it clearly.

“Hmph, you must have given her a chance. Otherwise, why would she come here? “And he even knows to bring a bottle of wine over.” Yang Chuchu knew she was making trouble for no reason, but anyone who encountered such a situation would be frustrated.

The reason she was making such a ruckus was because she no longer had a sense of security. She needed Luo Jinyu to give her more security in order to ease the uneasiness in her heart.

“Chuchu, you don’t believe me?” Luo Jinyu grabbed her big hands and pulled her into his arms. His eyes were filled with urgency: “I really didn’t think she would bring alcohol to me. This is the first time she came to find me!”

“Really?” Yang Chuchu immediately furrowed her brows in doubt.

“I don’t need to lie to you. Mi Fei’er herself is a very arrogant and cold woman. She has never come to me like this before. I also don’t know why she came this time.” Luo Jinyu felt that Mi Fei’er had also changed a lot. She was no longer as proud as she used to be. It seemed that the divorce had dealt quite a blow to her.

Seeing the man’s serious expression, Yang Chuchu nodded. “Alright, I believe you, but remember this, if she comes to find you with alcohol in the future, you can’t let her into your house. Otherwise, if I find out that you let her in, I’ll ignore you from now on.” Yang Chuchu said something childish to scare him.

Luo Jinyu looked at the jealous expression on her face. The fire that was suppressed just now suddenly started burning again.

The way she looked when she was angry was actually so cute that people couldn’t help but want to bully her.

“Other than you, I won’t allow any other woman into my home!” After Luo Jinyu said this, he impatiently lowered his head, found her lips, and fiercely kissed it.

Ji Xiaohan moved to the mountainside to live!

The next day, with the help of the Uncle Yuan, under the watch of the Old Gra

y, all of Ji Xiaohan’s personal belongings were taken away.

Tang Youyou came back from work at noon. Since she needed to catch a plane for the evening, she asked Liu Xi for a week’s long vacation.

As her direct superior, Liu Xi naturally showed mercy to her and even pla

ed to give her a month of vacation to relax her mood. Tang Youyou refused and said that she would come back to work once she was done.

When Tang Youyou returned home, she saw that Ji Xiaohan’s favorite cup was gone.

That cup was originally inconspicuous, perhaps it was because he could often see that it was a couple with hers. Ji Xiaohan often used that cup to drink water, but now, only she was left alone with that cup.

She walked up the stairs. When she passed by Ji Xiaohan’s door, she couldn’t help reaching out to push it open.

Only his son’s small clothes were left inside. The man’s wardrobe had already been emptied. Even some of his belongings in the bathroom had been cleaned up.

Suddenly, a corner of her heart seemed to have been hollowed out. Tang Youyou weakly sat on the bed as she stared at the room. She couldn’t tell what her heart felt like. It was sour, bitter, and stuffy; it made one want to cry.

Although she stayed, everything between her and Ji Xiaohan changed drastically.

Still no return to the sweetness of the past.

Tang Youyou sighed lightly and decided to accept the reality.

In the evening, Tang Youyou saw the two little fellows jump down from Uncle Yuan’s carriage. It was as if sunlight had returned to her empty heart and warmed her.

“Mommy, Daddy said that you are flying abroad for business tonight. Is it a business trip?” Tang Xiaonai ran over and asked curiously while raising her head.

“Yes, Mommy is going out to do some important things. You and Big Brother should follow Daddy and live for a few days. Mommy will come back as soon as possible.” Tang Youyou said gently to her daughter.

Tang Xiaonai could only unhappily nod her head. “Alright then. Mommy must come back early. Otherwise, I will miss you very much!”

“Mommy promises you she’ll be back as soon as she’s done, and she’ll bring presents for you and your brother.” Tang Youyou also couldn’t bear to part with her children, but she had to do this herself.

Tang Youyou felt tired when she thought about meeting Ji Xiaohan’s mother again.

When they meet again, it will be very awkward.

Currently, other than the people from Ji Family who knew that she and Xia Weiwen were father and daughter, the others did not.

Therefore, Ji Xiaohan’s mother definitely did not know about this.

Tang Xiaorui wasn’t as dependant as Tang Xiaonai. He stood at the side with his arms crossed in front of his chest, imitating an adult’s tone of concern, “Mommy, have a safe trip. If you have any difficulties, you must find Dad for help. He will definitely help you.”

Tang Youyou chuckled, “I can handle it myself. I don’t need his help!”

Just as the three of them were chatting, Uncle Yuan suddenly received a call from the old lady.

Uncle Yuan suddenly replied with difficulty: “Old madam, I’ll ask for the children’s opinions first!”

After hanging up, Uncle Yuan walked over and asked softly, “Little Young Master, where are you eating di

er tonight? The Old Mistress told you to go up and eat. She said that it was to prepare a lot of dishes that you would like to eat!”

Tang Xiaonai immediately wanted to go. Tang Xiaorui waved his hands and said, “Uncle Yuan, please call your great-grandmother back. Tell her that we will be eating with Mommy here. Mommy is going abroad tonight!”

Tang Xiaorui’s imposing ma

er suddenly made Uncle Yuan embarrassed to persuade him anymore, so he could only call the old lady and convey his words to her.

The old gra

y’s heart shattered.

When Tang Youyou saw that her son had rejected the Old Gra

y’s good intentions, she felt a little apologetic. After advising her son for a while, Tang Xiaorui did not leave and insisted on accompanying her. After finishing their meal, he got Uncle Yuan to drive him there to play.

Tang Youyou realized that the child had really become a bond between her and Ji Xiaohan.